Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
4 Game Time!
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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4 Game Time!

As the ball leaves the Coach's hands Toshi and Kobi jump for it. Kobi with his leaping ability wins the tip and Yuki grabs it and proceed up court, but when he cross half court, the ball was stolen, when they looked they saw Tatsumi after the loose ball. When he got the ball he continued to the basket when Homura got back on defense.

Tatsumi surveys the court, then he does a double behind the back into a step back 3 pointer. The move was so fast no one even registered the SWISH!

Tatsumi: Wow! it really has been a while, my form was off, but I think I got the hang of it. Come on are we playing or not.

When he said that everyone snapped out of their stupor and started the game back. On the sideline the Coach was talking to Ume

Coach: "That dribble move was fast and to go straight into a 3 pointer, who is this guy", he said side eyeing Ume
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Ume:" On his application he said he was former Captain of Teikō's Baketball team."

The Coach showed slight surprise as to why he was here and how he didn't become one of the GOM.

Yuki receives the inbound pass and moves up the court with more caution when he sees Homura

Homura:" Senpai let me bring it up from now on. You have good vision, but lack ball security. I can do it from now on.

Yuki contemplated then passed the ball to Homura. Homura begins up the court and comes face to face with Tatsumi. He took a step back by the intense pressure emanating off of him. He steels himself and dribbles to the left and then steps back to the 3 point line, but when everyone thought he would shoot he passes it between Tatsumi's legs to Renji for an easy mid range shot.

Everyone, even Tatsumi was impressed by his decision to pass first and not forcing the shot, but in Homura's head he was thinking I would have taken the shot if my instincts didn't tell me he was dangerous.

Shiba passed the ball in to Tatsumi, and Tatsumi began up court, he crossed half court he noticed the double teamed him after they saw his first shot. He shook his head, then did a crossover, then between the legs then stepped back like before, but when the jumped he drove between them and entered the paint where Kobi was, and did a half spin to a behind the back pass to Miyamoto in the corner, who shot inside the line for 2.

Coach:" He baited them into doubling and when they saw he did a step back again he baited them forward, but they didn't expect he was more of a passer than a shooter. He should be a pure playmaker, his dribbling opens up the court for his teammates to have open shots. He can also hit shots to draw attention to himself. I have a feeling something incredible will happen watching him.

As if on cue, Yuki misses and Shiba passes to half court where Tatsumi is. Homura is right on him, and inside the paint they jump, and the unexpected happens. Everyone was expecting a layup, no one expected Tatsumi to dunk right over Homura.

Everyone thought:" A Point Guard Dunking!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He landed and looked over at the Coach

Tatsumi:" That's 7 points game over right."

Everyone is still in shock by seeing someone his height Dunking like it was no big deal. Tatsumi was confused and looked around,

Tatsumi:" What's wrong, did something happen.

Everyone yelled:" How can you dunk!!!!"

Tatsumi:" Yeah it's not that surprising right. Almost all the players that started on Teikō could dunk, well everyone except my brother. He can't do anything really other than pass, but it is scary playing against him."

Ume was digesting what he said while thinking ' Player who can't do anything except pass and is scary to play against.' The she got an epiphany

Ume:" Your brother is Teikō's"Phantom Sixth Man".

Everyone was surprised when Tatsumi nodded with a proud smile on his face for people knowing his brother, while the team was thinking that they thought he was a myth.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》