Kuro High School DxD
3 Life.1 Darkness.
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Kuro High School DxD
Author :blackshade
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3 Life.1 Darkness.

I arrived at the gigantic Gremory mansion which was situated on the edge of Gremory territory and opened the door at the entrance.

The hall lit with lights dazzled me for a moment.Decorated with lilies and roses, the hall looked the best.Fountains were present at each corner and crystalline beauty of flowing water would mesmerize anyone.At the centre of hall an elevated stage was prepared and Millicas was playing around it.

The scene was so beautiful that I even forgot my existance.

"Feeling lucky", a guy with white hair, approached me with a smile on his face.I would say the smile suited him, but it was a rare phenomenon.

"Yeah, sort of", I replied him still mesmerized by the scenery.

"I would never understand the joy of having a family,nobody ever cared for me, the only person who understood me was Azazel-sensei ", he said sadly.

"I am your brother"

He stepped forward and hugged me as I said that.

"Who would have imagined two heavenly dragons sharing such a bond, indeed this is a unique generation", Grayfia-sama said  acknowledging our bond.

We let go of each other and awkwardly smiled without looking at each other.

[ Now, May I have your attention ]

Ajuka-sama announced, everyone turned towards him.

[ We have all gathered here on the auspicious occasion of Issei's engagement, I know you all are excited, so I request Issei to come to the stage ]

Everyone applauded as I dashed towards the stage.

I looked at Matsuda and Motohama who were smiling.Admist their happiness I could easily see the tears in their eyes.I saw Kiba and Gasper waving at me, Crom Croach even gave me a thumbs up as I ascended.

"Whoa..!! Even an Evil Dragon wished me luck", I thought.

Ajuka-sama handed over the mic to me.

[ Ah..Hello everyone ! I am Issei Hyoudou, most of you already know me as the Red Dragon Emperor, today...I am getting engaged, I still feel like it is a dream, that I will wake up just now and all this will vanish.I don't know what I should say now but there is one thing I would like to express, my thanks to everyone who believed in me, I wouldn't be here if you all had not been with me, thank you ]

I realised that I had become emotional and tears had started rolling down my cheeks.

An applaud was heard just as I finished my speech.I could see mom and dad smiling at me.I was proud of myself.

"Now I invite the girls to the stage", Ajuka-sama announced.

A moment later Rias descended from the stairs , she looked so pretty in red wedding gown that I wanted to kiss her just then.

One by one Akeno, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Rosswiesse and Kuroka came down.Each one of them looked stunning as hell.

We proceeded with the rituals.

Akeno extended her hand towards me.

"Finally I am yours"

She said as I put the ring in her hand.

"I will protect you till the end of time"

Next Asia came forward

"Thank you Issei for being my friend, you made my dream come true"

"It's just the beginning, I will never let tears fall from your eyes"

Xenovia and Irina came together on the stage as the ritual with Asia ended.

"Finally I can proudly say you mine darling",

"Fufufu...Now you can legally bear my child"

I awkwardly smiled as Xenovia said that.

Nevertheless, I gladly completed the ritual with them.

"Now I call upon Kuroka"

"Looks like we reached far ~nya"

"Yeah !, I never thought about this moment when I first met you but I will protect you forever and ever"

Now it was the turn of the girl of my dreams.

Rias came on the stage.

Finally I was getting engaged with her.It was the moment of complete happiness, complete love.

She extended her hand towards me.I was about to put the ring when darkness surrounded the area around me.

"You can't protect anyone, you are so pathetic"

I heard a voice I never imagined.

It was Raynare.


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