Overlord Empress
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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Ichika can clearly summon Minato, Kushina and Hinata with her Rinne sharingan and create them a perfect body, as she was already familiar with their soul, but she has no idea about the soul nature of Naruto's children Himawari and Boruto. She also has a personal reason to visit underworld and meet King Yama, who was the Great Guardian of all the souls.


Underworld realm is the strongest, largest and independent realm under creation, with a unique laws of its own. It houses almost infinite number of souls from all the worlds, where each soul waits in a long line to be judged according to their deeds.

Underworld Realm is again divided into 7 levels of hell to accommodate all the souls who are judged. Level 1 is for simple sinners, while level 7 is for the vilest of souls, who committed heaven defying crimes when they are alive. The higher the level of hell, the more harsh, cruel and longer will be their torture and punishments. Each Hell is separately governed by Judges, who are Yama's children or subordinates, who are only answerable to Yama and have full authority to administer the punishments the souls deserved.

Underworld Realm is only open for the dead and will not allow entry to anyone alive, unless they have special permission.


Fugaku and Mikoto tried their best to change Ichika's decision, but in the end they have to give up because of her determination to visit Underworld realm.

That night, Ichika personally prepared large number of dishes for her family members, in her own courtyard. When the food was presented before them, all the Uchiha's attacked the dishes like they came from a famine affected place. Sarada was surprised at first seeing the crude table manners of her family members, who normally behaved elegantly while eating. Even the stoic and calm Fugaku also started to fight Mikoto with his chopsticks to eat more of the dishes from time to time.

Sarada never tasted the heavenly cooking of Ichika, so she wasted her time silently observing her family members emptying up all the dishes. Ichika noticed her niece and added few spoons of all the dishes to her plate. Sarada gave a quick thanks to her aunt and started to eat. The moment she tasted the food, she was completely blown away by the taste and felt like she was in the 9th heaven. Only then did she understand the behaviour of her family members and regretted not joining the food battle earlier.

After dinner, all the Uchiha's moved towards their own courtyard under the guidance of their newly appointed stewards. Except Fugaku and Mikoto, the remaining courtyards were similar to Zetsu and Kin's. While Fugaku and Mikoto's courtyard was much bigger than the junior members of the family.

When Ichika met them the next day, all of them sported different expressions and injuries. Clear handprints can be seen on the cheeks of Fugaku, Itachi, Shisui and Sasuke. While Mikoto, Izumi, Kanna and Sakura were staring daggers at their husbands.

Only after enquiring, did she knew the reason, It's because of the morning bath. Mikoto felt Fugaku is too old to enjoy the companionship of female servants during the bath and punished him a bit. Sakura punished Sasuke, as he didn't inform her about the assistance of the female servants during his bath. While Itachi and Shisui suffered because Izumi and Kanna felt that their husbands were enjoying solo life in their absence.

Zetsu and Kin were also subjected to few lessons from Mikoto and the other girls, While Naruto was happy as he didn't have Hinata around, Otherwise he was sure, he would be definitely in coma by now.

It took a lot of effort from Ichika to calm the ladies and promised them, that she will replace the young female servants with older ones, much to the disappointment of Fugaku, Zetsu, Naruto and Kin.

While everyone in the Royal Palace were busy preparing for the evening banquet, few groups of powerful cultivators visited Ichika. The Elders and 3 Elven sovereign Rulers from the Virtris family, the representatives and Supreme Elder of Shadow Order and finally the prime ancestor of Farhelm family, Ajin Farhelm, who is accompanied by Bran. They are all currently waiting in the Palace of Heavenly purity.(A/N: Palace of Heavenly Purity is mentioned in chapter 81)

Ichika expected the arrival of these people after revealing the identity of E'lara, Gundahar and Manu, but their response was a bit quicker than she expected. She also never expected the first visitors to be the top 2 families under creation. Followed by Manu, Gundahar and E'lara, she entered the Palace of Heavenly Purity.

Hao Zexi is one of the 3 Supreme Elders of Shadow Order. He is a powerful High Sovereign cultivator with a lot of battle experience. He collected all the records of Emperor Manu before he came here and went through them all at once. Once Manu entered the palace, he was 100% sure that he is the original, as he perfectly matched all the details mentioned in the records to the last detail. Even then he still didn't confirm his existence, as he want to test and cross check few details in the records.

Ajin Farhelm became ecstatic after seeing Gundahar, even after 13 to 14 chaos cycles, he can still recognize his spiritual teacher. As he wanted to move towards Gundahar, he was stopped in his tracks as Gundahar motioned him to stay in his seat.

Vaeril Virtris is the current Patriarch of the Virtris family and is the 4th generation descendant of E'Lara, making him her Great Grandson. As soon as E'Lara entered the palace, he could tell that this is their ancestor, as he can feel a tiny bit of calling from his blood. Similarly the Elven Elders could also tell it is their ancestor, as there are numerous portraits of her in their family and most of them even personally saw her during their youth.

At first most of them came with the intention of forcing Empress Ichika to personally hand over their ancestor. But after learning about the lineage of Uchiha family, Emperor Manu and Gundahar, they can't help but take back step and try to forge good relations with the Uchihas. These thoughts became even more strong, after seeing the prime ancestor of the Farhelm family personally arriving on this world.

After everyone took their seats, it was Ajin Farhelm who started the conversation. He was clearly eager to start the conversation with his spiritual teacher.

"Teacher, where were you? Why did you suddenly disappear without saying anything? Why didn't you take me with you?"- Ajin

Ichika could clearly feel the pain in Ajin words. Just like him, she is also missing her teacher and hence had a soft spot for him.

"Jin, you grew old. Looks like you reached the peak of your potential and your days are also numbered. At most you have few more million years, before you enter the cycle of reincarnation, unless you make another major breakthrough in your cultivation."- Gundahar

Because of Gundahar's rough tone, his words sounded more like cursing than conversation, but only Ajin can tell that his teacher is concerned about his remaining life time.

Gundahar took out a jade bottle from his spatial ring and handed it to Ajin. There are 6 pink coloured pills in that jade bottle. When Ajin opened the cork to identify the pills, all the members in the palace were assaulted by a strong vigorous vitality force.

"These pills are Grade 15 Vitality strengthening pills. Each pill can extend your life by 15 million years, totalling upto 90 million years. Hope this time is enough for you to break into pseudo Overlord realm, otherwise you can spend this time leisurely with your family members."- Gundahar

As soon as Gundahar finished, the entire palace descended into silence. The only way for cultivators to extend their lifespan is by making repeated breakthroughs to higher realms. Similarly their chances of making higher realm breakthroughs will only increase if they have long lifespan.

Normally the best known vitality pill in circulation in Sovereign realms worlds can only extend one's life by only 5 million years. So all of them were shocked to learn that these pink coloured vitality pills can increase one's life span by 15 years. They can't help but look at Ajin with envy, especially Hao Zexi.

As a businessman he can clearly tell how valuable these pills are to old monsters in Sovereign ruler families. If he can get his hands on one of these pills or their recipe, then he can auction them in their Shadow Order organisation at an astronomical price.

Ajin was also not a fool. He reached ruler level a long time ago and was in seclusion to reach Pseudo overlord realm for a long time. But he can clearly tell his time is running out and prepared to give up his pursuit. It is then he learnt about the appearance of his spiritual teacher. Now with the gift of these Vitality pills, his spirit is reignited again to break into the next realms. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of enlightenment to breakthrough next level, so he want to make full use of the next 90 million years and not disappoint his teacher.


Author's Note: Hello everyone. First chapter of the week. Seriously after just 9 days break, I had trouble picking from where I left. So if I go by my promise, I owe all of you exactly 11 chapters during this break time. But I am still recovering from my illness and following my Doctor's advice, I am gonna limit myself to the regular release schedule for the next week. But I will try to add one or 2 missing chapters following next few weeks.

During this break time, I went through the plot line of the forbidden zone arc and the world the story is going to continue on. But I completely neglected to think of the next few chapters. So It is gonna be a tough ride for me until I finish this current arc, i.e, until the end of events. But the forbidden zone arc chapters will be released at a quicker rate, as the story is going to continue in an already known world to everyone. As it is a Known world, there is a ready made story available. All I have to do is to insert Ichika into this story time line. But I can tell in advance that this not an anime, movie, comic, manga or fantasy world. I will only reveal it 3 days before the forbidden arc begins, as I still have tons of stuff to sort through.

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    《Overlord Empress》