Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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It's been a year since i started planning my counter attack and began preparations. With my soul sense, i started observing danzo and his minions and started studying their actions to the last detail. Their way of walking, talking, hand signs, weapons handling and even the rhythm of their breathing. Danzo has misused Konoha funds and set up a super large organisation consisting of close to million members across the whole shinobi continent. There are close to 75000 jonin, over 250000 chunin and remaining all are civilians. So as to not attract attention from higher ups, he only reported that he has at most 300 Root members To fund his organisation he set up all kinds of businesses ranging from tea estates, weapons manufacturing factory, real estate, Underground information houses, kidnapping and assassinations. He has hotels, pubs, shopping complexes and a famous jewellery line throughout each and every town, city, county and countries. All the money he earned form these, he invested it back into merchant, shipping industry, import and export business. All these business are handled by the civilians and ninjas are placed only at places where they can spy and collect information.from the other Hidden villages. All these ninjas and important civilians who handle his major business are marked with cursed seal. So that they can't reveal any information about him.

He has an elaborate system set up throughout his organisation. The organisation structure is divided into 3 parts. There are 500 main Root members. These are the ones who contact other ninjas placed in various countries. Then those ninjas placed in the various countries, contact their own henchmen in their respective countries. The orders or information pass back and forth in the same system. Just based on the assets Danzo has, he is clearly the richest person in the shinobi continent. His ambition is to not only rule Konoha, but to command the entire shinobi continent. He knew he has no military strength to accomplish it, that's why he is concentrating on economy of the various countries. When he is ready, he can just cause mass panic among civilians and pressure the Daimyo's and Hidden village leaders. Luckily he is still in the process of digging his roots deeper. As for his gang Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, their hands are also not clean. Using their status of Advisers, they stopped many able ninja from promotions and even sending them on suicide missions. Most of the civilian council members are their lackeys. They have large agricultural and animal husbandry farms, Private mercenaries and Brothels. But unlike Danzo, who is careful with each and every action and leaving no traces of any physical evidences behind, i was able to collect a detailed report of their actions through viewing crystals( just like modern day video recorders) and some copies of their past deeds where they sabotaged most of the missions. I also placed most of the viewing crystals, around Danzo's base in Konoha. Just waiting for the day he does slip up and caught doing something irreversible.

As for my plans, it started when i turned 4 years old. First i occupied the now destroyed village Uzushiogakure, which is east to the side of Konoha. I Set up a 8 star point formation to cover the entire island nation. The formation has both defence and offensive capabilities. Because the nation is surrounded by whirlpools and there is no economy present there, no one approaches or dares to brave the whirlpool. If any one does try to reach the nation, the barrier alerts me,With which i can operate the formation's killing array through my soul sense and get rid of anyone trying to get through the barriers. So far i didn't have to take those actions though. The Uzushiogakure village was completely in ruins when i took over it. I had to create 2000 clones to clean the rubble and start constructing a base. In uzushiogakure, i found an undiscovered large chakra metal ore vein. So i set my clones to mine the chakra metal ores for now.

When, reading through some of the mythological books about ancient heroes on the library floor, i came across an interesting information. It's about Houyi, the Divine archer. He was capable of shooting the suns and raining arrows on his enemies. "Raining Arrows" on his enemies, is the part that picked me, how can one do that. So i went into some deep research and found out the reason. Houyi is not only a Divine Archer, but he is a grandmaster at sealing techniques. He placed sealing techniques on his arrow heads, and filled it up with stuff necessary to carry his desired effect. EX. Arrow rain. When he shoots a single arrow, it will multiply into millions of arrows and rain down on his opponents. For his enemies it may look like some divine technique, but in reality, he placed a storage seal on the arrow head, which was already filled with enough arrows. When the arrow is shot, it activates the eject function of the storage seal and blasts all the arrows stored in it, to make it look like raining. It was a wonderful application of sealing techniques. There are similar storage scrolls used by Ninjas here to store weapons and use, but they are nothing compared to the one employed by Houyi. Few weeks of testing the storage seal function on kunai, it worked, but also put the user in its blast radius too and the area of effect is minimal. It's most effective with only arrows and archery. Where they have high range and altitude to cover enough area. I have a awesome bow waiting in the armoury, but to retrieve it, i have to face my 3 Dwarf masters. Finally i decided to confront them and may be with their eons of experience, i can learn more about the Houyi's applications.

When i arrived on the Fourth floor, lucky for me, my 3 Dwarf masters are not in their Drinking mode. Seeing me approach, they turned towards me, with a huge smile on their faces as if welcoming a Lamb into the Tiger's den. I arrived in front of them and formally bowed to all three of them to instruct me in forging. At first they are a bit grumpy about me taking so much time to visit them, but when i told them, that i am afraid , i will be dragged into their drinking contest, they shrugged it off by telling, i am still too young to share drinks with them. They brought out a list of jade slips for me to read. I know, the jadeslips will have lot of information and will take me a lot of time to digest the information, so i created a dozen clones and distributed the jade slips among them. The dwarves were stunned at first seeing so many of "me" around and bugged me how i did that? When i told them about the applications of Shadow Clone Technique, they practically surrounded me leaving me no room to escape. They asked me to teach it to them and i have to comply, just based on their gazes i can see , they will not take "no" for an answer. It took them me close to half day to teach them. They asked me go through the jade slips and they went to practice the technique. I spent my time going through all the jade slips till evening before i left the pagoda leaving my clones behind.

The information on the jade slips is about types of metals and alloys. Their temperature coefficient. The places where they can be found, how to mine them, how to process a raw ore into a metal ingot,the results of combining various metals in different ratio compositions and their effects, which type of metal is best suited for certain weapons. I along with my clones daily spent the remaining week digesting the information, while my masters finally were able to form few perfect shadow clones.They then asked me to create as many clones as i can. I created 1000 clones. Then they threw a huge amount of jade slips at me, and asked to follow 100 clones with them. They placed their hands on the forge, and it became many times bigger than it was, enough for 200 people to work on it. They too created 30 clones each , and we split in 1:1 ratio. They started teaching me practical applications of turning various ores into ingot first. The next month practical blew away in a flash, where i was able to form perfect ingots of all types with zero impurities.It is during one of these days, that i brought up about Houyi and my theories. At first they were surprised and started berating in missing the main details.

"Brat, the sealing technique not only consists of storage function, but timer and gravity seals too.

If there is no timer on it, the moment he shoots the arrow is the moment it will explode in his face. He placed timer seals on the arrow, where the countdown begins when the arrow left the bow string. Gravity seals to reduce the weight of the arrow and increase its range. Though his applications are good, it's a waste of huge amount of materials." - Walfgard

"If you want to use this technique, you better not waste any precious metals. Even though he is a showoff, he is really good at archery. He can shoot the arrows and bend them midair according to his will and change their directions. I think, his techniques are in the battle collection too, you better learn them, it's a waste to not learn the technique when you are interested in archery." - Boki

"If u want to have the same effect as Houyi, you better start using your soul sense too and start from closer distances. Otherwise training will become more harder. You can increase the distance as your proficiency increased with the technique. You have to make your own arrow head too, to understand how each arrowhead behaves against the wind." - zwerg

She was right that her Dwarf masters knew Houyi, but she didn't expect them to know so much in such details.So she directly went to the 5th floor and dissolved all the 300 clones present in the combat room. She gained a lot of knowledge about movement, dodging and close combat techniques from them. The she went to the first floor battle techniques room and started reading Houyi's archery. It has two techniques , one is to strengthen your eyes and second how to apply soul sense to the arrows. The rest is just like her master's said, it's better to train in short ranges before increasing the difficulty of training. She also picked up Asura Sword style, which is perfect for her. She left 500 clones to train in both archery and sword style before leaving the pagoda.
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    《Overlord Empress》