I Reincarnated to be a part of History!
1 I Reincarnated to be Part of History!
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I Reincarnated to be a part of History!
Author :Meidan
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1 I Reincarnated to be Part of History!

I always thought my life as a joke. Incapable of truly accepting my flaws and always using a hypocritical smiling face mask to get through day-to-day hassles. I never hope to contribute anything to this society that always remind me how useless my struggles are. The only thing that keep me going and stop me from killing my self is my love for my younger brothers. The thought of leaving them alone in this world where you're constantly being judged by your merits is scarier than any horror movie out there.

Alas, my worst fear just came true...

The plane I was on for a business trip, just a few minutes from landing without warning exploded...

*Sigh* At least my brothers wouldn't worry about my funeral and good thing I invested heavily on life insurance so they don't have to worry about money for a long while...

Those were my last thoughts as I lost consciousness.


Remembering my past life makes me laugh now. I never thought I would be able to reincarnate.

Oh, how foolish was thoughts back then...

I'm glad I'm able to reincarnate as Katherine Wright the one and only sister of the well known Wright Brothers!

Due to the guilt I had for my brothers in my past life I did everything to make sure my brothers this life will attain their dreams. I put all my efforts in making sure that the family I have now will won't suffer as long as I am here. It was tough specially when my mother died just a few days before my 15'th birthday. She was a gentle, strong, kind and alert mom. She thought me how to use my smile to conquer troubles without losing the essence of being happy by smiling.

Even now I still miss her. But, I can't make that the reason to avoid the responsibility of being the mistress of the house. All I can do is grieve silently and endure to make sure that I'm strong enough to support my brothers and my dear father.

My previous experience and knowledge finally helped me to manage the household not only easing my father's concerns but it made my brothers truly perceive the way in attaining their dreams. Although, as soon as my father knew about my proficiency in Latin and Greek he send me to college. My college years made me realize many things about myself. It help me pursue a career in teaching that eventually lead me establish a steady flow income that eases the pressure from my brothers to some. This was what they needed to really get into aviation which subtle lead them to pursue. Heh, my degree in psychology proved to be great tool in manipulating others subtle making them do what I want them to do.

Anyway, eventually my brother Wilbur and Orville successfully invented the first prototype plane! Even though I knew they were the one to make it, but personally seeing them to make it and the struggles they face to make it successful, it makes me happy and proud of them beyond words!

I want them to pursue aviation with all their passion!

When, they needed help for their experiments I asked some teachers in my school to volunteer.

Well, psychology played a major role again when I was trying to convince them. Anyway, when they needed someone to help them to sell their patented plane I used everything I knew from my past life to attract eligible customer and promote their invention while making sure no bad rumors could put a stain on it. Eventually, I become their executive secretary not that I mind since I know how their heads fully occupied by their invention leaving no room for miscellaneous things. Good, thing I'm used to do multitasking thanks to my previous life.

And yet, even with the skills and knowledge I attained from my previous life nothing prepared me from the fact that one of my dear brother, Orville, almost died from a plane crash. Not even a day had gone by after I heard the news I rushed to where he was. The moment I saw him in such a horrid state I couldn't help take a deep breath to help be not to cry hysterically at that moment. At that moment I dedicated everything to assist my dear brother whatever it might be. I mean everything, from greeting visitors, talking to the doctors , even wanting to assist on the investigation of the crash.

Thank god, Orville eventually got well enough to go home. But as we were about to go home we receive a letter from Wilbur asking us to take a trip to Europe. Naturally, I refused. But as his second letter arrived asking us to take a trip to Europe and making sure that I would have great benefits that my current career can't provide, I couldn't help but think twice at the offer since we really are short on income since I've been nursing Orville and couldn't go teach and earn money. After some moment to truly weigh the options I agreed to Wilbur's request. And its one decision I will never regret.

Since, my brothers were socially awkward and shy guys they couldn't really handle the attention of the nobles that are attracted to their invention. Now, I really get it why Wilbur was seriously trying to rope me into traveling to Europe he couldn't handle shameless advocating their invention. Pfft

Anyway, since I mastered the way using my smile to charm and psychology to subtle manipulate potential investor to patronize my brothers' inventions, it was a sure win for my brothers.

It was even funny how Europe journalists try to put the spotlight on me. Saying things like I *personally sewed the wings of the plane my brothers created.* All, those shenanigans were a good way to advertise so I would only smile when confronted with those rumors.

Ah, but once again my life changed when Wilbur died. It was so sudden so deeply unthinkable I was left stunned when it happen, If I didn't see Orville being in the same state of mind I won't be as strong as that moment. I couldn't help nut tightly hug Orville and say that *I'm still here.* His, silent tears were more heartbreaking reminding me that we truly did lose Wilbur. I wasn't aware that I was also silently crying while patting Orville until father silently wiped my tears with his sleeves gently.

I blamed myself for not doing my best to help Wilbur defend the their airplane patent. Maybe, just maybe if I was more assertive in helping him fight for it and not blindly trusting him to do it by himself no matter his reassurance then maybe he might have lived longer and happier. At, that moment on I decided to quit teaching and fully dedicated my self in helping Orville to clear their company's name and secure their plane patent.

I failed.

I failed to help Orville to keep their patent to be the "first aeroplane capable of flight". Orville eventually sold the company and took the whole family for our first family vacation. He took us to lovely cozy cottage in Georgian Bay in Lake Huron. The wilderness and lack of other humans give me a sense of serenity for once. I truly enjoyed this vacation.

After a while, I was able to cope with the lose of Wilbur but then my father died. He already suffered constant aches and pains so it wasn't as shocking as Wilbur's death, Still, father's death left a scar in our family. Orville wanted something to occupy his mind to avoid grieving to much so he bought a cute lovable puppy, I named him Scipio.

Scipio is such a wonderful dog, but it seems I found someone more lovable than him and Orville. I was shock about that realization. I mean I was just trying to console a friend using the methods I learned from studying psychology. Never thought it would lead to something more profound such as love. Actually, I didn't realize I fell in love until Harry (the friend I was consoling since he lost his wife) confessed. At first I was really skeptical, so I couldn't help but ask him if he was joking (which I knew he rarely does) just in case he was. But, when he seriously declared his feelings I couldn't help but question my own feelings towards him and realize that I love him to. So we eventually deepen our feelings.

And yet at the same time, I got scared when I realized my feelings. I mean, Orville only have me now and if I pursue my feelings for Harry I feel that I'm betraying Orville. I tried countless of time to seek Orville to tell him about Harry and me but I always choke up and quickly avoid the topic in front of Orville. I just couldn't bear Orville thinking I'm abandoning him. But, I couldn't go on leaving Orville in the dark about my feelings about Harry so I ask Harry to tell Orville about our relationship.

Orville, wasn't happy. More like, Orville treat me as if I was dead. It hurts but I couldn't let go of my feelings for Harry so...

I married Harry and moved to his house where I met his son, Henry. Even though I moved to live with Harry, I made sure to send letters to Orville and ask our head maid to send out a detailed letter about Orville day to day life. I just can't help but worry. even if I'm hurt by Orville reaction of treating me like I'm dead I still can't help care for my dear cute brother.


This life has been great. I couldn't help to be always be thankful to be reincarnated. To gain such experience and truly see how the skills I gain from my previous life aren't worthless. Ah, its really nice to be able to live a second time. Unfortunately, it seems that my time this life is slipping away now.

I couldn't help but chuckle that I'm about to lose my life to a sickness that modern science can easily cure. Oh well, it would be nice is Orville would visit be me before I die.

"Kate," a familiar tone called me out from my drowsiness.

"Heres Orv," Harry gently whispered into my ear.

I smiled at Orville with tears in my eye. How nice to see my dear brother before I die.

_________________________________The End__________________________________________________


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