Free Me
20 Important Announcemen
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Free Me
Author :Kitty4818
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20 Important Announcemen

I first started writing in the 5th grade, I instantly fell in love. It became my dream to spread my work and touch people with my stories, it became my dream to make a difference and create something beautiful.

Two years ago, I found Wattpad, and I couldn't have been happier. In these two years I have written three books, made incredible friends, and have become far more confident in my writing while I grew. However, in the past few months, a lot of things have come to light that have broken my trust in Wattpad, I still love the community and the people I've met but I don't want to stay and give Wattpad my exclusivity. As most of you know, aside from Wattpad and Webnovel, I use eight other sites (Dreame, Tapas, Inkspired, Goodnovel, Ajoara, Booknet, Inkitt, and Sweek), and I'm still continuing to grow.

In the time between now and April 30th 2021, I will be making some major changes and leaps in my writing. Part of this change will include taking most of Free Me off of Webnovel and these other sites, I will leave maybe the first 2-3 chapters but that is it. Only a couple sites have the option to hold onto Free Me in its completion. Tapas is one of those sites, if we want to keep Free Me online and available for the public, it will have to reach 350 subscribers before April 30th. The link in my bio can take you to Tapas (a site I highly recommend in general) where you can sign up to read comics and novels as well as support Free Me, I also have an invite code you can use to get free currency upon signing up (just ask me for the code in the comments). I also want to get Free Me to 2k reads before it gets taken down! Please help me get Free Me to its highest potential, share the story, comment, vote, subscribe and share on Tapas. Help me get the most out of this before I have to take it down! Thank you for everything you've given during this journey!

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    《Free Me》