Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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"The best way to leave a lasting impression is to fully showcase our family's military might and wealth. Hmm, I need to prepare a long procession for it"- Ichika

Again all 4 of them failed to catch up with the thought process of Ichika.

"Cousin, we only have like 20 people in our family, at the moment. Of them only the Avatars are powerful, while the remaining ones are extremely weak. So, where are you going to find the military strength?"- Shisui

The remaining 3 also agreed with Shisui, but one thing they learnt in their lives observing Ichika is, to always take her words seriously. She never made a move, which is out of her abilities.

"Leave that to me. Sit back and enjoy the show. Since I need some preparation time, I will delay the arrival of our family for another 3 days."- Ichika

With that said, Ichika vanished from her office and before arriving on the 4th floor Forge. As usual, the only sounds she could hear every time she arrives here are metallic and gurgling sounds. She followed the sounds and appeared in front of her 3 dwarf masters.

"Masters, I have a small request"- Ichika

The 3 dwarves were surprised at Ichika, as this is the first time in million years, she is requesting something from them. It also means, she is working on something big, which needs their help.

"As long as it is not about sharing our drinks with you, we will help you out, depending on what your request is "- Walfgard

Ichika quickly picked out a large white cloth and started to draw her blueprint on it. The blueprint is a design of a large golden palace on wheels, which can freely move in the air, land and water. Divine grade spirit stones can be used as fuel, to move the palace. At the same time, powerful monsters can also be used to pull it. Even though it appears beautiful and luxurious on the outside, it is better to call it a moving fortress actually.

With it's size it can easily accommodate up to 30000 soldiers. Separate watchtowers and battle stations are also designed at the right places. There were also countless offensive, defensive and energy gathering formations placed on it.

The 3 dwarves kept watching Ichika's actions. At first they thought, it was a waste of so many (glittery) materials and their time. But as they kept watching the true functions of the palace, they felt it would be nice to have a palace like that by their side. With this palace, they can freely move to any place under creation without worrying about enemies or feeling bored.

When Ichika finished her drawing, the 3 of them were completely impressed by her growth and skills. But they were puzzled, as to why Ichika needs such a luxurious palace, when she already has soul pagoda.

"Disciple, what made you design this type of palace all of a sudden?"- Boki

Then Ichika started to tell them about the event, her parents arrival and the 3 Avatars. She also told them on how the whole world thinks of her, as a member of some powerful aristocratic family. So she had to keep up the act, in order to maintain and stabilize the peace in her Empire for future generations. She want to use this palace, avatars and few more additions to leave a strong impression in the minds of both friends and enemies.

At first the 3 dwarves were angry and disappointed, as Ichika was keeping up a false act. But after listening to her story and her reason to maintain peace, they pardoned her.

"Master, I need this palace finished within 3000 years"- Ichika

As it is a huge project, it really needs a long time to finish it, even with the help of shadow clones.

"Disciple, what will you do with the palace after you are finished with the presentation?"- Zwerg

How could Ichika not understand the thoughts of her 3 dwarf masters, she realized they are also interested in this palace.

"Teachers, once I am done with the presentation, you can borrow this palace for however long you want to"- Ichika

All the 3 dwarves were completely satisfied by her response. Even though they are helping her build this palace, the original concept, design and materials all belonged to her. So personally they have no right over this palace.

"Disciple, we also want to watch this event. We feel like it will be lot of fun during the event, we also want to watch your teacher's Avatars in action again"- Zwerg

Ichika was surprised at the request of her 3 dwarf masters, as this is the first time they want to exit the soul pagoda. She also felt it will be a good outing for them from this soul pagoda and she also has perfect roles for them, during the event.

"Masters, it is ok if you want to participate in the event. But I want all 3 of you to act as judges during the auxiliary competition of the event, especially during forging and formations. events.

But don't be hard on them during the judgement as they are nowhere near your skill. Just point out their mistakes in detail and give them few pointers to improve their skills. That too, only if you all are willing to"- Ichika

The 3 dwarves showed proud expressions as if agreeing with Ichika words, that there is no one near their skill. They also felt it is a good opportunity to observe the talent in the outside world and provide few pointers depending on their competitors attitude.

After that Ichika gathered all the materials necessary to build the palace from the storage rooms and teleported to the 9th floor time chamber with the 3 dwarves. She then took a portable forge from her spatial ring. Once all the preparations are done, she summoned more than 10000 shadow clones to assist the 3 dwarves.

She also took out several grade 15 fabrics to prepare suitable clothing for all the avatars and her family members. After handing them to her clones, she arrived on the 6th floor Navigation room.

Now all she needs is military strength. Military strength can be represented by both cultivators or powerful monsters. After reading so many books in the library, she knew the perfect place to hunt for powerful monsters, Atala.

With just a thought from her, the imaginary world of Atala appeared before her. After using more than 20% of her energy, she appeared in the skies of the sovereign state world Atala.

Of all the current 84 existing sovereign state worlds, 12 were occupied by cultivators while the remaining 72 were occupied by powerful monsters. Even among these 72 sovereign state worlds, Atala easily occupies top 3 position when it comes to overall size and strength.

There are a lot of sovereign ruler level monsters on this world, but they knew it is no use to fight amongst each other. So they clearly dictated their own territory and boundaries. They will remain neutral as long as no one enters their territories, but today the peace on this world is going to be disturbed for a while.

The territory Ichika arrived is under the rule of leviathan Dahaka. Dahaka has a 5 km long and 50 meters in diameter girth. He is completely covered in grey coloured metallic scales, with sharp sword like 16 tentacles of 500 meters length emerging from close to his upper body. He also has 8 horns over his head with razor sharp teeth.

He is currently slumbering in his cave, when he felt the presence of a foreign signature in his territory. Even after using his soul sense, he wasn't able to determine the cultivation level of this intruder, but he concluded that this invader is not a monster but a human cultivator. But what enraged him even more is, this cultivators is moving at a steady pace in his direction.

Dahaka has to agree he is not the strongest of the monsters on Atala, but he is definitely ranked in the top 5. Moreover a large part of his territory is a vast body of water, giving him a natural advantage.

He quickly sent out his soul sense and contacted all of his subordinate monsters to stay alert of the intruder. Most of these subordinate monsters are chimeras, long feathered serpents and triple horned unicorns.

With the order from Dahaka, they all started to guard their own respective territories trying to defeat the intruder and earn some rewards from Dahaka.

Ichika was observing all the movements of these monsters with her soul sense and was surprised to notice that most of these small bosses are mid to high rank sovereigns.

She arrived on this world for 2 reasons. First is to capture as many strong monsters as she can, but Dahaka is her main priority. Second is to personally test the full strength of all the 3 avatars.

When she was just in reach of the first boss monster, she halted her movement, much to the annoyance of the small boss monster. With just a thought from Ichika, all the 3 avatars stood by her side with their weapons equipped.

As soon as the 3 avatars arrived, most of the weak monsters were completely terrified by the aura leaking out from Gundahar. Even Dahaka who is observing all of this from his cave became completely focused after sensing the aura from Gundahar. Just from the aura alone he could tell, he has a tough fight ahead. His only concern is, will it be a one on one fight or 4 vs 1.


Author's Note: Thanks for the various suggestions of new title. So far the closest title to the story is reader Jamica's "Overlord's Journey", while one of my friends also suggested a simple title Overlord Ichika. But I still want to hear few more suggestions today, before going with one of the suitable and available title tomorrow. Again a huge thanks for all the readers helping me out.

Atala is one of the 7 layers of lower realms in Hindu mythology. These lower realms are also referred to various levels of hell.
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    《Overlord Empress》