Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
18 Let“s have some fun isn“t our catchphrase
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Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball
Author :Rushhour98
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18 Let“s have some fun isn“t our catchphrase

At halftime the score is 58-47 Shutoku over ran them with Midorima's 3s and the bench started to play for Ayatoshi in the 3rd Quarter as the starters needed a break. With 5 minutes left in the 3rd the lead grew 57-70.

Coach:\" In the 4th Tatsumi you will start, so get our lead back. We are still in this, we just need a spark.\"

Tatsumi nodded while in thought. Then he got a thought and dragged Homura by his collar to the corner as he is cursing Tatsumi.

Homura:\" What the hell dude, do we have a problem huh. Wanna fight or something HUH!?!\"

Tatsumi:\" When did your your character become a yakuza. Anyway calm down and lean in I have a plan.\"

As he is whispering his plan to Homura the 3rd Qtr ends with a score 60-75.

The starters walk onto the court, but the air around Tatsumi and Homura was different. The two had a dangerous glint in their eyes and devious smirks on their faces.

Midorima:' That look... I hate that look, and now there are two.

Tetsuya:\" Not this Aniki anything but this.\"

His team looks at him and asks what us happening.

Tetsuya my brother has a bad habit when ever he is on the losing end of anything and now he's dragged another down. Watch its about to start.\"

They turn to look at the game and wonder if it is the same as earlier

Back on the court the game starts with Shutoku's ball. When Takao crosses halfcourt Homura is in front of him, and says something that makes Takao freeze and he steals the ball and pushes up the court. Midorima knew this would happen and was already on him when Homura throws the ball off the backboard, when Midorima sees a shadow above him which is Tatsumi soaring over him.

The gym is dead silent, not knowing what just happened, while Takao was still frozen with a blush remembering what Homura said. He snaps out of it to get the game back going.

Kagami:\" What the Hell did he say to make him freeze liked that.\"

That was the question everyone wanted to know. They were so quiet that they can here now what was on the court.

Takao passes the ball to Miyaji who is guarded by Tatsumi

Tatsumi:\" You know last week I had a girl bent over screaming for me to go deeper with hair just like yours. She sure was flexible. I should call her again,\" while licking his lips.

Miyaji froze and the ball was stolen from him as a trail of blood slid down his nose, not just him all the guys had a nosebleed and the girls were blushing profusely.

Tatsumi shoots a 3 pointer bringing the game to 10 points. Takao got the ball and was met with Homura.

Homura:\" I was with this one girl who's sister came home while I was giving it to her in the kitchen, man that was one hell of a threesome.\"

Takao froze again and another 3 went down, 7 points more to go. Shutoku coach called a timeout to get his team to focus.

Hyuga:\" Wow... that is really effective. They both are very devious. Those lies are very good.\"

Tetsuya:\" He never lies, never felt the need to so that is most likely true. He got into a lot of trouble in middle school for his habit of chasing girls.\"

All Boys:' Lucky bastard,' Shin:\" It must've been hard being around him while still single huh? Life of us single guys am I right.\" All the boys nod except Tatsuya

Tetsuya:\" I'm not single that's why it was never an issue. At least he stopped bringing them to our house, it gets noisy sometimes.\"

Seiren team: \" YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND,\" they all shouted then thought, ' Is it just in the Kuroko genes.

While they were talking, crying, and watching the game the score evened up at 80-80 with 2:00 left in the game. Shutoku passes the ball to Midorima and he immediately shoots a 3 pointer. Ayatoshi brings the ball up and Tatsumi passes to Sosuke who shoots a open 3 and ties it back up. This continues until there are 0:20 left and Ayaytoshi is down by 3.

Tatsumi is in a huddle talking to his team,

Tatsumi: \" We can't afford an overtime, we need to win now. Give me the ball with :10 left and I'll do the rest Win on 3, 1,2,3,\" Team: \" WIN.\"

The teams step onto the court and resume play. Tensei brings it up the court and dribbles some time down then passes it to Homura with. 0:14 left he dribbles it until the clock hits 0:10 then passes it to Tatsumi who immediately gets triple teamed he activates his Emperor Eye and sits 2 of them down with a crossover and he goes up for the shot which got Midorima off his feet to block, but he sees that Tatsumi pulls back down with him still in the air. Tatsumi goes back up and bumps into Midorima and the ball is in the air as a buzzer and a whistle goes off. Foul and game is over as everyone is looking at the ball while Tatsumi just walks up to the free throw line and looks at Shutoku an says with a smirk

Tatsumi: \" Game is over like this, man that's so embarrassing,\" just as he finishes the net swishes as the ref says basket count one free throw.

Tatsumi shoots the free throw and hits it and Ayatoshi beats one of the Kings in a practice match.

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    《Kuroko Tatsumi Basketball》