Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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Ichika Uchiha, her looks remind me of my Mother to a certain extent. She was treated as a blind from birth, but she overcame it and became a super strong shinobi. She was able to successfully modify the village barrier with Minato Namikaze stopping us from any infiltrations into the village. She was able to bring stability to the continent, by forming an alliance among Konohagakure, Iwagakure, Sunagakure, Land of Iron and many other small countries and hidden villages. Her threat started to grow with every passing day. She was able to calm the flames of war to a major extent. Don't know why, but my years of experience started to warn me of her. So i quickened my pace of operations.

When i learnt from one of my clones, that Danzo is partnering with Hanzo to kill the leader of rising rebellion organisation of Amegakure, Akatsuki. I was happy, as it will unlock Nagato full potential of Rinnegan. But Ichika was able to somehow grasp a full hold of Danzo's Root and able to drive away Danzo from Konohagakure. Danzo joined hands with his partner Orochimaru in Otagakure. So i was forced to make by myself and kill Yahiko, awakening Nagato's Rinnegan full power.

Ichika Uchiha started revolutionary changes to the Ninja system in Konohagakure and Land of Fire, by increasing the number of academy students. Soon the other countries and hidden villages also followed the same system. The number of Genin graduates increased with each passing year. So ME and Obito were also forced to increase the pace of operations. Obito was able to successfully convince Nagato to gather the tailed beasts to bring "peace". Meanwhile i set a high bounty on Ichika Uchiha under an anonymous name. But every Bounty Hunter that went after her seemingly vanished without a single evidence of their whereabouts. Even the strong Bounty Hunter Kakuzu was forced to flee from her.

To accomplish our goals, we started to recruit strong S class missing nins and by convincing some others to help our cause. All of these members are strong. Of these members, our Akatsuki trump cards are 3 particular members with unique trait.

"Blood Demon" Kiragi Hozuki of Kirigakure. He is the wielder of one of the dojutsu Ketsuryugan of Chinoike clan. His mother somehow escaped from Valley of Hell and reached Kirigakure. His father is the second Mizukage Gengetsu Hozuki, but only a few people know about this. His dojutsu somehow fused with Hozuki clan bloodline and gave birth to a terrific mutation. As long as there is blood in him, he can survive and continue to fight. He can absorb blood of his enemies to cure himself and absorb their strengths too.His thirst for blood is something which surpasses even the devils. He was the one who secretly killed the Third Mizukage and pushed the blame onto Kaguya clan members. But when he is revealed as bloodline user, he escaped the village and became a missing nin.

Kisame Hoshigaki of Kirigakure, the former mist swordsman. His chakra reserves are so high that it easily rivals a tailed beast. He can easily recover from any mortal wound as long as he can absorb chakra. He killed his teacher to obtain the sword Samehada, which complimented his trait well. He followed us when, we controlled Yagura the Fourth Mizukage.

Third is a girl Named Ahmya Uzumaki, a orphan. I was on my travels when i came across her. Apart from the traditional Uzumaki Adamantine Chains, she can also summon black rain or acid rain. She is an absolute genius in sealing arts, even compared to her ancestors. I gave her my full centuries collection of notes on sealing arts. She completely finished reading them and even modified a lot of them. She is also a complete monster when it comes battles. As a Uzumaki, she has high chakra reserves and very proficient in Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu too.

After that we also recruited Orochimaru, who started to dig up about our organisation. He was defeated by Nagato and became a new member. Danzo and Kabuto Yakushi also followed him. Orochimaru was able to succeed in using Edo Tensei jutsu of Tobirama Senju. This jutsu has many uses for our organisation and so i instructed Obito to approach Kabuto Yakushi. Kabuto was placed in a genjutsu and became a pawn of Obito. He was a medical genius. He was able to learn all of Orochimaru techniques. I revealed to him the graves of all the powerful dead shinobi and collect their DNA samples. Kabuto was able to fool Orochimaru in the disguise of spying on other villages and collected the DNA samples. I supplied him with some of Hashirama DNA samples to experiment with and strengthen this zombie soldiers.

We were slowly waiting for the right time to strike. We received news from our pawn in Kumogakure, Hokage and Raikage are to form a alliance and 8 tails Jinchuriki is to train Kyuubi jinchuriki. The Jinchuriki of 8 tails Killer B, already had full control over his Bijuu, if the same happens with the kyuubi too, then we will have more difficulty in catching them. So i sent Kiragi and Chihiro to intercept Minato Namikaze, while Deidara and Sasori will slow down Raikage A. All we needed to do is Kill Minato, the Yellow Flash. We were able to seal his trademark Hiraishin jutsu, with one of Ahmya barriers. Without his jutsu, his strength reduced by 50%, but before we were able to kill him, Itachi the twin brother of Ichika, awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan and saved Minato. We received news fews days later Minato went into Coma and Ichika Uchiha became the 5th Hokage of Konohagakure.

Because of the blasted barrier surrounding Konoha we have no access to spy on Konoha or her. The first thing she did after becoming Hokage is to continue the alliance meeting with Raikage. She was even bold enough to meet Raikage on his own turf. Her guts and knowledge are becoming a threat to us, so we can't find a better opportunity than this to kill her, when she is on her way to Kumogakure. Orochimaru and Danzo volunteered themselves to, with Orochimaru claiming to have certain trump cards to kill her. I know what they are, so i also felt rest assured, that we can get rid of her.

But things don't go your way, when you expect them to. She easily discovered the ambush, Orochimaru, Danzo,Me and Tobi. We were there just in case if things went wrong and kill her when she is tired out. What happened the next 10 minutes confirmed my instincts, that she is a major threat to my goals. She easily dispatched Orochimaru and Danzo. They didn't even stand a chance with their trump cards. She was able to use all the 5 elements including wood element. From her battle with Onoki, she used lava element too. Others may not know, but i clearly have an idea what happens when a Uchiha uses a Wood element.Its not my feeling her face resembles to my mother, but her true power is similar to mother's. The Fugaku couple never declared her daughter is blind, the world assumed it on its own. Sharingan or Byakugan doesn't warranty such secrecy. When i came to the final conclusion, i can't help but sweat bullets. She also has a pair of Rinnegan, which surpasses even Nagato's.

She asked for a time period of 3 and half years for Akatsuki to stay silent. I don't know what she is planning, but we clear needed this time to rethink all our strategies. I immediately retreated with a fuming Obito. Two months later, the whole continent received a shocking news. A coalition army is formed to combat the combined threat from Barbarian continent. How does she know about these continents? I only discovered them when i tried to explore the ocean during my free time with my white clones. She also was able to send all the jinchuriki to Genbu Island to train under Killer B. That island virtually became impossible to attack now and Sannin Jiraiya's is personally looking after the island defences. Despite our Akatsuki threat, she doesn't even have us in her eyes. From the beginning her goal is to fight these invaders. Then what about us? She is not a fool to let an extremely dangerous threat like us roam free. Something tells me, that we are always dancing in her palms. Damnit, my brain cells are going to burn if i think any longer. It's time to proceed with plan B.

After Orochimaru death, Kabuto became complete loyal to us. I dragged him to a secret room along with one of the white clones. There i passed him some of the Madara's DNA and ordered him to perform a edo tensei jutsu and revive him. Kabuto did as instructed and sacrificed my white clone as sacrifice to bring Madara Uchiha back.
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    《Overlord Empress》