Hacking Special Armed Forces System
4 Chapter 1.3 Jiang Liang Lee
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Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Author :BellaEstrella
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4 Chapter 1.3 Jiang Liang Lee

My name is Jiang Liang Lee. I am one of the gods that was recently born. I am one of the strongest gods that have been born. I am what people call a handsome person. I have silk blonde hair. I have two different color eyes. One of my eyes' colors is blue like the blue sea. The other eye is green. I am 7 feet tall. You can say I am the perfect protector for her majesty.

My cultivation realm is Emperor God Realm stage four. Right at this moment, I am in meeting with a group of 49 other Gods that are in the same realm as me.

The goal of this meeting is to see who will go and protect her supreme majesty still she comes into the god world. This will be an important job. We do not want her to suffer any issue.
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"I would like to and protect her supreme majesty. I believe I am the one that is better qualified to do this. The reason for this is because I am the strongest here. I will also like to bring five Empress God Realm as well. This way her majesty feels like she can trust us. We will also bring 10 people from each realm with us. They will protect her in the shadows." I say to the group of Emperor God and Empress Goddess realm with a serious look on my face.

The other person that I am as strong as me is a girl named Bella Estrella Flores. She claims to be the Goddess of war. This girl is extremely beautiful. She has caramel-like skin. She also has dark brown eyes. The color of her hair is black. Her face is extremely beautiful.

You can say that she and I are the general of the army of the newborn army of gods. This rank is the highest rank that one can have in the army. That is how strong we are. The other 48 gods in this meeting are just general. Bella Estrella Flores began to talk right after I finish talking.

"I do agree with Jiang Liang Lee. I believe his the strongest in this group. I will also like to go since I am the strongest Empress God Realm here. The next four that I will like to bring will be Maria Fiore, Elizia Fiore, Mazia Fiore, and Miguelina Fiore. I believed they will make the best protector from the female side." Bella Estrella Flores says to the group of gods and goddesses.

"I agree with that selection. We will be moving once we select the other gods. The amount of god that will protect her supreme majesty will be 105 including us. We will be taking another 100 gods with us. We have to make sure that the supreme empress is well protected." I say to the group of gods in front of me.

"We believe that her Majesty is on a planet called Earth. Her name is Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana. The reason why I know this is because I saw her on a weird like planet called earth. It seems like she is do not know that she the supreme empress of the gods' world. We will have to tell her about this. This meeting is finished here. We will go and gather the 100 people that will go with us." I say to the group of gods as I get up from my chair.

'How amazing would it be when her Supreme Majesty Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana come to the god world? I believe this will be extremely amazing.' I began to think to myself picturing how she would lead us the gods. First I will need to gather the 100 gods and go meet her in person.


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