Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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Kuro, Yang Ye, Yang Qi and all the clan heads heard about the Emperor Luke Lionheart arrival, but before they could welcome them personally at the entrance, he arrived in the Mayor's office surprising them all.

But what shocked them all is the serious look on the Emperor's face. He didn't waste his time and dived straight into the main topic.

"Everyone, we all are in trouble. The whole Greenwood city is surrounded by various Illusion, masking, detection and attacking formations.

There is also huge number of enemy forces surrounding the city, waiting for the right time, to lay complete waste to it. We need to start our counter attack strategy if we need to come out of this alive."- Luke.

Kuro and every major clan head, could clearly see the desperation in Emperor Luke words. But apart from understanding, that this city is under siege and surrounded by various formations, they didn't know who this enemy is? Where are they from? What's their numbers?

If it was any other day, Luke would never lose his composure like this and would went over all the details in an accurate way. But he was definitely disturbed by the sudden arrival of the invaders with high numbers.

Kuro walked up to Emperor Luke and offered the previously occupied mayor seat to him. He also requested all the members of his party, including the 3 Uchihas to sit down.

"Emperor Luke. Please calm down first. We can't make any movements without proper intel on the enemies. Can you please get into the complete specific details first?"- Kuro

Kuro and others can clearly tell, that the enemy this time is definitely strong based on Luke behavior. The Beastmen race are normally a fighting race, they won't get easily fazed, unless the odds are completely against them.

Luke's mind was completely tired out during the entire journey, trying to come up with various strategies, so he immediately collapsed in his seat, when he got the chance. He pointed towards Kin, to reveal the intel he gathered.

The moment Kin stood up, Kuro recognized him and the 2 people beside him. There is no doubt in his mind, that these 3 are Shisui, Itachi and Kin. But what are they doing with the Beastmen Emperor Luke?

For the next 20 minutes, Kin went about giving the details of all the intel he gathered. Everyone who heard the news on the enemy forces, could only doubt Kin's intel at first. But when Emperor Luke stressed, that the info was right, they cant help but sweat bullets.

They are veterans, Generals and clan heads. They know when they are clearly outnumbered, but they can't give up their lands and freedom, when they are living well under the rule of Empress Ichika after trillions of years of Exile. They immediately turned towards Lord Kuro and Emperor Luke for leadership, as they are the highest ranked persons in this city at the moment.

But from the beginning Kuro was only focused on the 3 Uchihas, creeping them out a bit. He want to know if Emperor Luke revealed any information about Ichika sama, to these three.

"Emperor Luke, I know all the members of your party, except these 3 young ones. Care to introduce them to me first?"- Kuro

Luke and the clan leaders, started giving weird looks towards Kuro and the 3 Uchihas. The clan leaders thoughts were,

'My lord, we are about to face annihilation at any time, so why are you thinking about introductions at this moment?'

They completely forgot their initial goal of arriving in this city, that is to meet these 3 guys.

As for Luke he too was screaming and cursing Kuro in his mind 'bastard, why are still acting out in a play at this time. Can't you see, I am already on the verge of collapsing, because of the mental strain.' But he kept the thoughts to himself. Just as he was about to speak up, the office doors were flung open by 2 beautiful looking women.

They are none other than Princess Astarte and her assistant Ruby. Princess Astarte arrived in this city 10 days back and stretched her soul sense, to all the 4 entrances of the city, hoping to catch all the Uchiha's before anyone. But she was surprised when they arrived through the teleportation circle. She can't cause much trouble at the city center. So she went back to her residence, had a good bath, dolled up abit and rushed towards the City Lord palace.

As soon as she stepped into the office room, her eyes immediately locked onto her prey, who are also staring at this weird girl. They felt like a dish on a serving table, with the way she was looking at them. Silently they all took 2 to 3 steps back, as if to escape from this predator.

They kept staring at each other, for what felt like an eternity, while the 3 Uchiha started to sweat bullets. Itachi steeled his heart to clam this weird situation and gave a sincere smile towards Princess Astarte, to ease the tension.

But to Princess Astarte this smile was filled with the radiance of thousand suns, Unable to bear it, blood streamed out of her nose like a fountain and collapsed backwards, in the arms of Ruby.

While those present in the room were thinking ' what the hell happened just now? Can anyone care to explain, why did the Princess collapsed with a nosebleed?'. Well they can't get their answers, as they don't understand this Otaku girl. Did anyone see an adult Itachi with a dazzling smile in the original series? She collapsed because she can't take his smile. Soon she recovered with the assistance of her secretary Ruby, who gave her a blood replenishing pill.

"Itachi sama and Shisui sama, I never expected to see guys in original flesh. I can calmly die, knowing that I met you guys"- Princess Astarte

Itachi and Shisui gave each other questioning looks, as if asking 'who is this weird girl?',we never met her, so how did she know our names?. They are clearly getting annoyed with the presence of this girl at this crucial meeting.

"Ahem. Let me introduce myself. My name is Astarte Pandeus, I am the sole disciple of Ichika Uchiha sensei. I learnt a lot about you from her and is anticipating your arrival.

This third person with you must be Kin, the little darling child of sensei"- Astarte

All the clan leaders present here knew about the arrival of Royal clan members. When they arrived in this city, all of them had a good brotherly 'talk' with Yang Ye, who spilled all the beans, unable to bare their brotherly 'talk'. But they never expected these 3 to arrive here with Emperor Luke, despite knowing about the dangers here. Also Lord Kuro, you really suck at acting.

From Princess Astarte words, they could clearly tell that this Kin is the Son of their Empress. They silently started adjusting their clothes and hair, to make a better impression on these 3.

As for Itachi and others, they completely forgot their annoyance, when they learnt, that she is the disciple of Ichika. 'So this is Prince Astarte, mentioned by Emperor Luke.

"Princess Astarte, good to meet you. Forgive my rudeness, but at the moment we don't have time to exchange pleasantries. We arrived in this city to meet Lord Kuro, to get in contact with my sister. Can you inform her that we are going to face a strong enemy invasion and we need her here."- Itachi

'So he is the Elder brother of the Empress, that makes the third Person her cousin'

Astarte could also sense the serious atmosphere in the office, so she took out her message talisman out and sent message to Ichika. She quickly received reply from Ichika. She once went over through all the expectants looks in the office, before giving them a shocking news.

"Sigh. Ichika sensei is on the verge of breaking through to another level. For safety reasons, she doesn't want to reveal when she will be arriving in this city.

As for the enemies, they are from Paragon World Vulcan. Their second in command is Auron Greene, Son of Adrian Greene, the ruler of Vulcan world. These are just a part of forces collected from the subordinate worlds under the Greene family.

Our orders were to not engage them, but to stick to the full on defence of this city. She strictly mentioned to not venture out of this city, no matter the situation.

We are also to chose someone among us as the temporary leader and lead the defence. Lord Kuro, she asked you to pass the tokens to them.

One final message to all the clan heads 'I HAVE COMPLETE FAITH IN ALL MY GENERAL'S ABILITY'"- Astarte.

Silence. At first, all of them started to curse their bad luck, as their leader Empress Ichika is advancing to the next level at this critical time. But after hearing her last message, that she has complete faith in them, they all calmed down and their gloomy aura is replaced by fierce fighting aura.

'If Empress believes we can defend this city, then we will defend this city. We will make sure to kill as many enemies as we can, until our weapons lose their sharp edge.'

Itachi, Shisui and Kin were also clearly surprised by the change in the auras of these clan heads. Just few minutes ago, they looked like lost lambs and now they turned into fierce tigers. All this change from a single message from Ichika. But what does she mean 'my generals ability?'. Just what is her status in this Empire?

"Lord Kuro, how about you or Emperor Luke, acting as the temporary leader of this defence?"- Yang Ye

As the persons with the highest ranking, they are the best candidates for leadership. It will also lift the morale of the troops. Buy Kuro's reply quickly disappointed them.

"I am more of a fighter than strategist. What about you, your majesty?"- Kuro

"Sigh. Thanks for placing your trust in me Kuro san, but I have to refuse. It is not a good thing to let a foreigner like me lead the Local soldiers.

Also, if I have to say, none of us here are qualified to lead the troops in the current situation. I know you all are famous generals of this Empire, but I am not belittling you at all.

The enemies have Duke Samil on their side. I may hate that bastard, but he has this unique observation abilities. If I am not wrong, he must have collected all the reports containing your military history, your strength and weaknesses by now. So it is good to choose a new and eligible leader."- Luke

It may be painful, but all the clan leaders clearly understood Emperor Luke's meaning. They will only endanger the lives of their soldiers, if they compete for the leadership now.

"Do you have a candidate in mind, Your majesty?"- Yang Ye

"Yes. After the past week observation, I am completely convinced by the abilities of these 3 Uchiha's. If not for them, I would have been captured by them in my foolishness.

Also they will be the perfect candidates to boost the morale of soldiers. Let those 3 choose one among them as the leader."- Luke

Yes. As members of the Royal family, they are clearly the best candidates to maintain the unity and morale of the soldiers. Also Emperor Luke is completely convinced of their abilities.

Itachi, Shisui and Kin were completely shocked by the turn of the events. They are only here to help with the city defence, never in their wildest dreams, did they expect to be the leaders of the defence.

"Lord Kuro, before they could decide, why don't you pass the tokens to them. Maybe there was a hidden message left to them by Ichika sensei"- Astarte

Only now did Kuro remember about those 3 tokens. He quickly passed those 3 token to the 3 Uchiha's.

"Use a drop of blood to bind them"- Kuro

Itachi, Shisui and Kin quickly followed the instructions and bit their fingers, to let few drops on the 3 tokens. As soon as the blood drops merged with the 3 tokens, they gave of a blinding golden light, drawing the consciousness of all 3 into them.
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    《Overlord Empress》