Douluo Dalu Reborn
6 Chapter 5
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Douluo Dalu Reborn
Author :Trinity1
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6 Chapter 5

It's been a few hours since the spar between me and senior sister ma xiaotao and let's just say I got destroyed I probably would have

been her match if i hadn't suppressed her fire from going out of controll but now that she has controll over her flames well she is just

something else and her control over her fire is truly terrifying that ....right now I'm currently at the edge of the cliff meditating trying to heal my wounds faster it's been at least an hour or so since I began meditating as I

awaken my eyes I am mesmerized by the sight before me as I stood on the edge next to me was senior xiaotao looking up the moon her crimson hair dancing in the wind her

blood red eyes gazing up at the stars one could even see the stars reflections in her eyes which only added to her to charm but of course I kept my composure till suddenly

senior ma xiaotao broke the silence and asked "Hey xian why did you really help me" I

looked at her for a few seconds and then I got off from my the ground and stood up and

looked out into the distance where all of shrek city could be seen " To be honest I do not know myself it's just... If i have the power to help you even if I can't fully cure the evil fire inside you I could at the very least suppress it then why shouldn't I I'm not villain or some

scum who would leave such a gorgeous damsel to bear the pain of having to endure that fire" xian said with a sly smirk as he said

those last words ma xaiotao just gave quick pout while turning her head shyly to the right

avoiding his gaze" Who needs your help" she said but xian could still see the redness on

her cheeks he could only laugh ma xiaotao reagaing her composure asks xian a question "hey by the way brother xian break is only a few months away do you plan on going anywhere or are you gonna stay in the academy" ....

[ ] After a few minutes their was still nothing but silence xiaotao staring off at the city began wondering why xian still hadn't said anything then she felt the temperature in the air drop a few degrees she thought it was

something she said she turned around and was about to apologies for it if it had been something she had said but the moment she

turned around she was frozen in her place at was she was seeing xian standing at the very edge of the cliff were only his back was visible his pure snow white hair fell and

shielded his face as she looked up at him she noticed he was in his own little world he

looked cut off from the world as if only he existed existed in the world the moons rays shone especially bright in that moment

showering him in a silver light only adding to his charm this was an image that would forever be imprinted in xiataos mind but suddenly the winds in the air began to pick up blowing xians white hair into the air allowing

xiaotao to see his face but she couldn't say anything as she looked at him or rather his deep blue eyes she saw nothing but pain

sadness and a longing for someone the moment xiaotao had asked the question within xians mind countless memories

invaded his mind memories of him and his sister yue as they were kids growing up does she blame me for leaving her alone she

mostly likely does after all I was supposed to go get her around three years ago but now it's been five whole years... Sigh based on yues personality she likely resents me by now for leaving her alone and not even going to look for her or even visit her thought xian all he could feel was pain and sadness and the

longing he had to see his precious little sister but then he was snapped back into reality by

xiaotao who asked "Why are you sad" xian just turns around and says "I'm not sad you must be seing things" " I'm no idiot even a child

could see the sadness in your eyes" she speaks with a glare but xian just gives out a deep sigh " Do not worry about it senior sister i just remembered a few old memories but anyway thank you for the lovely evening but its getting pretty late and I should get going

I've already spent a few months in this place andI can't wait to sleep in my bed for once I hope we meet again" I said while I begin

walking away she stares at me for a few seconds before nodding after all it was already pretty late I return to my room and I enter I could already see biebei sleeping so i just hoped on my bed and fell deep asleep.

After waking up I could tell It was a little bit past morning I hoped in the shower and then dressed into my school uniform I soon left

and began walking around the academy looking for yuhao and wang dong I walked around for a least an hour or so before I finally spotted them leaving class I begin calling out to them they both turn around and I was about to begin a conversation but then I was suddenly dropped onto the ground by Wang

dong who had jumped into my embrace " brother xian you said you'd be here a few hours ago but it's alredybeen a few days" wang dong says with the cutest pout but before I could answer yuhao steps in " That's

true brother xian you've been gone for quite a while since we sperated a few days ago what were you doing" he asks with a curious look on his face I just look at them "Training what else would I be doing" i told them but before they could speak i notice someone else

standing in the back she was wearing shreks academy uniform she had long black hair tied into a pony tail I obviously knew who she was it was xiao xiao but I couldnt just say that

could I " Oh who is this you two dont tell me yuhao is she perhaps your girlfriend" I ask

with a smile on my face but is soon denied by wang dong "Hmhp she just a girl who chose to be a control type like me and yuhao she's been following us around since class ended" he said "Hey you girl why are you still here get going" wang dong speaks yet again not

allowing anyone to speak I could even see the poor little girl clenching her small little fists which was quite cute I looked over at yuaho" I told you to deal with wang dongs

habit you know he ignores everyone else who isn't you"i spoke while glaring at yuhao "But he never listens" yuhao speaks feeling like he

was being wronged for no reason wang dong was about to speak but was stopped midway "Apologies wang dong do you not have any manners" xian speaks to Wang dong or it was

rather a order if you considered his cold gaze but wang dong wouldn't back down "hmph I will not she's just a nobody why should I

apologize to her" she says while pouting his stubbornness had even shocked xian

"Yo...You if you do not apologise their will be no head pats for an entire week" xian speaks

threatening her with no head pats wang dong hearing this felt like her entire world was

being shattered " Brother xian you are being to unreasonable why would you side with a stranger and make me apologise hmph I will not apologise" she speaks giving xiao xiao a

dead glare before storming off xian could only sigh "I apologies for the way he acted he's actually a good person" I said looking at xiao xiao "Do not worry about it I understand" she said with a smile before walking off only leaving me and yuhao left we both

began walking towards the center of the academy to sell yuhaos famous fish also since I had to speak with him about the upcoming break....

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    《Douluo Dalu Reborn》