Overlord Empress
113 Forging Alliance Part 4
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Overlord Empress
Author :Satya2020
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113 Forging Alliance Part 4

Because of the sudden declaration from Phelorna and the long silence from E'Lara, the whole palace descended into a long silence for a moment. Vaeril Virtris and the remaining Virtris family members were waiting in tension hoping for their ancestor E'Lara to give them one final chance to prove their sincerity.

As for Hao Zexi, the Supreme Elder of the Shadow Order organisation, who is watching from the sides is going through numerous calculations and strategies on how to proceed with the talks based on E'Lara decision.

If E'Lara decided to show a positive response to the Virtris, then the top 3 families under creation the Uchihas, Farhelm's and Virtris will be coming together to forming an alliance, whose military force and influence is enough to deter the rest of the Sovereign Rulers.

If Somehow he is successful in tying up the Shadow Order organisation with the 3 families, then their Organisation will become the richest trading company leaving behind the other organisations and companies in dust. Not only will their organisation gain access to the market and resources on Atala, but they can also gain access to the 3 Elven Worlds, which remained in isolation for a long time.

He is also pretty much sure that the remaining Sovereign Rulers will also try to join this alliance in the future. The Uchiha's alone were capable of occupying the Atala world. Now adding the military forces of the entire alliance, he is 100% sure that the remaining monster infected sovereign worlds will fall into the hands of the alliance. Just imagining the market, opportunities and fortune that his organisation can gain by joining this alliance is enough to set all the members of the organisation for life.

But if he was capable of thinking this, then the same can be said about their rival organisations. Once news about the alliance is made public, all of these rival organisations will compete with his Shadow Order Organisation for trading rights on these Sovereign Worlds.

For the first time is his life, he was happy with the decision for investing massive resources in archaeological surveys. If it isn't for these surveys, he and his organisation would have been in the dark regarding the identity of Emperor Manu. It is because of these surveys, he became the first businessman to meet Empress Ichika. Now that he personally arrived here and confirmed the identity of Emperor Manu, he has to make sure that his Shadow Order gets a place in this alliance, before the news is made public. If he is successful in this attempt, his name will become a Legend in the organisation.

As for Ajin Frahelm he only wanted to spend some time with his Spiritual teacher Gundahar and exchange some notes regarding cultivation and battle techniques. As for the alliance, all he needs is a word from Gundahar and he is even ready to make the entire Farhelm family the subsidiary family of the Uchiha's.

As time went by Ichika finally made a decision on a straightforward approach of inviting the Virtris family into the alliance. Rather than becoming blind and arrogance to one's strength, it is better to have more allies on your side.

"Alright. I will give one final chance to all of you. But there is no need to change the current Hierarchy in the family system, you can all continue in your positions. As for me I will remain in the Uchiha family and will visit the Virtris family when needed.

Vaeril it is up to you to resolve the issues in the family and bring out the Virtris family from isolation."- E'Lara

Vaeril and the remaining Virtris family members let out sighs of relief after listening to the positive response from their ancestor. Even though she decided to stay with the Uchiha family, she made an indirect promise to help the Virtris family when it is needed. This promise alone is enough to set up their family for the next few generations and give them enough time to rebuild their foundations and influence from scratch. With the Uchiha's backing their ancestor, it won't be long before they reaffirm their position as the number 3 influential family under creation.

Few of the Virtris family Elders wanted to bring out the topic of forming an alliance with the Uchiha's, but felt it is not the right time as it would picture them as opportunists in their ancestors eyes.

As thing calmed down and the tensions cleared, Ajin took the initiative to bring out the topic of alliance.

"Empress Ichika, I have a small request. Whatever this Ajin Farhelm learnt and achieved is all because of my teacher Gundahar. If it is ok with you, I want to form an alliance between both the Uchiha's and the Farhelm's.

Even if we don't form an alliance, I am ready to make the entire Farhelm family the subsidiary family of the Uchiha. I can guarantee that all of the Frahelm family members will follow your orders to the last letter."- Ajin

Ichika and the others on the scene were clearly surprised by Ajin request. Before the rise of Uchiha family to power, Farhelm family is undoubtedly the number one family under creation. Now ignore an alliance, Ajin is even ready to make them followers of the Uchiha family. This clearly showed his sincerity and how highly he views Gundahar and the Uchiha family.

As Ajin took the initiative, Vaeril also decided to follow his approach. With E'Lara being their ancestor, he is 100% sure that the Uchiha's will treat their Virtris family well as they now can be considered as distant relatives.

"Empress Ichika, the Virtris family will also follow the Uchiha's from now on."- Vaeril

Hao Zexi who was following the conversations from the beginning, took the golden opportunity to also pledge support to the Uchiha family cause. He promised to provide all kinds of material and information support to Ichika to the best of his organisation efforts.

At first Ichika was clearly tempted to accept both Frahelm and Virtris families as the subsidiary families of the Uchiha. But after carefully pondering over the advantages and disadvantages, she decided against it.

Taking in Farhelm and Virtris family under Uchiha family will look good in the beginning. But in the long run it will bring her a lot of troubles, when the other families also decided to join the Uchiha in the same way. If she kept on accepting other families as subsidiary family, it won't be long before she is turned into a nanny and babysitter for these families.

As the head of these subsidiary families she has to take care of their well being. But disputes will eventually rise between all these subsidiary families when allocating resources or manpower. Accepting them into her family also means, she has to reveal few of her trump cards and knowledge to gain their loyalty, which she totally doesn't want to.

There will also be few of the rival families among these subsidiary families, who have bad blood between them. It is possible to suppress their enmity as long as she is around, but once the future generations of the Uchiha's show weakness, tensions will rise among these families which will result in factions and eventually leading to their downfall.

But the thing she is worried about the most is the paperwork. She already has enough headaches dealing with the paperwork related to Human race Empire. Even with Zetsu managing most of the affairs of the Empire, she has to go through tons of paperwork once in a while.when she is not cultivating. Her workload increased even more, when she recently occupied the Atala world. Now if more families joined under her banner, she will clearly go mad because of the massive paperwork which will reduce her cultivation time. She also can't force this work on her family members, as they also need more time to increase their strength. Afterall it's better to rely on one's own family members strength first than it's dependency families. Also it is better to stay divided and united, rather than united and divided.

"Prime ancestor of the Frahelm family, Senior Ajin, Patriarch of the Virtris family, Senior Vaeril. I am really happy at your initiative to be a part of the Uchiha family, but I have to decline that offer. If we were to accept you as subsidiary families, it will send wrong signs to both your family members and other sovereign ruler families.

But I would gladly welcome both of your families to form an alliance between us 3 families. We can help each other on Military and Economic fronts. If you agree to this we will proceed with the agreements."- Ichika

Both Ajin and Vaeril were disappointed at first when Ichika refused their offer. But as she herself Invited them to be part of the alliance, they can't help but inwardly release sighs of relief. If they were to become dependency family of the Uchiha, then there will surely be some morons in the family who will go against their orders. As members of Frahelm and Virtris family, they are already used to abusing their power. They will rather be the head of the chicken than the tail of the dragon. If this happens, then Ajin and Vaeril will have no option but to get rid of them. Doing this will only disturb the harmony between the family numbers.

Ichika then turned towards Hao Zexi, who was the lone Businessman present here. She is not a fool as to not understand his motives. He wanted his Shadow Order to gain clear trading monopoly rights on the world's occupied by her and her alliance members.

But Ichika has to disappoint him a bit, as Merchant organisations are more dangerous than other clan and families. They will only move when there is profit. If she learnt anything from History, that is to not underestimate these merchants. She still remembers how a mere merchant Lu Buwei made the great Qin Emperor and Empress his pawns with his wealth.


Author's Note: Thanks for all the readers for waiting patiently. Earlier I once mentioned about writing another story. I tried to postpone it for a while, but the ideas keep popping up in my head, so I decided to focus on it too. But this new story will be secondary until I finish Overlord Empress. From now on there will be 5 Overlord Empress chapters and 3 new story chapters on the weekends. Hope you will keep supporting me. Enjoy the read and keep smiling.
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