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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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2 Practice

After attending all his classes Tatsumi made his way towards the gym to familiarize himself with the environment. When he arrived he saw a group of people setting up the numerous practice drills. He walked up to the group to introduce himself

Tatsumi:" Yo, my name is Kuroko Tatsumi, and I just signed up for the team and I play Point Guard", he said while extending his hand.

The guy closest to him shook his hand and began introducing him to the team.

???:" Hey, I'm the captain Shiba Toshi, position Center. This is Tensei Ayata, position Small Forward, here we have Yamata Gosei, position Power Forward, Toshi Miyamoto is our Shooting Guard and Kiyaba Yuki is the Point Guard. We also have Tenchi Tobi and Kobi the brothers, Sosuke Shoto also. Us starters are 3rd years and the rest are 2nd years."

After the introduction a man in his mid 30s enters the gym along with Ume who is writing in a notebook enthusiastically. As they enter two students I assume are the 1st year recruits run in and join our group. Tatsumi immediately meet the eyes of the write-off Homura and give him a mocking smile which annoys him.

???:"Hello, my name is Hana Ukitake the Coach and as most of you know this is my daughter Ume the Manager and our Scout. We will begin with names and positions, so everyone line up

Shiba Toshi, position Center

Tensei Ayata, position Small Forward

Yamata Gosei, position Power Forward

Toshi Miyamoto, position Shooting Guard

Kiyaba Yuki, position Point Guard

Tenchi Tobi, position Power Forward

Tenchi Kobi, position Center

Sosuke Shoto, Small Forward

Siaki Homura, Shooting Guard

Rentaro Renji, position Small Forward

Kuroko Tatsumi, position Point Guard

Coach:" Alright all of you go to the locker room and change if you don't have any gym clothes there are some you can borrow in the locker room, but this is a one time deal so bring your own starting tomorrow.

As everyone enter the locker room everyone starts to introduce themselves to each other when,

Homura:" Play me, you blue haired loser", he said towards Tatsumi with a scowl.

Tatsumi:" Why should I play you, I don't like troublesome people like you so get lost.

The locker room became eerily quiet as the two continued their staring contest until the Coach told them to hurry up.

They lined up at half court and started their stretches, did 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, 50 squats, and 5 laps around the gym. They then started layup lines and passing drills and footwork routines. As they finished they played 5v5 to end practice.

Coach:" Alright Team 1 will be Kiyaba Yuki at point, Siaki Homura at shooting, Rentaro Renji at small and the Tenchi brothers. Team 2 will be Kuroko Tatsumi at point, Toshi Miyamoto at shooting, Sosuke Shoto at small, Yamata Gosei at power and Captain Shiba Toshi at center.

Everyone lines up across from each other. Homura looks into Tatsumi's eyes while sliding his thumb across his throat, but Tatsumi just gives a smug smile.

Everyone:" Let's play ball!!!!!"

Kobi and Toshi walks to center court with the Coach for jump ball.
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Coach:" You ready, You ready let's play," then he throws the ball up and the senpais jump.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》