Hacking Special Armed Forces System
6 Chapter 1.5 Heavenly Corp Special Forces Team
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Hacking Special Armed Forces System
Author :BellaEstrella
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6 Chapter 1.5 Heavenly Corp Special Forces Team

After leaving the restaurant, I went to get my Bugatti. I wanted to go back home already. When I left the restaurant, it was already midnight I wanted to go asleep still tomorrow.

After a while of driving, I finally made it home. The first thing I notice that there were about 100 people at my house that I haven't met before. The first thing that I did was to get out of my car after seeing all of those people. When I got out of my car, all the people in front of me kneel.
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"All hail the Supreme Empress Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana." The guy that seems to be the leader of the group said. The way he projected his voice sounded like he wanted the entire world to know of his leader.

"All hail the supreme empress." Everyone follows after he said that.

"What is going on? Who are all of you people?" I asked with a confused looked on my face.

"We are your protector. My name is Jiang Liang Lee. I am the five stars general of your army in the god world. We are here to protect you from any harm that might come to you. We will follow any order that your majesty gives us even if death follows. It is a great honor for us to die serving the Supreme Empress Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana." The guy named Jiang Liang Lee says to me while kneeling.

"Wait what you mean the god world? I do not understand. Do you mean there is a world full of gods? And you say that I am the supreme empress of that world. Can you explain what you mean Jiang Liang Lee?" I replied while looking down at the group of people kneeling in front of me.

"Yes, there is a world full of gods. There are more than 100 million gods in that world. You are the empress of that world. This means that your orders are absolute. We will have to follow it no matter what. This means that I am the five stars general of your army." Jiang Liang Lee responded without thinking with a smile on his face.

"Oh, I see. That is impressive. I would like to stay here on Earth for a while. I would like to form a group of people named Heavenly Corp Special Forces Team. This way I have my team to do missions. I would like for all of you to be part of this team. I will be in charge of it, and Jiang Liang Lee will be my second in command. The main task of this group will be to do missions around the world. I want that name to be known throughout the world. I would like everyone to know its name. This means that we will protect the weak and destroy those that bully the weak."

"We have received your order, your majesty. From this moment on, we will protect those in need this we vow." Everyone answer at the same time

"All hail to the Heavenly Corp Special Forces Team, and the owner of this team." Jiang Liang Lee sounded off with a thunderous voice.

"All hail" everyone else follows with that same thunderous voice.


In an ancient martial town, they were a group of people having dinner. The leader of this group is Jee An Ling. His cultivation realm is Heavenly Core stage 8. This realm is quite high on Earth. It takes a long time to achieve it.

This person was the leader of the Jee family. This family is one of the best families in China. Their history was quite deep. The amount of people that this family have is 10,000, and all of them are martial artist.

Everyone in the family is sitting down enjoying their meal. When a loud thunderous voice, broke the feast that the family is enjoying.

"All hail the Supreme Empress Sophia Elizabeth Moiriana." The voice say so loudly that it made all of them shiver with fear.

"What in kind of expert made that voice? It seems like he wanted the entire world to know his leader." Jee An Ling says after the voice was done speaking.

This was the same thing that everyone around the world were wondering. They have fear on their eyes as the voice was announcing a newborn expert.


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