Kuro High School DxD
1 Life.0 I am a devil.
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Kuro High School DxD
Author :blackshade
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1 Life.0 I am a devil.

The same colour as their hair---.

I thought as I looked at the colour of blood running down my imbrued hand.

Red --- crimson hair, more brilliant than that of strawberry-blonde.

Indeed, long and beautiful crimson hair, just like the colour of my bloodstained hand.

"Issei, wake up, it's already seven-thirty!"

I slowly opened my eyes to see a girl with crimson hair in front of me.She had really beautiful hair which ran down to her hips but I caught glimpse of something more beautiful  than it.

"Wake up Issei, the ceremony is due at 10, you definately don't want to be late at your own  engagement!"

My engagement, yeah, today is the big day, the day of my engagement with each of my fianće.

"I'll be ready, Just give me an hour!"

"Sure, just get ready fast and come ,I and others will head towards the Gremory mansion in five minutes", she said as she kissed my forehead.

"Please close the door before you go"

She smiled as she moved out of my room.

I got up from my bed and looked around my room, a lot had changed in the last two years.I was just a perverted high-school student, who dreamt nothing but having an opportunity to sneak into girl's kendo room to see their breasts. My life was woven around my two friends with whom I spend my days and my nights, Matsuda and Motohama.

But now here I am, a High-class devil with status compared to big company owners in the human realm.I have my own peerage, people who will stand with me in every situation, who will hold my hand no matter how worse it gets and today is engagement with most beautiful girl of my school Rias Gremory, not only her it is my engagement with each girl I pledged to marry.

The engagement would comprise of a ring ceremony between two people marking their bond of eternity.It is a traditional custom in Hindu religion and upon insistance of Shiva, everyone agreed for the same.

Suddenly a magic circle appeared around near my canopy bed.The one who emerged was The Angel herself, Gabriel-sama.

"You are quite a person being able to sleep so late on the day of your engagement", she laughed heartily while saying this.

"I slept at 3, I had to go on a quest far side of Kuoh town for demolishing a chant", I replied, still sleepy.

She held a blank stare.

"Gabriel-sama, is everything alright?"

"Ah! yeah, now get up, and allow me to dress the Sekiryuutei for his engagement". She said cheerfully, the charm in her eyes was angelic, she sure was excited being able to dress me up.

*I command the sky and the river, the wind and the fire, present me with the most dazzling suit that could be made, listen to my heart's desire and respond*

Gabriel-sama uttered something which sounded like a chant and what appeared was a  black suit with 7 circular brooches of different colours.

Gabriel-sama explained----

"Crimson is for Rias, Purple for Akeno, Black for Kuroka, Blue for Xenovia, Orange for Irina, White for Rosswiesse, Purple for Ingvild and finally Green is for Asia".

I didn't speak, maybe I was too joyous to say anything.

Gabriel-sama dressed me up like a gentleman, ocassionaly her boobs would collide with my body, she smiled everytime she saw my lecherous face, maybe she has been an Angel for so long that lecherous thoughts don't hit her now.

"Now then you are all set, I will take leave now"

"Ah! Gabriel-sama?"


"Thank you for everything"

"You don't need to thank me, just walk the path of righteousness and take care of your girls, always"

"I will, always", I said with a gleam in my eyes.

She smiled at me and left.

An invitation was still pending.

I arrived at a place near my school.Those two were already there.

"Why are you dressed like this, you piece of crap ! You are not planning something shitty,Are you ?", a bald-headed person said to me.

"Why did you call us here,you do know it's too hot out here", a person with specs complained.

"Hmm, it's just that I wanted to tell you both something"

"Yeah just let the crap out".

"I, I am a devil, now don't panic, I am a servant of Rias Gremory, my master, I am a King too now and hold my own peerage, but it's not important, the most important thing is today is my engagement with Rias and every other girl you have seen me with, so I would like to invite you both to the ceremony, I am sorry I didn't tell you this before, I know I should have, I, I.."

"Ah just stop it now don't force yourself, we know what an asshole you are, so just stop it,we are with you okay, always, we are the perverted trio, we will stand by your side anytime you need us", Matsuda said while brushing my hair.

"And And to imagine one of the member of perverted trio becoming a harem king, it gives me sort of tears"

I stared at both of them while tears ran down my eyes, they were my true friends.

[Friends like this are hard to find]

Looks like Ddraig has become emotional too.


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