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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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2 Chapter 1

Minato and Kushina were in the bedroom thinking about what they've done

Kushina was putting on her night gown

Minato I think we've been a little to harsh on Naruto after all he was just trying to get our attention"

Kushina spoke softly to her husband

"Yeah maybe I shouldn't have hit him, but I was just mad How could Naruto lie about the villagers like that the villagers are nice people as well as the ninja It was just disrespectful" Minato replied back

"It is our fault too I mean he asked us to train him along with Naruko and Mito and we just ignored him "

Minato sighed sadly

"we will make it up to him..I will start training him tomarrowIm sure he will forgive us If I teach him the chakra control excerise and the rasengan "

Kushina's eyes lit

"yes and I will teach him chakra control along with the chakra chains "


Meanwhile with Naruko and Mito

They're both sitting on their beds across from eachother reading books their godfather gave them

"I think we went a little bit too far with Naruto today mito nii" Naruko said sadly as she looked down

Mito nodded her head in agreement

They both got up from their bed and I went to toward Naruto's room, they were kind of nervous as they realized they haven't been in there before

Naruko knocked on the door and the door creaked open

"omni chan?" she asked shyly

The second they looked inside they screamed

Minato and Kushina were startled at the scream and hurriedly ran toward narutos bedroom

"Mito, Naruko whats wrong?" kushina asked

Mito pointed toward the blooded bed

Minato and Kushinas eyes widen in horror

before they saw a note on the bed

dear girly blonde and the red hotblooded habanaro

/If your reading this that means Ive left.. I'm through taking your shit

don't bother trying to find me If you think that Ill forgive you for what you've done you can kiss my ass as a matter of fact I will return for the chunin exams be.warned sisters your about to be fucked up badly ps I dont actually mean it in a dirty way..well maybe /

/with all of my hate


the reactions

Minato and kushina had tick marks on their faces while Naruko and Mito were blushing up a storm

"ANBU" Minato yelled

in an instant 10 anbu appeared on one knee

"I want you to send a tracking team to find My son"

"excuse me your son"? a women with a frog mask asked confused

"yes my son.. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze"

the anbu gasp i

"that disgrace for a ninja is your son ?" the one in a tiger mask asked in complete shock

Minato and kushina's eyes widen in shock before Minato disappeared and reappeared in front of the anbu punching him in the face knocking him out before glaring at the rest

"This is my final warning I am NOT going to tolerate any disrespect for any members of my family

got it"

"Hai" they nodded clearly shocked at what just transpired"

"Now my son is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze find him and bring him back unharmed"

"hai" they nodded before they disappeared

Minato what are we going to do.. he hates us kushina asked tears rolling down her face

"don't worry Kushina we will find him and maybe he will forgive us"

"I will find you Naruto I swear and I will make you forgive us I will do what ever it takes to be a better father to you}


meanwhile with Naruto

I fazed into existence And looked around

{It seems that I am in the middle of nowhere}

My watch suddenly beeped a blue holographic screen appeared in front of me

[Welcome to the high school dxd world the place where devils angels and fallen reside a place where humans re weak and useless without the use of a sacred gear or some form of magic]

The watch suddenly glowed green

You have received 4 extra gifts brought to you by the one above all would you like to accept



I tapped on yes and

4 question marks appeared one on the right one on the left and two in the center n

I picked the one on the far right

And a type b regular house appeared my face gained a shocked look

{this is a house from my world}? I thought shocked before I tapped on info

A standard type b size house the insides of the house will grow if you decide to gain a harem

I blushed a little before I exit it and touched the left question Mark a picture off

a picture of a lot when I say alot a lot of clear chess pieces with the name soul piece appeared on the top info at the bottom i suddenly gained a nervous feeling as I tapped info

Soul pieace with this you and your future harem members Or children that you decide to adopt or just people you want to join they will gain part of your soul your memories and your bloodline they will also be able to travel with you to different worlds

my face turned beet red

before I fought it down and chose the center

My watch suddenly glowed purple twice as 4 beeps was heard

And I suddenly found myself in standing in a room that was all grey

{how did- }

My eyes widen in realization

{Veronica... can you open the skills set}?"

[as you wish master]

The list of skills suddenly appeared

And I was staring at the last 3 skills with a mixture of both shock and happiness

6. Id create

7. Id escape*new

8. Absolute mental defense*new

my jaw was hanging on the floor by now

I scrolled down and tapped on absolute mental defense

an info chart appeared

[absolute mental defense]

[grants the user absolute protection against mind invaders or mental attack]

{so.. similar to gamers mind from the gamer fanfiction that Ive read}

[indeed master] making me jump in surprise]

"wait you can read my mind" I asked the watch in shock

[yes] Veronica replied

{good to know}

[Master I recommend you work on ki manipulation right now] veronica adivised

{hmm thank you v}

I turned off the screen and closed my eye

{ok focus.. concentrate... focus on that strange feeling in my belly}

{ahh there it is-}

A surged of ki shot through my body

I saw my watch glow purple and heard another two beeps before I ended up passing out from exhaustion
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》