My School Stories~
12 I“m in Love with my Kidnapper~
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My School Stories~
Author :Honey_Bear
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12 I“m in Love with my Kidnapper~

Ell gripped her hands around the wobbly bar stool, her wrists bruising and rashing from the tightly tied rope. She squirms and whines through the heavy, cold, and damp burlap cloth that soaks into her mouth, filling it with dirty water. "Let me go." She manages to muffle out clearly. "But I'm just getting started, Princess. How about I finish first?" Taking a long and hard swoosh, Kilo pulled the bag from her head. Ell's hair became a wet knot. Kilo's black and dilated pupils met Ell's. They shimmered with blues and browns, shifting continuously due to heterochromia. Golden flecks dance in her eyes as they shine in the small light. Ell stays perfectly still. In a matter of seconds, the skin-staining rope was off from around her wrists, torso, and ankles. "You're a second child too." Kilo gives off a great smile, unlike his psychotic one from before. "That's it, I've decided. This day forward…" Ell feels him choke on his words "... you're going to be my fiance." Looking at the helpless girl in the green hoodie, he inches closer and gives a small peck on the lips. She freezes in fear.

It's not easy to find someone so full of color and happiness like that. Especially the eastern parts of Future London. Everything is so extravagant in the city around them, that they decided that looks don't matter. "Look like an ugly slob" they would say. "It doesn't matter, nobody cares what trash bags look like on someone" another would whisper. Seeing someone with beautiful eyes, that aren't flat and lifeless, is hard. Ell feels herself being picked up by her soft thighs and brought to kilo's confusingly safe chest. "What would my Princess like to do, hm?" His coarse thumb gently lifts her chin to his. "I…" her voice runs off with the midnight London winds. "I have an idea!" Kilo exclaims "How about I spoil you rotten?" Only wanting sleep and to be alone, Ell nods at his decision. Taking the girl upstairs, he sets her on the brown leather chair that takes up a huge space in the room. Ell, being as short and stubby as she is, sprawls out all across the chair. "I'll be right back, Sweet Pea!" With him prancing off into the kitchen, Ell sits up. His wealth is unrealistic. His idea of "fun" is inhuman. She glances around, worried that this is all a joke and she will be forgotten. Her anxiety shocks as she fiddles with her thumb, tugs on her hoodie strings, anything to help. Her legs shake and quickly go to a stop. Her eyes fill with smoke as she leans her head back. "S...sugar.." her words trail off as she goes pale.

"Princess, Princess!" being shaken by a strong force after what felt like forever, her eyes flutter open. Her eyes are drained of color but are filled with beauty once again. She reaches for a peppermint in her hoodie and starts to practically suck down on it. "My sugar was..." She gives off a small cough "My sugar was really low, I think." Kilos hand go from her chest to her temples on her forehead and brush against them gently. Ell cracks a smile. "How about we get my stuff?" She whispers. About to yell, his voice quiet's to a screaming whisper. "That sounds lovely, babydoll!" Ells mind goes blank but for one thing. "I'm in love with my kidnapper."


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