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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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7 Home

As soon as we got home we put on a basketball game to watch while I started cooking. An hour later we were eating and watching basketball highlights on TV, when Tetsuya broke the silence

Tetsuya:" No girls are coming over today right?"

I immediately chopped him in the head as I got up to wash my dishes.

In a low voice Tatsumi:" He make me sound like a playboy or something," but Tetsuya heard and said

Tetsuya:" If your not then what are you Aniki"?

When he said that one lone tear rolled down Tatsumi's face, as he made his way to bathe and go to sleep.

After his bath he went to his room and started to remember how his team plays to integrate better, but he didn't have enough data other than Homura is an instinctual player who can change his actions to better suit the situation, which is a good skill to have as a basketball player.

Tatsumi:' Tomorrow I need to assess everyone's skills to know what style of play I need to use. I don't even know who was the ace of the team. I believe Homura could do it, but at the moment it should be us as twin aces.

I actually like the guy. He is close to "their" skill, but need a push. If we play one of "them" that will unlock his potential. Enough thinking, time to sleep'.

He rolled over and went to sleep with a smile by how much fun high school is going to be.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》