Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
13 Let“s do this.
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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13 Let“s do this.

Its been a few days since Tatsumi "said hello" to his "friend" and she was very grateful for his greeting, he didn't get home until very early that next morning. It was time for the game against Shūtoku and everyone was excited. They arrived at their school gym to get our uniforms. Their uniforms were Black with purple accents with Ayatoshi and their numbers in Gold. Tatsumi was wearing the number 14 on his Jersey. Why 14 you ask, that's for another time.
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Everyone packed up and left for Shūtoku with excited energy. When they arrived Tatsumi got déjà vu seeing the main court was being used for the starters practice.

Tatsumi: ' So that's how they wanna play it, I'll give them a very exciting welcome,' he said with an evil grin that only the GOM know the meaning behind it, and Tetsuya who is watching and Midorima who is practice caught a chill down their spine. While the coaches discussed the players got suited. Tatsumi put on his arm sleeve his brother got for him as a gift and went to the half court.

While standing there Tatsumi told the starters,

Tatsumi:" I hope you guys are warmed up because in 20 seconds we'll be up 15 points so get ready.

The bench players were fuming and the starters other than Midorima was laughing because he was warming up like Tatsumi said

Takeo:" Why are you warming up, are you scared of what he said," he said while laughing.

Midorima: " Yes, because whatever he says is truth on a basketball court. If he says he'll dunk over a 2.5 meter person then he will. "

Takeo was surprised at this statement and just in case he too started to warm up.

At jump ball, Shiba won and the ball went straight to Tatsumi, and as soon as he crossed half court he just threw the ball at the hoop nonchalantly and made it. Everyone was surprised except anyone who seen him play serious. Shūtoku took the ball out but it was stolen by Tatsumi who immediately shot another 3 pointer and just like that the were up 6 in 5 seconds. The bench players were scared and got sloppy on the inbound and another pass was stolen, but they defended the 3 and Tatsumi's eyes changed.

Tatsumi:" Should've took us seriously, now seat down, " he said with authority and did a sh dribble into a stepback which sat the defender on the ground and shot the 3 pointer, down 9 in only 10 seconds. This time on the inbound the ball got through, but the team lost sight of Tatsumi who stole the ball and shot the 3 pointer, 12 in 13 seconds. They passed it in and tried to hold it for the rest of the seven seconds as not to prove him right. Only for him to swat the ball out of their hand into to backboard and it bounced back for a one man alley opp and to make matters worse, the center gets called for a foul as he was dunked on with so much power the rim and part of the wooden backboard was ripped down.

Everyone, even his team was dumbfounded, 14 points plus the free throw will be 15 with 2 seconds to spare.

Tatsumi: " Now get the really court ready do these scrubs can get off the court, " he said with a smirk on his face.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》