Maximum God OP System
1 Maximum“s System
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Maximum God OP System
Author :SystemCatchEr
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1 Maximum“s System

Maximum was a God...The most OP God.Maximum was bored because no one could match him in anything.To take out his boredom,he made a system,the system was called Maximum God OP System.Maximum became bored after making the system and started looking for someone to use the system and found someone called Max.

Max was a natural genius but he was struck with a virus that wouldn't let him live past the age of 16 and it would be a miracle if he lived to 17.Max felt sad and since he was unable to live to the age of 18,he started donating money to all orphanages around the world.

The next day, Max went outside and went on his father's car which his father gave him when he reached 16.Max wanted to go have a ride so he rode the car around town but 15 minutes before he came home he saw a bus and it was rode by a terrorist who was wanted all around the world for his treacherous acts.There were 50 people in that bus and they were all children so he didn't think about anything and jumped off his car...into the bus and jumped with the terrorist in hand and....BAM!!!!!!!


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