Maximum God OP System
5 ??????? ??????
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Maximum God OP System
Author :SystemCatchEr
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5 ??????? ??????

It landed on worlds do you use this function???? Said Max (Activated worlds function:Selecting world based on Maximum:World Found:Fairy Tail Errrrrrroooooorrrrr Error in System:Moving host to Errrroooorr :Sending Host.)

Wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Said Max while being forcefully sent to....God knows where while the system was being updated

Max fainted and the system made Max's soul go inside a body that can rival Thor's.....Too bad for Max that he didn't know anything about that so...yah

When Max woke up the system finished updating and also gave Max a prize for being alive (System gifts host a random superpower Lottery coin and 100 OP Coins,Host can gain more by being op completing quest e.t.c)
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Where am I:Said Max (Host is inside mother's womb)Oh....Wait What!!!: Exclaimed Max Why am I in a womb???:Said Max (Host was dying so system moved host's soul to a baby and in the process yours and this world shook resulting in everyone in both worlds fainting.) Oh Ok:Said Max..

Well which world am I in?:Asks Max (Host doesn't care about me.... hmph.)I miss my unemotional system...Please give him back!!!!! Said Max (Whatever Max you're in....


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