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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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6 Road Home

After the game everyone is in the locker room getting dressed in silence when someone spoke up,

Homura:" Hey why aren't you one of the GOM that we heard about, it seems like your skills are on par with the other five," everyone was thinking it, but no one wanted to ask.

Tatsumi:" I broke my hand before our 2nd Championship game. While I was on the bench watching I saw how we played basketball, and I started to hate Basketball and myself for playing that way, so I quit. Then one day I was on a date near the stadium where Interhigh took place, so I went to check it out. When I arrived Ayatoshi Academy was playing Kaijō High, a great basketball team, way better than you guys," this gave the senpais tick marks, " but you guys stayed in the game, not giving up, and keeping it close with determination in your eyes and smiles on your faces. Then my heart throbbed, this is basketball, this is the love of the game I once had. I wanted to be apart of that, not caring of how bad we lost or how big we won by, but just having fun doing the thing we love."

He closed his locker and left everyone in the locker room with smiles on their faces, before turning around with a smirk,

Tatsumi:" And also I rather have fun while destroying the GOM."

Now the person who was smiling the widest was Homura, whose competitive spirit kicked in.

Homura:" I'm going to play basketball, can't let him beat those guys alone."

At the school gate

Walking out the school gate he noticed that someone was staring at him creepily from close behind.

Tatsumi:" Ume its kind of creepy how you're staring at me."

She snapped out of her Scouting mode and asked,

Ume:" How can your stats be so high in every parameter? Usually people lean toward one side.

Tatsumi:" Oh, you were checking my stats, OK, it makes since now. To answer your question my brother was very horrible at basketball, but even still he loved the game. So when we played I tried to help, but couldn't figure out how. Then I saw him, the person who could do everything on the court, the all around great basketball player LeBron James. Maybe not everything, but he did a lot. So I started doing everything shooting, passing, dribbling, driving to the hoop, and even Dunking. But it still didn't help much so I helped him find himself, with his low presence he could go anywhere on the court I pointed him in the direction, and Akashi led him further, and he did the rest. While he was working hard I never slacked and kept going further in my style."

As they were walking and talking they came across a park, where at first glance seemed to only one person playing basketball, but to Tatsumi he immediately notify the second person there since he knows his brother.
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He was playing against a tall, red haired guy with the look of an animal. Of course Tetsuya was getting destroyed, but Tatsumi knew he was scouting his new light, so he just watched.

As they finished Tetsuya looked over at Tatsumi and Ume, who was watching, and walked over,

Tetsuya:" Aniki is she another girlfriend? I don't want to hear them at the house. It's annoying when they're to loud."

Ume turned beet red and ran away from the park calling Tatsumi a pervert.

Tatsumi finally noticed the guy staring at him.

Tatsumi:" Yo!, my name's Kuroko Tatsumi and you are?

Kagami:" Kagami Taiga, now play me, you smell strong."

Tatsumi didn't even reply and just took the ball from Tetsuya and gave him a look which made him nod

Tatsumi took his place at the top of the 3 point line. He started to dribble right, but when Kagami was following he snatched back to the left, making Kagami lose balance and fall. Tatsumi just strolled to the hoop and scored.

Tatsumi:" Let's go Tetsuya and get some food."

Tetsuya followed him while Kagami was left dumbfounded on his butt, but a huge smile creeped up on his face.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》