Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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Huh, thats it? No heart wrenching story? No tragic fates? So 3 of the 11 sovereign rulers are Elves. This is useful information to her.

"How is your improvement in your fighting techniques?"- Overlord.

There are several grades for mastery of battle techniques and auxiliary technique advancements, starting with beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Master, GrandMaster, Legendary, Mythical, Godly and Pinnacle.

"I was able to reach Godly level in both Swordsmanship and Archery. I also reached minimum of mythical level with handling of other weapons. But recently my progress stagnated in my swordsmanship and archery, I was not able to make any significant improvements for the past few years"- Ichika

Overlord just rolled his eyes at Ichika, after hearing her answer.

"Child, let me be blunt. To be able to reach Godly level in both swordsmanship and archery within just 130 million years is considered as a huge achievement. Even now, there are few of the sovereign rulers, who are waiting for enlightenment to reach Godly level in their chosen weapon mastery. They will be happy and boasting around, if they reached godly level in at least one weapon mastery. If they were to know your answer, I am sure they will either kill you in anger or will simply commit suicide in shame.

But you were able to master both swordsmanship and archery to Godly level and also reached mythical level in other weapon mastery. Child, are you trying to give heartache to other cultivators?"- Overlord

Even though he said that on the surface, he was extremely pleased within himself ' as expected from my disciple'.

"As for your problem, there are 2 reasons for it. First, you didn't face any strong or equal opponent at your level. No matter how hard you train, you can only experience growth in life and death battles. Only with experience, and learning from your mistakes, can you reach the highest level possible.

Second you are trying to reach weapon mastery, with techniques that are not your own, limiting the scope of your imagination and growth. Ex, True Asura Sword Art Style, You are trying to reach pinnacle swordsmanship with this technique. But do you really think, it is the pinnacle sword arts? You are blindly wasting your efforts and intelligence by foolishly pursuing the pinnacle level, in an entirely wrong way."- Overlord

This is the first time, she felt her teacher reprimanding her so seriously. But she had agree with her teacher, she blindly closed her eyes to other things and only concentrated on one thing to reach pinnacle level.

"Teacher, thanks a lot for pointing my mistakes. But can you advice me on how to reach pinnacle mastery in weapon arts.?"- Ichika

"There are 3 ways. One, it is to fight repeatedly against your opponents. As for the strength of your opponents, you can ignore it. If they are weak, you can give yourself a handicap by restraining your strength. If they are strong, then you have to go all out with your skills to overcome the challenge.

The opponents doesn't have to be a cultivator, you can even find them among mortals. Sometimes most of the mortals have better and unique way of mastering weapon arts. By battling with them, you can polish your skills and gain insights for further breakthroughs.

Second, don't just try to stick to one style. Try to learn as many as you can and pickout both the weaknesses and strengths in them. Then try to work on these strengths and weaknesses to create a unique style of your own, with the knowledge you accumulated. That way, you will have your own technique, where you can bring out it's full potential during fighting. Also you will have clear knowledge on how to polish the techniques in the future.

Third, it is the most simple but boring way. Whenever you are stuck with your advancements, you can always go back to basics and work on them. It's like editing or adding details to the previous existing version. But when one reaches certain level in weapon mastery, they overlook these basics. It depends totally on your determination and hardwork on how seriously you rework on these basics.

You can also try using using non compatibility techniques with opposite weapons. For example try using seapr arts with a sword. That way, you can challenge your limits by trying to come with the proper way in order to execute full powered attacks with your sword. This is a very stressful training method, but it will vastly improve your mastery with other weapons too."- Overlord

Ichika had to completely agree with her teacher's words. This training process may be tedious and repetitive, but it will surely increase her battle efficiency. She decided to gain more experience by fighting numerous opponents, starting with mortals.

"Hmm do you still remember, I told you to explore forbidden grounds on this world?"- Overlord

"Yes teacher. I was planning to explore these forbidden zones after the event is finished"- Ichika

"Good. Start with the Endless Desert first. If you are lucky, you will come across a spatial portal, leading to the asura world. It is an isolated world and the residents of the world are called asuras. They have very strong physique and battle instincts. It will be a perfect place for you to increase your weapons mastery as there are a lot of warriors and powerful cultivators on that world. But mark my words, these asuras are very hostile race and they will not think twice to use shameful and underhanded tactics"- Overlord

Endless Desert is one of the forbidden zones, close to Elven lands. As it's name suggests, it is an endless desert with varying degrees of temperature, existing in a separate dimension. The zone is completely governed by special laws, where your strength is completely limited to only mortal level and you are forbidden from flying. If you try to use any flying treasures to move in there, you will be immediately struck by lightning.

Apart from it's borders,not much is known about the dangers existing in the deepest parts of Endless Desert. So far, no one was able to come back alive after reaching the inner parts of the desert.

If ichika is not wrong, it is definitely her teacher who created this forbidden zone with such crazy restrictions. But it will also be a perfect place to train her fighting techniques and increase her endurance and willpower.

After giving few more pointers and talking with her for few more hours, the will of the overlord vanished from the Avatar Palace. Then she turned back to the 3 frozen giants, thinking on which Avatar to use first. But before that, she has to do one more thing. With a thought she vanished from the 10th floor and appeared on the 7th floor Navigation room.

The navigation room is still the same as before, with a miniature chaos world of all the solar systems, galaxies and various realms in it. With just a thought, Kaguya world started to shine brightly in this miniature chaos world. She immediately created a wooden clone to take her place, while she is away from monster world, after all the time difference here is 100k times different compared to Kaguya world. She placed her hands on this imaginary Kaguya world and used more than 10% of her energy reserves and with just a flash, she appeared in the space, outside the Kaguya world. Then she used her soul energy to completely wrap the Kaguya world in it.


Ichika was already repulsed by the Kaguya world principles, when she was just a peak high god cultivator. Now that her strength increased even further, she appeared outside in space, rather than on Kaguya world. The she heard a voice from the Kaguya world.

"Ichika sama, welcome back. As long as you restrict your strength, you can stay on this world for 7 days."- Kaguya world spirit

After that, the world principles gathered around to reveal a passage to Ichika, allowing her entry onto the world. Ichika immediately arrived in the skies of Shinobi continent from the passage.

With her soul sense, she was able to find out the location of Uchiha clan on the island nation of Uzushiogakure. She rushed at blinding speeds towards there and arrived in few seconds.

She rebuilt Uzushiogakure as just a base for Uchiha clan. But now it is one of the prosperous nations on this world and many people from all over the world will come to this place to trade and forge relations with Uchiha clan. She moved along the streets tasting various food items and arrived in front of the huge gates of Uchiha clan.

There are four guards from Uchiha clan at the entrance, checking and blocking various visitors. If it was any other day, she would have followed the procedure and entered through the gates, but she doesn't want to stay for more than 2 days here. Just like a breeze, she vanished from the place and arrived in front of the main courtyard, where her father Fugaku is residing.

"Grandma and Grandpa, you 2 are really boring. Can't you tell me more interesting stories than your usual experiences around the world and conversations with heads of various business organisations. I don't understand a single thing on what you are talking about. If you continue like this, I am not gonna come here again"- Niece

Ichika was walking into the courtyard, when she heard a girl complaining to both Mikoto and Fugaku. Judging by her looks, she is definitely the daughter of Sasuke, making her, her niece.

"Calm down Sarada. Apart from managing the clan affairs and business matters, your grandpa doesn't know a thing about having a conversation with kids. But still, it is his way of spending time with you. Now don't say anything like not coming here in the future or it will hurts us"- Mikoto

So the child's name is Sarada, meaning joy. Good name, considering Sasuke's naming sense.

"Sorry Grandma,but it is really boring here. Why don't we all go outside for dinner?"- Sarada

"Not possible. You didn't even complete your homework. I got call from the school principal saying that you are becoming lazy and not doing your homework on time. If you want us to take you outside, go and complete your pending homework first"- Fugaku

Sarada started to curse her principal for calling her grandparents and spoiling her fun.

"You are still the same authoritarian person father, you didn't change one bit at all"- Ichika

Both Fugaku and Mikoto were surprised to hear this familiar yet distant voice after a long time. They immediately turned towards the direction of the voice and spotted Ichika standing just few meters away from them, smiling back at them.

At first both Fugaku and Mikoto thought, they were dreaming. Because never in this life, they expected to see their daughter again. But here she is again, in front of them with the same familiar smile of hers.

As for Sarada, she was also staring at this paternal aunt of hers with interest. There are countless stories regarding her achievements on this shinobi continent. There is even a lesson included about her history in her school curriculum. As for her pictures, you can find them in most of the Uchiha members houses, clan assembly and business establishments. If you can't recognize her, then you are not worth of the Uchiha name.


Author's Note: Promised missing chapter of the last week. The regular chapter for the day will be released at the usual time. I will start writing it in the evening. By then, you can add few inputs of yours or questions on what you want to know about the changes in Kaguya world.
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    《Overlord Empress》