MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
18 Passive Skill: Fear
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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18 Passive Skill: Fear




Who knows how many hour has passed since then, but Lugias repeatedly used Skeleton's weakness 'dettached and reconstruct', and got used to it and didn't use his Bloodpact anymore. Though limited, he knew those skill have a role on him in the near future or if unlucky, that skill will conse inside this dungeon. When he saw the end of tunnel, another bowl-like room is what he witnessed, but this time, its space was five times bigger than the last time. Actually, before he came here, he found another bowl-like room or two, and not as many as his first battle. There are also another undead called Undead Mage and dullahan. He almost die with the dullahan in a room, he still return and win in the end, chipping them and separated another skeleton soldiers and kill them after that. He comsumed another Bloodpact that time though. And so he's here. Unlike Yuushaman who was many times higher level than him, he message Lugias 2 hours early, whats I side this room was Boss. Yuushaman who doesnt have a choice chipped another skeleton soldier but the boss resummoned what he killed, so he used kite and kill them outside the Boss's range. And so, in the end, 3 Dullahan and a Death Knight is what their enemy. Seing Lugias in not so good condition, Yuushaman warned him, but Lugias just smiled and charge forward.

[ F*ck! Crazy bastard! ]

Without any plan, without any chat or warning to attack together. Lugias ignore him and charge at nearest dullahan.

[ Tsk! I'll kill the death knight! you busied the Dullahans!! ]

Yuushaman shouted but Lugias passed through the 3 dullahan and shouted in return and use his unactivated shield charge.

[ That was my prey!! So F*ck off!! ]

Smiling after his battlecry, Lugias went straight towards Death Knights while parrying and dodging Dullahan's attack!

[ Gaaaah! You're F*cking Insane bastard!!! ]

Though, Yuushaman suggest isn't bad at all. Lugias insist to fight the Death Knight head-on, like he's really looking to die.

Kicking the ground which made small fissure, Yuushaman charged and equipped his two handed long sword, buffed it and his leg consecutively.

« Permeate! Quick!» (buff to his sword)

« Quick! » (buff to his leg)

Truth is, Yuushaman was level 22 and used his buff and debuff to skeleton to secretly enhance his skill, he came here much early if he didn't use those things but he still waited for 2 hours for Lugias and almost bored. But....

He's not sure himself if he can kill the Boss along with his Dullahans, thats why he suggested the idea to split them. One, If a Death Knight fight along with his Dullahan, he can strengthen himself of who knows how many times. second, he can infinitely resummon his fallen comrade so Yuushaman chipped them away until 3 dullahans left under him. Third was. He's not confident to fight it even in one on one battle! much less with his other summon so... He waited for another variable to win the raif but—

[ Crazy bastard! Crazy bastard! Crazy bastard! Crazy bastard! Crazy bastard! ]

He repeatedly chanted while fighting 3 dullahans at the same time as he separate them to death knight.

* * *

[ Come! ]

Lugias said after he went straight towards the BOSS. Equipped with his newly acquired mace he slam it toward the BOSS's sword, and the two weapon collide, they reverbrated inside the dungeon.


Lugias slammed his shield at BOSS wrist as it unequipped its weapon he then slid his foot forward and rotate his body and hammer its side ribs with his mace.

-5 (critical)

[ Haaa! you're a Knight for nothing! ]

He swung his mace again but he missed because, the BOSS jumped and took his weapon midair.

It then charge at him this time.


Death Knight Rance

Level: 25


Skill: Awakening, Resummoning, Raise the Dead, Shadow Summon


'He's not as strong as other Bosses but' Lugias thought after appraising and chatted Yuushaman

[ F*ck! There's no use separating his guard, he can resummon them! ]

[ Damn it! Thats why he's not good at CQC fighting, his specialty was summoning! ]

With those skill, its not good for the two to separated but like his hunch is always on the mark, 3 shadows was summoned from his back as he felt death at the same time. Lugias then lied to the ground and kicked it as he went straight between the BOSS's legs and kick it upward.

[ Ouch! if you're still alive, that will kill you in embarrassment for sure! ]

he kicked its crotch as he slide with his shield.

[ Switch! Kill him for less than 5 minutes! ]

Lugias cried after he saw Yuushaman return back and charge towards the BOSS and its henchmen towards him!

« Raise the Dead! »

CRR— Multiple fissure from the ground could see but Yuushaman didn't stop, so did Lugias who also stand up and used unactivated shield charge again.

« Heal! » Damn it! If not for my Vitality that increased, I will surely died here! Lugias thought as he just healed himself from the Dullahan's damage.

After seing skeletons that emerge, Lugias roared!


Though, he didn't sure if it was activating or not, he howled as if he was a cornered animal. Luckily


Many of the skeleton whose just emerged returned to ashes and bones with those howl. SMIRK! he smiled from ear to ear.

[ HAHAHHA! Good Boy!! ]

«NOTIFICATION: Fear has been instilled to your enemy's mind, those who heard will either destroy or paralized or will decreased their ATK by 10% to 20%...»



[You've gained EXP]





Lugias vision received multiple notification and he levelled up to 18.


[ F*ck my Mana is at the bottom!!!! ]

He then took out three bubble gum and chew it all in one go and healed Yuushaman whose not far away from him. Though seing Yuushaman with great swordsmanship, he's farcry compared to swordmaster Lugias met so far. But—

[ No way!!!— ]

He cried out and kicked the ground again, but this time, towards Yuushaman.
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    《MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer》