Hacking Special Armed Forces System
3 Chapter 1.2 Chef Table
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Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Author :BellaEstrella
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3 Chapter 1.2 Chef Table

I have decided that I will be buying a new outfit. This outfit will be a ninja-like outfit. The good thing is that since it is close to Halloween I will be able to find one easily. I don't care if it is a cheap outfit. The reason for this is because I have will turn into godly artifacts. This means that it doesn't matter how cheap or expensive it will turn into an artifact.

The fabulous thing is that I lived in the United States of America. I will not have to travel to her for just one stupid outfit. I can always use amazon to get it deliver to me within a day. This is because I have amazon prime. The deliveries will be way faster. I have decided that is what I will do.

I have decided to get a black and red ninja outfit. The ninja outfit will be extremely sexy. It will look sort of like a tease outfit. This will bring my personality into my character. (AN: This is the outfit. https://www.yandy.com/yandy-violent-warfare-ninja-costume)

The name that I have decided to use as my special agent name will be Godly Empress of darkness. The reason why I choose this name is because I like how it sounds. I will be making my debut when my outfit arrived. The thing that I notice is that the system seems to regulate my stats. This means that I can control them with ease.

I have decided to hack into a few banks and steal 1 billion dollars. The reason for this is because I want to have the money to move freely. The amazing thing is that my hacker skill is super strong. This means that I will be able to hack with ease into a few banks without being noticed. The money will go to an account that cannot be trace at all. the system has informed me that they will be a new feature unlock after I hack and steal 1 billion dollars.

I began to work on my computer. The speed that my finger was moving was extremely fast. I was typing many codes and commands into a hacking program that I have created before. The banks that I target were the biggest institute in the world. This means that they will be losing millions in dollars. It only took me 2 minutes to be able to begin to transfer the money into my account with ease.

[Congratulations money can now be withdrawn from the system. The amount of money the host has is 10 billion. The system has hacked into the same that host hack and steal 9 more billion for the host.]

What a nice surprise this is. I was not expecting the system to get me an additional 9 billion dollars. This means that I will be set for life. I have decided to go out to a restaurant and eat. This restaurant that I have decided to go to have a karaoke as well. The karaoke is located 2-minute walk from the restaurant. It belongs to the same owner as the owner of the restaurant. The amazing thing is that they have a special. That special is if you go at a certain time you can go to the karaoke for free.

I have decided to wear a beautiful red dress with a beautiful pair of black heels. I have also decided to wear a beautiful necklace. It is made of gold, and it has diamonds around it. I also got a small pink wallet with a diamond around it. Finally, I have decided to wear a watch. This watch was a gift from my mom. This was the last gift I have ever received from her.

[The red dress has become a red godly dress. The host has received 100 stat increase to charm.]

[The pair of black heels have become Godly Darkness heels. The host will be able to move faster on the night. The host speed has been increased by 5 percent.]

[The necklace has become a storage device. The host will be able to store an unlimited amount of items inside the necklace.]

The pink wallet has become a godly wallet. It cannot be stolen from anyone. It is also connected to the system. This means that the host can take out any amount of money from it.]

[The watch have gained the ability to sense danger that might affect the host]

This is impressive. All the items that I am wearing have become stronger. It seems like every item that I touch or wear gets transform into an artifact. This is a good thing. I wonder what will happen if I touch my car. I wonder if it will become a new model of some sort. I will try that next.

I decided to go to my parking space. The car that I have now is not good, but it does its job. The car that I have is a jeep liberty. As I approach the car a new notification pop up.

[The jeep liberty has become a godly Pink Bugatti Chiron. The reason for this is because it is the host favorite car. The host has received 1,000,000 attack power.]

[Your house has become a godly large villa. The host has received 1,000,000 to defense.]
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I was not expecting me owning the land will turn up like this. The land that I own is about 200 acres of land. This has been the land that my family has own in the past. The state that I lived in is Kansa city. My family used to farm in this land before. Now my house has transformed from a two floors house to a 5 floors villa. The villa is extremely large.

The good thing is that I don't have neighbors around me. The reason for this is because a lot of people have left the town that I lived on. You can say that I own all the land away.

[The street around the host has been improved. This way the host can drive her car with ease.]

I think everything is completed now. This way I can go to the restaurant with ease. The restaurant is about 60 minutes away from my house. After deciding to leave, I started the Bugatti. The sound that the car made after being turn on was extremely beautiful. It sounded amazing.

I had to put the car in reverse before leaving the parking lot. I began to reverse my way out of my parking lot. After leaving my parking lot, I stopped the car. The reason for this I want to see how fast it would from zero to 60 miles per hour. After waiting for a few seconds, I began to hit the accelerator. The car began to fly down the street at a crazy speed.

The adrenaline was pumping me up. The more adrenaline I had the faster I travel. In a few seconds, the car has hit 120 miles per hour and it was still climbing up. I have decided to keep the car going at a constant 120 miles per hour. This way I can stop if anything happens.

"Wooohoooooo" that was the scream that left my mouth as I travel down the street. I have to reduce my velocity due to that I will be entering a town now. The town is called red hill town. It seems like the world has changed. The reason I say this because they were not a red hill town in Kansa City. The reason I know the name of it is because of my GPS.

It seems like after I got the system I have sent to an alternative earth. I do not what has changed yet. It seems like they will be a lot of changes to this world of mine. With a beautiful smile on my face, I continue to drive towards my destination. This town was about 10 minutes from my house. I made it in 5 minutes since I was going extremely fast.

After traveling for a few more minutes, I arrived at my destination. It seems like this restaurant has become a five-star restaurant. I had 3 floors. I seem like the karaoke was in this building as well. I seem like the first two floors are for the restaurant. The third floor was for the karaoke.

They were a few valet guys taking the car from the customers. I began to head towards them in my car. After a few seconds, I arrived at the front of the valet. I took out the key out the started. After taking the key out of started, I got off the car.

"Who the heck is that? Who is that girl that is driving that Bugatti? I would love to date someone like that." One of the guys entering the restaurant asked aloud.

"I don't know who she is, one thing for sure is that is beautiful." The guy next to the guy that ask replied to him.

The first thing I notice is that people were staring at me. One of the valet guys made its way towards me.

"Excuse me miss, my name is alexander. I will be your valet for the day. This is the ticket, so you can get your car after leaving the restaurant." Alexander the valet personnel say to me with a smile on his face.

After he says that, I took a 100 dollar bill from my small wallet. "Thank you very much for your help alexander. Here, I hope you can take this 100 dollar bill. I hope you can treat my car well. I do not want to see any scratches on it. I will give you another 200 after I leave here." I said to Alexander as I hand him the 100 dollar bill.

"I will miss. I will take it to a parking lot where only our VVIP customer car is taken to. You did not even have to give me the 100. I hope you can take it back there is no need for you to give me it." Alexander says to me as he tries to give me back my money.

"There is no need for you to give it back to me. I still want you to take it. Treat it as a tip for your hard work." I replied to him refusing to take the bill back.

"Thank you very much miss. This will help me a lot." Alexander says back to me as he put the money I gave him inside his wallet.

"Okay, I will be going inside now," I say to him as I began to walk into the restaurant.

(Outside the restaurant)

Before I parked the car, I will inform the registering table about the VVIP dinner that have arrived. The reason for this is because they receive different treatment than different customer. VVIP customers will be sited right next to the kitchen. This way they could see how the chef made the meal.

After alexander inform the registering table, he parked the car in the VVIP zone. He walk for about 2 minutes before going to the front of the restaurant.

"How in the world was that girl? She seems to be super-rich to have a car like that." The coworker of Alexander asked.

"I don't know who she is, but one thing I know for sure is that she is not simple," Alexander responded as he has a smile on his face.

(Back in the restaurant)

The first thing I notice after entering the restaurant was how big it was. The size of the restaurant was huge. On top of that, it had two floors for the restaurant. You can see that the restaurant was well maintained. It looks like a lot of wealthy people eat here. It seems like the first floor of the restaurant was for wealthier customers.

"Hello, I would like a table for one, and yes this is my first time here. I have heard many good things about this restaurant. I hope the food is as good as people say." I say to the lady at the registering table while smiling.

"Miss, I was informed that you are a VVIP customer. You will be eating at the chef table today. This is the best table in the entire restaurant. Only a few people have been able to sit there." The lady at the registering table answer me.

"Why am I a VVIP customer? I do not get that." I asked the lady in front of me.

"Miss the reason as to why you are a VVIP is because of the car you drive. Not many people cannot afford that type of car. This means that we do not want to offend you. This is the reason you are being treated that way. Please, follow me. I will bring you to the chef table." The lady in front of me answer with a smile on her face.

"Thank you for answering my question," I say to her as I follow her towards the chef table.

As I continue to follow the lady in front of me, many of the customers were asking who I was. As well as, why I was being escorted by the lady at the registering table.

When we finally arrived at the chef table, the lady in front of me said. "A waitress will be arriving shortly to take your order." The lady says to me.

I took another 100 bill and handed it to her as a tip for her service. She wanted to refuse at first but I insisted. She had no choice but to take the 100 dollar bill.

The waitress arrived a few minutes later. I have decided to get a lobster paella. The food arrived at my table 20 minutes later. The chef himself deliver the food to me. The owner of the restaurant was also there with the chef. The food was extremely amazing. The owner told me that I could go to the karaoke after I was done eating if I wanted to.


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