Hacking Special Armed Forces System
5 Chapter 1.4 Debut as a singer
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Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Author :BellaEstrella
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5 Chapter 1.4 Debut as a singer

After making my way towards the karaoke room, I could see that the room was pack with people. They were roughly 200 people in this room. A music that I do not understand was playing. A short guy was singing that song. I do not know what song that was, but it sounded beautiful.
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When the guy was done singing the group of people began to clap loudly. I as well clapped since he sang well. Even though I just came into the room at least I could hear the last 30 seconds of it.

"Thank you, everyone. I love to sing, but I believe that I am not that great. It is still one of my hobbies. I hope that everyone enjoyed this song of mine." The guy says as he left the stage.

The next thing that I notice is that another person is stepping up to the karaoke stage. The owner of the restaurant and the karaoke was here as well. He was listening to the people sing.

"My name is Maria, and I will be singing a song called just the way you are by Bruno Mars. This is one of my favorite songs. I hope that all of you enjoy me singing it." The girl says with a microphone in her hand as she got ready to sing.

The girl named Maria sang so horrible that everyone began to boo her. It was not a pretty sight. She did not justice to that amazing song. In a way, she ruined it with her singing skills. It sounded like a pig giving birth which is not a pretty sound. I did not boo her, but I wanted to. I do not want to see it as a bully.

Another person got up the stage, and he began to sing. It was not that great but it was not horrible either. His singing was way better than the girl before him. The song that he choose lasted for about 4 minutes. After he was done, no one else wanted to step up to the stage. I have decided that I will sing right now then.

"Hello everyone, my name is Sophia Elizabeth, and I would love to sing an original song to all. My stage name that I choose is Heavenly Empress. I hope that you guys like it. I will be singing with no track or backtrack to go with it. I will be singing acapella." I say to the crow of people with the microphone in my hand.

"The beautiful bright sky is turning dark. With this, the night is being born one more time. The night brings it, beautiful companion, the moon."

"The moonshine, so bright that it seems like is not that dark. The stars in the sky make their debut as the moon shines down us."

"This makes the moon look like a celestial being, and those stars around it are it, children. The way it looks at night is extremely dark. But fear, not the moon is there to shine. The moon is there to give us light. The darker the beautiful night is. The brighter the moonshine."

"The beautiful bright sky is turning dark. With this, the night is being born one more time. The night brings it, beautiful companion, the moon."

"The moon brings many stars out. The dark sky shines bright as the moon dance on the sky with its children the stars."

"On beneath the moon, a girl is admiring the beautiful moon. It shines so bright that it looks like particle of light travel down towards the beautiful girl that is admiring it celestial form. What else can one ask while looking at the beautiful night?" I finish my song with a loud note.

"Amazing truly amazing. I am in love with that song. The way you sang it made me visualize the moon shine down towards us. This is a good song. Thank god I decided to film it with my phone. I will post it in all my social media." The owner of the place exclaimed with a smile on his face.

The next second everyone began to do the same as him. The system at this moment sounds off in my head as everyone posts on their social media.

[Congratulation the host have unlock fame ranking. The ranking of the host is F. this is the lowest rank in the ranking. As your fan increase, your ranking will increase as well. Good luck host.]

"Excuse me, Sophia, I have a friend that he owns a label. I am sure that he would love to give you a chance to produce with them. I would love to introduce you to them later this week. Can you come here in three days? I will set up a meeting with both of you. I would like for you to sing the same song to him at that time." The restaurant says as his eyes shine. It looks like he has found gold or a diamond.

"Sure I do not mind. The only thing is that I might not have too much time to produce with them. I can only spend about 2 hours to 3 hours weekly. I am a busy person. I hope you and him understand." I replied to him with a smile on my pretty face.

I don't want to spend too much time in a studio. I do want to become famous, but I still want to have my freedom. I would love to become the highest-ranking person in the world, but that will take time.

"I understand I will explain that to him," he replied to me while looking at my eyes.

"I have to go home I will see you around the same time in three days then," I say to him as I got ready to leave the karaoke place.


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