Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
10 Brothers“ Matches
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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10 Brothers“ Matches

Tatsumi:" Are you ready for this Tetsuya? You can quit now if you want."

Tetsuya:" Say that after beating me for once Aniki.

Both brothers looked in each other's eyes. If anyone was spectating them they would see lightning in their eyes.

Tatsumi:" Let's do this then, I'm finally going to beat you.!"

When he said that they immediately started the game.

(10 Minutes Later)

Tatsumi in a fit of rage through his controller down from losing 3 games in a row.
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Tatsumi:" Damn it how can I keep losing, I even warmed up before you got here with the snacks."

Tatsumi was gloomy, since he has never beat Tetsuya in any game. Other than sports Tatsumi sucks at all other games. It's even harder against Tetsuya, since he always has a poker face. He knows his brother's emotions, but even then his face is hard to read.

Tetsuya:" Okay, Okay Aniki it's alright, besides you shouldn't get so down every loss. You don't even get down if you lose in sports," he said while patting his brother's back.

Changing his expression to happiness, Tatsumi:" Oh, now that we are on the topic I have a practice game against Shinta and his team.

Tetsuya:" What a coincidence, I have a match against Kise also."

Tatsumi was surprised at that, then he realized why Kise was even at his school,

Tatsumi:" Ryo wanted you to join him didn't he?"

Tetsuya nodded at his statement and looked to his brother for advice,

Tetsuya:" We can win against him right?"

Tatsumi:" If they even play their starters. They probably don't think much of you guys, so you should go there ready to force the starters to play you guys," he says while he showing a dangerous glint thinking how people underestimate their opponent while overestimating their own abilities.

Tatsumi:" So when is your game anyway. If I have time I'll go see it.

Tetsuya:" It's in 2 days at 10:00, so when is yours."

Tatsumi:" Next Thursday at 11:00, you should bring your team to watch it. That way you can introduce them to me.

When they finished playing the game some more they decided to order a pizza, then turned in for the night.


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