Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
11 Rise of a Prodigy
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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11 Rise of a Prodigy

Tatsumi walks onto the balcony to watch his brother's first game with the team. Just as he predicted they didn't start the starters, they didn't even let them use the main court.

Under his breath so no one could hear,

Tatsumi:" Crush the bench so we can get the real game started."

When he finished that statement he saw Tetsuya steal the ball and pass the ball to that Kagami guy, who tore the rim out of the backboard.

Tatsumi couldn't help but to chuckle at the coaches expression. And with that the real game started.

The game was really fast paced at the beginning, but with Seiren's limited bench they were the ones who was gonna suffer the most if this continues.

Tatsumi:' They are pretty good. They lack at the Center position, but that's pretty much all, but they're potential is good.'
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At the end of the 1st Quarter Kagami, Tetsuya, and Kise are talking about something, but I can't here. As the 2nd progresses Kagami and Tetsuya start to pass back and forth to each other opening up the team offense. Even on defense they are playing together, Tetsuya let's Kise pass, where Kagami picks him up, and Tetsuya does a back tip steal. Then next play Kise goes for a pull up only to get blocked by Kagami, but when Kise goes to get back on defense he hits Tetsuya in the face.

Tatsumi:' Sheesh, that's got to hurt, huh little brother.'

When Tetsuya goes down, instead of folding there Captain starts hitting 3s. They keep it close, then 4th Quarter starts Tetsuya comes back and the game continues. When Seiren tie the game Kise cranks it up, the game starts to look like the 1st Quarter. 20 seconds left and the game tied, it's less than 6 seconds Kagami blocks a shot and they are on the break, when they get passed Kise and Tetsuya throws an alley-oop. As Kise and Kagami jumped at the same time, Kagami keeps rising and rising over Kise to dunk the ball for the win.

Tatsumi smiles as he walks off thinking, ' Another one will bloom, another Prodigy will rise in these Tournaments.'

When he leaves he sees Midorima waiting for who he guesses is Kise. He doesn't stop to talk since his blood is boiling from watching such a fun game.

Tatsumi:' I need to play some basketball now,' he thinks as he walks out the school.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》