Overlord Empress
82 ZOR P.O.V
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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82 ZOR P.O.V

Crown Prince Zor P.O.V

My name is Zor, I am the eldest son of Dragon King Ko and the Crown Prince of the monster race. As the future ruler of our race, I also stay with my father in 7th zone in the Royal palace. While I look after the affairs of our Empire, father spends most of his time in the restricted zone training and guarding Rasia sama.

Just like father, I also have immense respect towards Rasia Sama, as she helped me with my training. Initially compared to my siblings, I was a lot weaker than them. But I was a lot more gifted than my Siblings, when it comes to Intelligence. I read almost all the record in the family library, which helped me broaden my horizons. I always felt that my father and ancestors were the strongest cultivators on this world. But only after reading various records and deciphering them did I understood, that we are like frogs in a well. There are multiple worlds and powerful cultivators out there, who can crush my father and destroy this whole world with almost no effort.

This new information helped me calm my mind and instead of competing with my siblings for more power and strength. I focused my entire energy on stabilising my foundations to the maximum. I only breakthrough the next levels when my body and dantian reserves reacher their limit. This was a tiresome and boring training method, but I persisted with it.

Initially my siblings surpassed my cultivation level by a lot, but because of my strong foundations, I was able to put up a good fight, even if they have higher cultivation level than me. This gave me enough confidence, that my training method is the right one.

But after I reached God level, because of strong foundations, my cultivation speed increased by a lot, Which helped me to catch up with my siblings. I was able to easily to easily defeat all of my siblings with minimum effort. Soon my exploits reached my father and after checking on my strength, he appointed me as the Crown prince and introduced me to Rasia sama.

After shifting to 7th zone, Royal palace, I had many opportunities to meet Rasia sama. With her help, I learned just how vast the creation is and she also helped me with my training and fighting abilities.

Just a couple billion years of following her instructions, I am now the second strongest cultivator in the family after my father.

But 130 million years ago, our Monster race experienced a serious unknown threat. From Zone 2 to Zone 5 all of the valuable spiritual herbs, spirit stone mines and ingredients were completely plundered by an Unknown force, without even leaving a speck of dust behind.

All the monsters were visibly scared when the news of exploits of this Unknown force reached their ears. If this force can silently gather and plunder so many resources, then there is equally great chance of them silently assassinating powerful monsters for their valuable parts. So all the monsters preferred to stay in groups from then on, rather than roaming alone.

I was also shocked when this news reached my ears. Even after using my soul sense, I couldn't locate this force. But during my search with soul sense, I noticed something bizarre, which sent shivers down my spine.

Blue is my own blood brother and youngest of all my siblings. As the youngest one, he was restricted to 5th zone as its boss. Even among dragons, his greed for collecting treasures is matchless. But instead of storing them inside his spatial ring, he has this weird hobby of sleeping on them.

During my soul search, I noticed that his entire cave was plundered of its treasures, not even leaving grass behind. As for blue, he was sleeping in a weird manner, on his back, with his legs pointing towards the sky and drool leaking from his mouth. Dragons never sleep on their backs and with the missing treasures in his cave, I rushed towards his cave sensing something wrong.

As expected, this foolish younger brother of mine was under an illusion effect. But I didn't sense any signs of illusion formations in the cave or surroundings. Only after thoroughly searching the entire cave, did I notice light footprints on the wet part of the cave. Whoever it is, this cultivator was definitely from a humanoid race and a very strong one too. But I was inwardly glad, that he/she didn't kill my younger brother for his body parts too.

I quickly lost my temper after listening to my brother's loud snoring and giggling sounds. Just what kind of illusion effect is he under? I immediately kicked him awake.

He reluctantly woke up and started looking at me as if I stole something precious from him.

"Elder brother, What are you doing in my cave and why did you disturb me from my sleep?"- Blue

"Before that, answer me, what were you dreaming about?"- Zor

" It was a beautiful dream, elder brother. In that dream I was floating amidst an ocean of powerful treasures, with beautiful females dragons serving me. While You, father, mother, aunts and other brothers were sulking in the corner with envy at my fortune. Ahhh O..oops forget I said the last sentence"- Blue

'Argh this bastard definitely deserves a beating'

"You see, a strong unknown cultivator appeared in our monsters lands. He/she started plundering all the resources from zone 2 to zone 5. When using soul sense to catch him/her, I noticed something weird with your situation.So I had to arrive here and force you awake"- Zor

Just as I finished talking, Blue raised his dragon head high in an exaggerated manner, hitting his chest with his paws

"Elder brother, there is no need for you to personally catch this thief. As a responsible and powerful boss of this 5th zone, I will catch him/her alive within a day and will also punish harshly"- Blue

Responsible?powerful? You fool, you almost lost your life and you can't even detect the thief, when he/she plundered your own cave. I will only be a fool if I believe in your capabilities

"Why don't you take a look around your cave once, before making a decision"- Zor

Blue started to take in his surroundings, at first he was puzzled, then surprising and at last he fainted from shock. This time, I had to add a bit more strength to wake him up.

The moment he woke up, he jumped at my feet and started to cry

"Elder brother, after noticing this empty cave, I thought you brought me somewhere away from my cave. But I can clearly tell this is my cave from it's structure and the beautiful carvings I did on the wall. Elder brother please tell me, you saved all of my treasures in your spatial ring, to protect them"- Blue

Blue started to look at me with hope filled eyes. Also what do you mean by beautiful carving?they are even worse than doodle drawn by a baby dragon.

"The cave was already empty, when I arrived here. You were under some kind of illusion effect. At least you should be glad you are alive"- Zor


Blue started to cry even more louder and rushed out of his cave towards 6th zone, where our mother stays.

Sigh it looks like, mother has to give him a part of her treasures again, otherwise he is not gonna stop crying anytime sooner

I deployed all kinds of monsters to find any trace of this thief in the monster lands. But the search ended up futile.Only after 20000 years did we locate a secluded cave, with signs of humanoids cultivating here for a long time. From the few available clues, we deduced that there were at least 2 cultivators in this group of thieves.

When I followed the few available tracks and directions, me and my soldiers were shocked to discover that the thief traversed the Blood Ocean, instead of using the teleportation portal on the 1st zone. Could it really be humanoids or a powerful unidentified type 15 monster, who was able to transform into Human shape. Even then, how could these monsters avoid my soul sense.

Just to make sure that my assumptions were wrong, I started to search Blood Ocean. But what I found out was really funny. The thieves were 2 humans and a type 14 monster. They robbed all the 5 bosses of the Blood ocean, acting as if they are from royal family.

Also these 2 humans were strong enough to suppress all the bosses with their aura itself. But how were they able to tame a type 14 monster? After conducting a thorough investigation, none of the type 14 monsters left the monster lands. So this type 14 monster is definitely a pet, captured a long time ago, when it was a weak monster.

With the descriptions from the bosses, we were able to draw their portraits accurately. The leader of this group is a lady with white hair and stunning beauty. The man is green haired and carries a staff. The monster is a tailed beast, with more than 10 tails. Even if they didn't take any life, it is still considered a crime to completely plunder the resources of the monster lands. So we issued a bounty, ordering all the monsters to capture them alive, in case they were spotted again in the monster lands.

Once other monsters learnt that the thieves escaped from the monster lands, they all returned back to their routine life. I also spent most of my time cultivating and reached peak of the paragon level.

130 million years later, my father completely trashed 10 humans, who infiltrated our lands to seize Rasia sama, but luckily they were able to escape at the last minute.

Few decades later,one day, the whole of the monster world experienced a powerful spiritual pressure descending upon all of its inhabitants. Even as a paragon, I felt completely weak against this pressure.

My father and Rasia sama ordered me to find this person in Human lands capital city Eden and bring her back respectively to have a chat with Rasia sama.

I completely packed all of my belongings in my spatial ring and gathered 10 powerful soldiers for my journey. Since I can't use the teleportation portal of the humans, I have to cross the Blood Ocean.

On the way, I also decided to capture those 2 thieves with the help of the local authorities. Surely they can't offend our monster race in order to save 2 thieves right?

Just to be sure, I also picked up all the 5 bosses of the Blood Ocean to act as witnesses. With their portraits, witnesses and our family influence, I am sure, that I will catch these 2 thieves.


Author's Note: Regular chapter for today. Friends it is holidays and festival time in my country for the next 10 days. My sister and her kids will be staying with us for the next 2 weeks. So expect the chapter releases at random time for the next 2 weeks, as I have to spend my time either in the office or playing with my niece at home. So I have to make use of what little time I have to write the chapters.
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    《Overlord Empress》