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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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1 Prolugue

Hello my name is john green

My life... some will say is like shit.

My Mother died the day I was born, and My father left me with some hooker when I was three, Since then I have been living in the orphanage. Not a nice place to live in to be honest,But that never got to me though

Back when I was a kid 2 shows would come on every day at 7 and 8 pm that would get me hooked.

I normally used that as an escape from the pain, which later inspired me to help out other people as well.

That didn't work out for me at all because I ended up dying, saving two kids from being ran over by a drunk driver, ended up dying in the process.

How cliche is that

Now Im standing in front of a the biggest person Ive ever seen, at least 20 ft tall, who is definitely not human

"Haha... you are a strange one" the tall being spoke as he smirked at me

"tell me... how does your soul stay so pure after everything you've been through "

I shrugged

" I just walk it off and keep moving... who are you again.. and can you tell me where I am

"I am the one above all and you are in the realm between life and death" the one above all replied

"yes.. because you have gained so many karma points in your life, I will give you an offer "

I stared intently

"You Can reincarnate into your dream world with two special powers"

Can this be like an alternate world Similar to fanfiction"

"yes of course" the one above all replied with a smile

A grin started to form on my face

"Fine.. I choose to reincarnate as a Naruto who's parents are alive and I have younger sisters,I also want the Saiyan bloodline and a teleportation device that will make me teleport into the Naruto world, Also Can you make it so that no one else can steal it, similar to Thor's hammer

The one above all snapped his fingers and a orb of light appeared before It fused with my soul

"it is done,... however your memories and powers will be sealed until you are ready "

I started grinning with barely contained excitement

"Alright time to go" The one above all snapped his fingers I turned into a beam of light and disappeared

I hope he likes the extra gifts I gave him


8 years later years later a redheaded boy with 3 whisker marks on each cheeks wearing an orange jumpsuit was seen lying on the blooded floor in his room after another beat down from his parents

you see on the day of his birth the third hokage sacrificed his life for the village sealing have of the Kyuubi inside both of his sisters, Naruko and Mito

Ever since then his father Minato the Fourth Hokage and his wife was told of the prophecy they started to focus only on the girls, and as a result completely forgetting Naruto

as to why he was limping,.. well he was jumped by some civilians and ninja because they thought he was a failure and didn't deserve to live

As he got home he told his parents what happened. huge mistake

Apparently they thought he was lying saying that kanoha is too nice.

As a result of his "lying" I got beat up some more by his parents as punishment and got sent to his room where he laid on the bed unconcious

2 hours later

"ugh where am I" I asked to my self as I looked around

before I fell to the floor bristling in pain a surge of memories flooded my mind tears as tears of sorrow came down my face

Happy thoughts happy thoughts} I thought to my self trying to calm me down

a grin started to form on my face

"I am Naruto Uzumaki" I said with barely contained glee

suddenly a flash of light appeared in my room

when the light disappeared My wounds started to heal at a rapid pace as I grew to about 5ft 6 along with my muscles I could now rival that of vegeta I was now wearing black sweat pants along with a black tshirt with a picture of a red dragon curling up into a spiral My hair grew down to my neck with two bangs coming down my forehead as a tail wrapped around my waist

I pressed a button on the side of the watch

a holographic mini screen appeared in front of me and a female british voice spoke

/welcome master Naruto... My name is veronica I am a device designed to guide you when you create a new skill you will see and here this the device glowed purple and and two beeps were heard you can also choose to look at your current skills

"can I?" I asked


a list of skills I have gained through out this life appeared


2 jumping

3 walking


5 clumsy fighting

I sighed and silently cursed this village

{I got to get out of here}

"can I leave?" asked

"like right now?"

[as you wish master...which world would you like to go to first]

A list of different anime movie books and novels appeared on the screen

1.Highschool dxd



4. Harry potter

5.Percy Jackson


7.Dragon Ball Z


9.Highschool of the Dead

10. One piece

this is so cool I thought

I tapped on DXD

[are you sure you want to go to this world?]

[yes or no ]

I tapped yes

the edges of my body glowed blue as I started to faze out of existence
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》