Hacking Special Armed Forces System
2 Chapter 1.1-World of the gods
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Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Author :BellaEstrella
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2 Chapter 1.1-World of the gods

My name is Mazio. I am the general of the army of the gods. You can say I am the highest level god there is right now. The reason why I chose to be a general of the army instead of the king. It is because I know they will be someone even stronger than me. The prophecy has said so.

This person will lead the gods to new highs. What better thing than that? The prophecy has said that a new ruler of the gods will be born soon. That person will be the strongest god in the history of the world of the gods.

The first thing I notice that a new mountain is being formed. This mountain seems to become taller and taller by the second. The new mountain that is being formed even surpasses my own. The mountain for the god show how powerful they are. One can say once you breakthrough the celestial god realm that is when your mountain begins to form.

My cultivation realm is True God General stage 4. This means still now mountain was the tallest of all the mountain in the god world. It seems like this will be changing today. What I wonder is would it be a male or a female that will lead us? The prophecy never really have specified what it was going to be. I think I will have to wait and see.

"What is going on? Why is that mountain so tall?" These were some of the questions people were asking themselves around me.

I also have the same question as them. The next thing I notice is that there is a grand palace on top of the mountain. It seems like a new wave of gods will be born due to this. Every time there was a god that surpasses the realm of True God General they were new gods born. These gods will be the follower of the next ruler of the god world.

One can say the world will expand depending on how strong the new ruler is. The amount of followers or servants will depend on how strong one is. By the look of things, they will be roughly 100 million new gods. The amount of each cultivation realm will have its own set of gods.

It seems like from God One Star to God Five Stars will receive 10 million each. True God realm will have 30 million gods. The celestial god realm will have 15 million gods. General Gods realm will have 4.9 million gods. True God will have 95,000 gods. King/ Queen God realm will have 4,950 gods. Finally, they will be 50 Emperor/ Empress God.

The reason as to why I think that is because the mountain is way bigger than when there was an Emperor/ Empress God. This means that they might be a new cultivation realm. The other thing I notice is that the mountain is 10 times bigger than that of an Emperor/ Empress God. This means that the amount of god in this world will be close to 120 million since they were 20 million god already.

This also means that there will be a new general of the army. This means that I will not have to bear too much responsibility anymore which is good. The next thing I notice is that the world is becoming bigger and bigger. New buildings are being built by themselves. It seems like the world of the god will be expanding by 10 times. This means they will be new things to explore.

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The only thing I hope for is that the new ruler will be merciful toward his or her people.


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