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2 Chapter 2 - Izzy
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|Shadowhunters Fic ➰|
Author :ThatFangirl13
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2 Chapter 2 - Izzy

@@"Izzy!" I spun round, to see my brother jogging down the hall in the laidback but tense way that he does. "Hey Alec! About time!" I giggle. "I had a big night last night okay?" he yawns, just as Clary and Jace are coming down the stairs. "Oh great, Alec you're here, now we can get going" Clary exclaims. Alec turns to face the weapon room, and hastily walks towards it, probably to grab his weapons for the patrol. I suddenly notice Jace eyeing me from the side, and I turn to face him. "What?" I ask. "Have you not noticed?",he asks " Alec's been acting stranger and stranger lately". I think about it quickly, before replying. " I'm sure he's just busy, what with being the new head of the institute and all. Don't worry, Alec's fine." to reassure myself more than Jace. I walk towards the weapons room, to go fetch and extra Seraph Blade, whilst thinking about what Jace said. He was right, and Alec, especially today, has been acting off, like all the life has been sucked out of him. I grab the extra Seraph Blade and head out to where everyone else is waiting. "Right, everyone's ready. Let's go" Clary says, and with that we head out of the doors.



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