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Maximum God OP System
Author :SystemCatchEr
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2 Max

The terrorist died along with Max as the people inside were shocked.Max thought 'atleast I want my life in a good way'.The cops that were chasing the bus managed to enter the bus and stop it.

End of Back story

Maximum was done looking through the back story and was amazed by what he did so he thought 'this person is selfless so I will let him use his karmaic points on his own.....oh i see he likes anime too...m this person is good...well okay let's wake him up'
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Max woke up and was shocked by what he saw "Wh-where...am I" said Max. Maximum was amused by what Max was doing and said "Hohoho I am Maximum the OP God.You are in my God Space". "God space?" Asks confused Max. "Yes God space but it's not time for you to be thinking about it" said Maximum. " I found what you did with your life amusing and the amount of karmaic points you have was godly"."How many karmaic points do I have?" Asks Max."You have 10,000,000,000 karmaic points, and as a reward for getting this much karmaic points I will give you my system and using your points you can pick 5 abilities to go with the system, and you can pick a world to go to like the anime you are obsessed with." Said Maximum "Thank you Sir Maximum and the abilities u want are rapid growth,instant mastery, to be able to hide my aura and whatnot,ti change my appearance, and to have Saiyan bloodline. The world I want to go to is....."


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