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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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1 First Day

*Beep Beep Beep*

Tetsuya:" Aniki get up, you'll be late", he says while pulling the blanket off of his older brother.

Kuroko Tetsuya has light blue hair, dull light blue eyes, pale skin, and is practically invisible with his low presence. He is dressed in his high school uniform.

Tatsumi: "Alright, I'm up,I'm up geez.5 more minutes didn't hurt, right?"

Tatsumi gets up out of bed standing a head taller than Tetsuya. He is shirtless with his slim, muscular upper body showing and wearing purple and yellow gym shorts only. He looks just like his brother since they're twins, but his hair and eyes are a shade darker while his eyes glisten like the ocean.

Tetsuya: "Yeah, but the other 5 minutes did hurt your time", he said with a slight smirk.

Tatsumi looked at the clock with wide eyes and started to rush.

Tatsumi: "Shit shit shit, I'm gonna kill that clock

Tatsumi threw on his white school pants, black T-shirt and his red school sweater, he likes to wear instead of the blazer.

Tetsuya: " It's not the clock's fault Aniki is an idiot", he said leaving our of the room

With a tick mark and a strained smirk Tatsumi yelled " I can make it a double homicide if that's what you want", as he laced his sneakers and ran to the kitchen.

He grabs one of his brother's sandwiches and runs out the door throwing a thanks over his shoulder. He proceeded to walk to Ayatoshi Academy to begin his high school journey.

As he walks through the front gate he sees a bunch of booths set up in the courtyard of the school. He was thinking of what it was about when he heard,

P.A. System:" Welcome back students and also welcome 1st years to Ayatoshi Academy. As you can see there are a plethora of booths in the courtyard. All students are required to sign up for a club. From sports to culture clubs, even the going home club. Thank you and once again welcome to Ayatoshi Academy.

With the answer to his question he proceeded to walk through the courtyard observing the booths when he notices the glances he is receiving from the people around him. Girls staring with awe while blushing and guys staring with envy. This isn't the first time he has received these looks from people as it happened a lot at Teikō Junior High. He was the #2 most popular boy behind his best friend and teammate Kise Ryota.

That's right, Kuroko Tatsumi was apart of the Teikō Basketball team. While on the team he taught his brother his style of play. He was also the captain until he broke his hand and had to sit out a season. While on the bench he saw his brother become the "Phantom Sixth Man", but he also saw his teammates change and become selfish and self-centered. He quit the team after that and soon the team started to be called the Generation of Miracles as their talents developed. My brother quit the team after seeing their brand of basketball and I couldn't blame him. I even warned him right after I quit that it will become unbearable to watch, but he thought they wouldn't change and you see where that led him.

As he kept walking, reminiscing, and ignoring the stress he passed a booth with a cute purple haired girl with big boobs squeezed in a jacket while wearing the school uniform underneath. She looked up as Tatsumi was turning to walk away then she asked him

???:" Do you want to join the basketball team. We may not be as good as the "Four Kings" but our team is still good enough to get passed the preliminary round of the Interhigh Tournament.

He observed her for a while and saw the pride in her golden eyes. He was contemplating if he should join when someone walked to the table.

???:" Hey cutie, what's your name. You shouldn't bother yourself with this scrub who probably never held a basketball in his life.

With a tick mark on his annoyed face he took the form out of his hand and signed up for the team

Tatsumi:" I'll show you who the scrub is you write-off and her name is Hana Ume it on her name tag if you could read."

He said that as he walked away leaving the guy fuming and the girl staring in disbelief.

???:" Hey loser what's your name anyway", he exclaimed after being embarrassed.
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Tatsumi:" Kuroko Tatsumi, remember it write-off."

???:" I'm Siaki Homura remember it as I'm the one who'll defeat you and those losers called the "Generation of Miracles".

If the girl wasn't shocked at the display before she was now, then she heard laughter.

Tatsumi can be seen folded over in laughter at what this guy just said. He wiped his tears and stood straight again and said

Tatsumi:" You can't even lick the G.O.M sneakers. Man that was a great joke though", he finished and continued to walk away.

When he vanished in the crowd Ume looked at his form and stood up in surprise at the contents. Homura looked at the form with a red face of anger and embarrassment and read

Homura:" Kuroko Tatsumi, Year 1, Basketball accomplishments- Former Captain of Champions Teikō Junior high.


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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》