Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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Blood ocean is a massive poisonous water body separating both Humanoid races lands and monster lands. It is completely green in colour and home to some of the most powerful poisonous creatures in this world. During the time from its creation, a large number of cultivators, lost their lives trying to cross the ocean, earning its name Blood Ocean.Only someone extremely powerful like a Paragon will cross this Ocean. Even though the Blood Ocean, is poisonous, it is many times rich in spirit stones and a variety of high grade poisonous spiritual herbs.

Today is just like another normal day on Blood ocean, except a certain Type 10 Hydra monster is facing his tribulation on a large island, which is his home. Hydra occupied this Island million years ago, as his base in case he has to face tribulations in the future. This particular Hydra is very smart, as he decided to face his tribulation on the island, rather than in the ocean. Because of the toxicity of his poison and trait, even few strong Type 10 to Type 12 monsters are afraid of this hydra and let him rule a large part of the Blood Ocean, thereby becoming one of the 5 bosses who ruled Blood Ocean. Hydra's various minions ranging from Type 4 to Type 9 monsters are also present at a distance, encouraging their boss. These monsters are various kind of snakes, crocodiles and frogs.

As a Type 10 monster, whose strength is equal to that of Upper High God, he has to face 89 tribulation lightnings to successfully evolve to Type 11 powerful monster. So far the Hydra was successful in surviving 50 tribulation lightnings with only minor injuries. This tribulation lightning acted as a beacon, attracting both Ichika and Zetsu to this Island.

For Zetsu, this is a strange phenomenon, as he never saw a tribulation lightning.

"Mother, what's with that powerful lightning? It is only striking that green monster again and again"- Zetsu

"That's called tribulation lightning. Cultivation itself is a taboo, in the eyes of creation as we are going against it's natural laws.So every time a certain Cultivator or monster is on the verge of breaking through to another level, they have to face the wrath of the Creation in the form of lightning. The strength of the lightning depends on the strength of the cultivator or monster. Sometimes the tribulation will also increase based on the nature of the cultivator or monster. As the creation is against evil beings. If you commit more evil and atrocious deeds, the lightning will become so powerful, that it will even wipe one's soul from existence. Only if you survive its punishment, will you then gain Creation's acknowledgement and move onto another level. When certain cultivators on lower level words breakthrough the limit of their world's strength, the laws will automatically teleport them to the higher grade world's. Since we are rejected by Kaguya world principles, i have to move us both manually to this world"- Ichika

Zetsu was scared by the strength of the tribulation lightnings, striking down on that green monster.Then he had a new doubt, why didn't the lightning strike him or his mother, when he made breakthrough to High God Level.

"Mother. Then i never saw you facing any tribulation lightning despite your strength, i too didn't face any such punishment, during my breakthroughs"- Zetsu

"That's because of Karma. My master is someone who was born alongside this Creation. His Karma rubbed on me, as i am his only disciple. I am also training in a unique cultivation technique, which perfectly syncs with the concept of the natural laws of this Creation. So the Creation treats me as a part of it. As for you, it's also the same reason. Since you left the evil path, i have completely acknowledged you, causing some of my Karma to rub on you. Which made Creation give you concessions until you reach a certain level. Otherwise, you would have died for sure, even before reaching God Level. Also be prepared, if you want to become even more stronger, because next time you make a breakthrough, you will also face tribulation lightning. "- Ichika

Zetsu was counting his lucky stars, because he chose to follow his mother. He also determined to become even more stronger to follow his mother anywhere she goes. Ignore tribulation, he will even face Yama, if he has to be by her side.

"Mother, who is this Master of yours, you never mentioned about it to anyone?"- Zetsu

"Zetsu, right now, all i can say is, you don't have the right or strength to know about him. Even if i reveal a tiny bit of information to you, your soul will be reduced to ashes. So wait until, he himself acknowledges you too."- Ichika

Zetsu was scared by the status of his mother's teacher. Just a tiny bit of information about him and he will be reduced to ashes? Just how strong is he?

On the Island, Hydra is taking blows from one lightning after another, causing new wounds to appear on his body, each worse than the previous. At the end of the 89th lightning he was able to barely survive and broke through. The moment he broke through to become a Type 11 monster, all of his wounds healed completely, the scales on his body became even more dense and stronger. hIs body size also increased a lot, causing his aura to become even more powerful. Hydra started to roar in happiness and joy, and he can feel the strength in his body. Various plans started to go over through his head, as to how he should flaunt his new found strength to his subordinates or which Monster Boss to attack, so as to increase his domain. The various minions also started to roar along with their boss, as they can bully even more monsters with their boss backing. It really was like a festival season on this island, except the one celebrating are monsters. Poor Hydra, he didn't know, that it's true tribulation was about to start.

*clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap*

"Congratulation Monster on successfully breaking through"- Ichika

Hydra immediately turned towards the clapping sounds, where he found 2 humans dressed in white clothes, riding on a powerful black monster, congratulating him, in their weird language. Hydra and the various monsters were so happy seeing 2 humans after a long time. It's because they didn't miss them out of love, but they found human meat delicious. Hydra started to count his lucky stars, as he had 2 humans to celebrate his breakthrough.

"Foolish Humans, you really are brave enough to trespass this Lord Hydra King Domain. You see i am ....."-Hydra

But before he was about to go on, giving his 2 pages worth self boasting speech, he was immediately pressed down by the aura of the weird black monster. Hydra had fought and scared even Type 12 monsters before becoming a boss, but he can tell with experience, that this black monster was leagues above him in strength. Hydra wanted to fight someone to show off his new strength, but now he wished that this weird group just left him alone. He was even cursing himself for being arrogant and calling them foolish humans. The expressions on his face started to change from joy, happiness, fear, regret and hope.

Ichika was even more amused by the Hydra's expressions and decided to have some fun with the Hydra. She unleashed her aura, almost making Hydra and its minions faint.


Hydra was now nearly crying within himself, for messing with such a powerful character. Also what did he just hear now? Fellow Monster? 7th region? World tour?. But she clearly looked like a human. Then there is only one race which fit all the criteria of powerful, monster turned human and from 7th region, Dragon Race. The Royal Family of the monsters. S*it, she doesn't even need to kill him, one word from her and numerous monsters will swarm his domain and destroy him, to gain some attention from the Royal family. Also, only someone of her status can ride such a powerful beast in this forbidden zone. When he came to that conclusion, Hydra was so afraid, that his soul almost flew away. Even some of the Hydra's minion came to this conclusion and some even fainted. Hydra and his minions started to bow again and again towards Ichika, asking for forgiveness.

"Hmph, at least you are smart enough to ask for forgiveness. But is there a reason for me to forgive you, when i gain nothing?"- Ichika.

Hydra was scared initially when he heard there will be no forgiveness, but when he heard the word "GAIN", life returned to his face. Hydra knew, all dragons love treasures and collect them. So he immediately ordered all the minions to fetch all of his treasures from the island treasury, without even leaving a single one. Hell, he can collect more treasures later if he can survive this day, but these dragons appetite for treasures is insatiable. So he ordered to bring all the treasures without even blinking.

Hydra's minions rushed towards the treasury as if gaining a new lease of life. Not even 30 minutes later, millions of chests of various sizes appeared in front of her, including 1000 spatial rings filled to the brim. These spatial rings belonged to powerful cultivators, before they lost their lives on the Blood Ocean. Each spatial ring is easily millions of cubic meters wide. There are spirit stones of all grades, very very rare metals, armor, weapons, fabrics, tools, manuals, spiritual herbs and poisonous herbs of every grade.

Ichika was happy on the inside, but she didn't show up on the outside. This must be Hydra's billion of years collection. She found only grade 3 poisonous herbs in the monster lands, but here the weakest grade is grade 5 poisonous herb. Indeed she must agree, Blood Ocean is home to various poisonous herbs. She immediately stored all these treasures in her Soul Pagoda.

"Hmm you are smart. But these treasures are not even enough to gamble a single round. Sigh, if only there were other loyal monsters like you. Such a pity"- Ichika

Hydra cried inside, but on the outside he showed a joyful expression of a loyal subordinate. The other things Dragon's likes to do is massive betting and gambling. Hydra thought he was going to be the poorest boss of all, after this day, but when he heard "Other loyal monsters like you", his brain went into overdrive. If he is going to become a poor bastard, why should he let the other bosses stay rich? he immediately decided to drag all the other 4 bosses in the Blood Ocean together with him.

"Didn't you bastards hear, that her Highness Lady Dragon, is short of treasures to even gamble a single round. I am giving you all 3 months of time, go and collect all the treasures in my domain, dig up all the spirit stones and seize all the mature herbs. If even a single one of you return, empty handed, i will personally punish you. Along the way, inform the other fellows too. During this time, i will play guide and take her Highness Lady Dragon to picturesque places"- Hydra

If any other cultivator were to hear Hydra's words, they will be screaming "Bloody Liar". Are your eyes blind? The whole Blood Ocean is a gloomy place with barely any light and is always filled with poisonous air. Where the hell will you find picturesque places?

Well none of these mattered to our Hydra, as he quickly picked up where he should lead Ichika to. 'Huhuhuhu, i am sure this is the perfect chance to make that miser bastard cry' and that certain miser bastard, immediately woke up from his meditation, sensing some bad omen.
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    《Overlord Empress》