Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
8 They Got Skills!
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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8 They Got Skills!

Tatsumi woke up early and made his way to school to get some practice in at the gym. When he arrived he saw his Senpais practicing so he observed them from the balcony overlooking the court. He watched them practice for an hour before they left. He got on the court to start his own practice. First he shot 100 3-pointers, then he did 100 layups for each hand, all while wearing weighted wrist bands and ankle weights.

He practiced his dribbling with each hand while the opposite hand is behind his back. When he finished all this he went to the shower to clean up since class start in about an hour. When he came out he saw Homura standing there as if he was expecting him to come out of the locker room.

Homura:" Do you really think that I'm a scrub who can't beat the Miracles?"

Tatsumi looked him in the eyes and told him the truth,

Tatsumi:" Yeah, I really think that," Homura grabs his collar,

Homura:" You assh-," Tatsumi just smiles and interrupts him

Tatsumi:" But I didn't say you weren't close to beating them, right now you are at there feet, but most people are way, way under there shoes. Once you unlock your potential you'll be at our level.

Akashi has his emperor eye, Kise can copy any move he has seen, other than ours, Aomine has his formless shot, speed and other things, to me he is the scariest. Midorima has his limitless range, and Murasakibara is a defensive powerhouse and his Thor's Hammer is an offensive weapon full of his strength, he is able to score 100 points if he tries on offense, but he's suuuper lazy.

Once you find what you excel better than anyone then you will be able to stand face to face, now let's go class will start soon."

As he was walking away Homura was standing there contemplating what Tatsumi said.

Homura:' What I excel at, what is it. He made it sound like he knows what it is. He watched me play once and he makes it seem like he knows all my skills. Just what is he, a basketball professor or something.'

In the corner of the gym two people could be seen watching the conversation of the two. They were also thinking of what was Tatsumi, they are the Coach and Ume.

In the class room Tatsumi is in class making notes of his Senpais' skills they have and how good they are with them.

Tatsumi:' They are really good players, but only two of them have special skills they can use. The Captain has his Putback Dunking skill, which requires great positioning for offensive rebounds, timing, and Dunking ability. Then there is Tensei Ayata, our Small Forward, and his outside shooting ability. He isn't Midorima level, but he might be top 8 or maybe 5 shooters in the country. Everyone else is good, but don't have a skill they excel at, which isn't a problem right now. Soon we will need Homura's awakening and one more of our Senpais to create a skill.'

The teacher throws a piece of paper at Tatsumi for not paying attention, but on reflex Tatsumi catches it and shoots it in the garbage can without raising his head. The teacher is impressed but still calls him up to the board to answer the question on the board since he hasn't been paying attention

When Tatsumi gets to the board he answers the question flawlessly. Everyone is surprised by that since he hasn't even looked up from his desk since he entered class.

Teacher:" How did you answer this question? You haven't listened to me at all, and textbooks have just been handed out."

Tatsumi:" I have Eidetic memory, and can listen to you while also thinking of something else. My brain is great isn't it?"

Just as he was saying that the bell rang for lunch. He left everyone dumbfounded by his statement. While he was walking to the cafeteria he came across Homura,

Tatsumi:" Hey Homura let's have lunch together."

Homura looked back to see Tatsumi walking towards him and said,

Homura:" Why would I eat with you, I have better things to do than eat lunch with you loser."

Tatsumi smiled at his statement and continued to walk with him. As the order there food and find a seat, they notice two girls looking their way. Tatsumi turns to them and smile then wink at them, in which they blush and say "kyaaa!!! So handsome."

Homura is pissed at this and a vein is popping on his forehead.

Homura:" Why don't you go seat with those girls and leave me alone. Didn't you have something to talk about."
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Tatsumi:" Dude are you gay, because you sound like a jealous girlfriend right now. I just wanted to eat food with my friend, is that so wrong.

Homura:" OF COURSE I'M NOT GAY, AND SINCE WHEN ARE WE FRIENDS," he yells, but no one but Tatsumi heard it since it is loud.

Tatsumi:" How could you, I even gave you advice on how to get better at basketball and you say we aren't friends," he says while fake crying.

Homura just ignores him and continues eating his food, in which Tatsumi also starts eating.

After lunch classes continues as normal with nothing really happening. When the final bell rings, Tatsumi heads to the gym to get ready for the first real practice.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》