Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
12 I need to Ball!!
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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12 I need to Ball!!

After leaving the game I stopped at a park to get a drink. As I was sitting on the bench I saw Tetsuya talking with Kise, then Kagami shows up and they talk some more, but I can't here them. Then something happened on the basketball court that would annoy any player, some losers bullying some guys and cheating on the court.

Before anyone noticed Tetsuya was already on the court challenging them, so I also walked over to the court and met up with Kagami and Kise,

Tatsumi:" Yo, Kise good game today, let me join this one. "

Kise: " Tatsumi!!! Long time no see, his are you. Any new girlfriends yet.

Tatsumi: " Why do all of you see me as some kind of scumbag, and no no one new.

Loser 1:" Are the even gonna play us."

Tetsuya:" You guys can get ball first, now let's play.

Not much of a game later

Tatsumi:" Tch.. that wasn't even enough to get me excited, anyway you guys should come watch me and Shinta's game it should be fun ."

Kagami:" Who is Shinta?"

Tatsumi: " Oh he's Midorima, the shooter of the GOM. You guys should bring your whole team to see the game.

Tetsuya: " We'll be there to see the game so put on a show Aniki.

Kise:" Me too, I'll come to, I want to see you play again, it is always fun to see.

When everyone said their goodbye and was leaving the park I saw a girl sprint at Tetsuya and tackle him, and put him in a Boston crab hold that looks really painful.

Tetsuya: " Aniki please help, it hurts!?!"

Tatsumi just turned and looked away because he knew from experience never mess with an angry girl.

Girl:"Aniki? Who's Aniki?" She finally turned and saw me standing there looking in the other direction.
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She saw how they looked similar, but the one standing there demanded attention, while the one under her slid under everyone's radar.

???:" I'm Riko Aida, Kuroko's coach and you," she asked while getting off of Tetsuya.

Tatsumi:" I'm Kuroko Tatsumi, pleasure to meet you, but if you don't mind I have to get going, its getting late. Tetsuya go home with your team, I'll see you later. "

As he was leaving he saw Tetsuya's team and gave them a slight nod before going to one of my " friend's" house to say "hello" to her.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》