Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
16 Shūtoku“s Counterattack
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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16 Shūtoku“s Counterattack

Coach:" So let's go with Shiba, Rentaro, Yamata, Siaki, and Kiyaba to start the rest of the quarter. Get out there and WIN!!!!"

Everyone:" YEAH!!!!"

Everyone steps on the court to get the game going. As it is Shūtoku's ball they inbound it Midorima and he immediately gets into his shooting form surprising everyone, even Tatsumi and Tetsuya never seen this.

Midorima: " You think I haven't improved, today's a good day for Cancers and I have my lucky item, a toy car, that means I won't miss."

After saying that the ball left his hands in a high arc, as it slowly made its way to the hoop everyone, but Tatsumi was holding there breath,

Tatsumi: " And Swish,"

As if on cue the shot went in, nothing but net and everyone was astonished. Midorima looks over at Tatsumi with a condescending smirk. Tatsumi gave him the same smirk as his team moved the ball up the court. Homura gets the ball and gets ready to pass it to Shiva, but Takeo steals it and drives it up court for an easy layup. Ayatoshi slows down their pace and brings up the ball. Miyamoto passes the ball inside to Shiba, but his layup is blocked by Ōtsubo and Midorima gets the rebound and immediately shoots from full court in a high arc as if building the tension before it goes in, bringing the score to 15-8. Homura is getting frustrated, but notices his Senpais are smiling as if the welcome a challenge.

Shiba:" Its not like we expected to keep the lead forever against a Miracle, we are human. But is your blood pumping? Are you frustrated? Is it hard? That's what basketball is, and that's why we are smiling. This is what makes this fun. "

Homura was frustrated, but he notices he is still smiling like his Senpais.

Shiba:" Let's get our blood pumping guys."

Everyone: " YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!"

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》