Kuro High School DxD
4 Priestess of Thunder.
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Kuro High School DxD
Author :blackshade
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4 Priestess of Thunder.

*No matter what happens,

I'll stay by your side,

I'll save you forever

Even if I have to die*

"Wake up big brother or you will be late to school again"

I turned around to see my little sister making faces while trying to wake me up.

"I'll be ready in five minutes"

"You better be or I'll tell mom that you spent the night at Sekushi-san's place"

"Ya Ya,now just go down! "

She went out slamming the door.

I finally decided to wake up.

Last night was quite troublesome, I did lots of dirty stuff with Sekushi-san but still didn't feel satisfied, a part of me was..Ah! I am being so philosophical.

I decided to forget my philosophical dilemma and got ready for school.

I went down the stairs and entered the dining room.

"You took twelve minutes", my sister smirked as I entered.

"Stop teasing your brother like that Yuuma", mom scolded Yuuma.

"Okay fine ! but only after he tells me how am I looking? Its my first day of High School after all"

She stood right in front of me.

~[Yuuma is an attractive young woman with violet eyes having a slender body with a large bust. She also has long silky black hair down to her hips which complemented her beauty]~

I looked at her, she looked quite pretty her school uniform, which consisted of a dark red jacket with the letter "P" embroidered in gold, a white undershirt, a red bow, and a green skirt with a thin white strip around the lower end of it.

"Will you say anything ? "

"You look good"

"Just good...Mom I think big brother has completely forgotten how to compliment a girl.Listen if you stay like this then.."

She stopped mid-sentence.


"Then no girl will ever love you!! "

As she said that last sentence I felt acute pain in my heart but I decided to quietly endure it by myself.

"Yeah right"

I finished my breakfast and we ( I and Yuuma ) left for school.

Yuuma studied in a different school so I parted with her on the way after saying "Goodbye"

I arrived at Kuoh Academy.

Matsuda and Motohama were waiting for me at the entrance.

"I heard you spent whole night with Sekushi-san.How was it? Did you do the dirty stuff ? Did you get to suck her bouncy boobs? Oh my ! Just saying something like this is gives me goosebumps.Tell us ! We want to hear everything".

They both bumped into me.

"Yeah I did..So What? It wasn't something worth remembering "

Matsuda and Motohama collapsed as I finished my sentence.

"Whoa..who are you? You are not Issei, I know that for sure. Sekushi-san is the best girl in our school.[39-23-35], her bust is just so awesome. She is the girl every guy desires how can you..I can't tolerate you insulting her.No way!"

"Looks like our beloved Issei has become a playboy"

"NO GUYS !!!!! This isn't something like that it's just that I..I.."


"Forget it", I said as we moved to the assembly hall.

~Assembly Hall~

[ Now I would like to invite Kiba Yuuto, the Student Council President, to address the students ]

 A boy with golden hair came forward to address the students with his boring speech.I didn't want to hear him so I casually looked around the auditorium.

All the students of the school had gathered in the assembly hall as it was the first day of new year.There were few new chicks as well, a few with big bust too.It looked like this wasn't going to be a bad year.


I heard a coarse voice sounding around the auditorium.Every student turned towards me, I felt something heavy in my arm so I glanced at it and to my amusement a red gauntlet had appeared around my arm.It shone with bright greenish yellow light.


I heard the same voice again.But this time I knew it was coming from the gauntlet in my hand.


And a beam of high energy radiation was fired into the sky which smashed the ceiling of the auditorium.I realised that I can not stay here any longer and rushed out of the hall.Around 5000 eyes were directly glued to me.

Few students even tried to stop me while I tried to escape but I escaped somehow.


I heard the voice yet again.

Eventually I decided to go to the hill on the south side of Kuoh town.


Five hours had passed since I had come here.The gauntlet hadn't disappeared, it was right there, still shining as before.

"Fufufu.... it's quite amusing to Red Dragon Emperor"

I heard a voice from top of a nearby tree.

I women came slashing down and stood in front of me.

She had black hair and purple eyes, complemented with big bust and revealing attire she looked bewitching.

"I am Akeno Himejima, a free fallen angel"

"I..I am Issei Hyoudou"

"I know who you are", she boasted.


The gauntlet fired another shot directly at her.

When the aftersmoke cleared out, I was surprised to see that she was unhurt.

"It will take more than that to harm the priestess of thunder "

"The thing in your hand is a sacred known as Boosted Gear, it has ability to double the power of the user by several folds, only if user is capable enough. But in your case it seems like it has gone berserk "

"Is there anyway to stop it ?", I asked her, even though she was a stranger, I felt like I could trust her, but why?

"I know a way but it involves risking your life "

"I'll do whatever it takes"

"You'll have to unsheath the holy dragon slaying sword Ascalon".

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    《Kuro High School DxD》