Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
9 Practice Game?
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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9 Practice Game?

Tatsumi comes out of the locker room with the rest of the team and the immediately begin doing basketball drills and exercises to continue polishing their fundamentals. As practice winds down to break time, everyone is talking

Shiba:" Man, I ready to play a game against someone. Should be fun playing against a good school and seeing how we stack up."

Homura:" I'm with you Senpai, I haven't played competitive since I moved back here from England."

Everyone looked at Homura when he said that.

Tatsumi:" You're half British. That actually explains the hair. So how was basketball over there."

The conversation carries on until the Coach calls everyone to line up. The continue practice until late into the evening, when someone walks into the gym. He is tall with green hair, he is wearing a school uniform, but he has tape on the fingers of his left hand and is carrying a pineapple.

Tatsumi:" Shinta, how are you. I guess pineapple is your lucky item today huh."

Midorima Shintarou, the shooter of the GOM is standing by the door smirking.

Midorima:" Tatsumi, it has been a while. I see your playing again. Hope your skills haven't diminished."

Tatsumi:" We can play if you want, even though you have never beat me."

Midorima:" That's why I am here. My school wants to have a practice match with yours, so since I know you, and you told us you were going here I came to ask."

Tatsumi:" Coach lets do it, we were just talking about a practice match, so lets play against one of the Kings," he said with a huge smile on his face

Coach:" Tell your coach we accept, we will be there next week."
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Midorima:" Okay, let's see if you can beat us, and let's see if you can still play or if you wasted all this time flirting and playing around with girls."

After saying that he left, leaving Tatsumi with a tick mark and a scowl.

Tatsumi:" Oh I'll show you I can still play, and girls are not a waste of time, gay boy."

When he finished saying that Midorima came back to the gym with a frown and his. face red with anger.

Midorima:" I thought I told you to stop calling me that. I'm not gay, man whore."

Tatsumi:" Whatever I'll see you on the court," he says in a low voice with a his back to the door, smiling.

Midorima left the gym leaving everyone wondering if they are friends or not. Then the realization that they had a practice game washed over them and their confusion turned to excitement as they continued practicing at a higher level than before.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》