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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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3 Chapter 2

The next morning I woke up

[morning master]

"Morning Veronica.. please don't call me master call me Naruto"

[of course Master Naruto]

a tick mark appeared on my face before I sighed and let it go

"May I see my skills list please"


a holographic mini screen appeared and I was staring at the last skill with excitement on my face

[9. ki manipulation *new]

I sighed "alright I need to get my training done before I accidentally end up becoming a slave"

I took a deep breath

"Id create" in an instant I appeared in my personal dimension

I sighed as I looked around I stretched my hand out and pointed it at random

My expression changed to a look of concentration as a blast of Ki shot out of my hand My watch glowed purple and 2 beeps was heard


{So.. cool} I thought in awe as I looked at the explosion in the distance

veronica can this Id create enemies for me to train


"alright. Veronica create thousands of zombies"

[... are you sure that's a good Idea master]

"awe.. you're worried about me"

[....You are my master it's my job to worry about you ]

"Good point... don't worry about me I will be fine"


"Uh, Veronica?"


in instant hundreds of thousands of zombies appeared

I gulped

{thank god I memorized dragon ball techniques on Wikipedia or else I would have a hard time} I thought

I mimicked Goku's turtle hermit stance did a battle cry and charged into battle

---------time skip brought to you by Hit the Assassin----------

I was laying on the ground sweating and breathing profoundly while looking at my new skills in pride

10..[ Ki Blast]

11. energy sense

12. Spirit Ball

13. Kamehameha

14. Kaio Ken Mastered up to 3

15. special beam cannon

16. Super god fist

My watch glowed blue then glowed green 4 beeps was heard

[Master I have received notice from my creator he has enrolled you into Kuoh Academy school starts tomorrow ]

[ the creator has given you 2 gift]

the screen opened and two question marks appeared I tapped on one of them

and a picture of a brown bag appeared with the name Sensu been Manual above it

sensu bean manual

a guide to help you create your own sensu beans

I nodded and I exit out of it and tapped the next question mark

a picture of a brown bag with x10 on the side of it

before the screen changed and I was looking at a new category


1.Sensu beans x10

I nodded my head again

{ that's cool.. just in case I might need it}

before I exited out my watch glowed yellow

'uh veronica"

[already on it]

A new screen popped open as the old one vanished

a new category was seen


sacred gear locked

My eyes widen

"oh no..now everyone is going to be after me like hoes on Santa"

veronica snorts [master Naruto they are too weak....even if they try you can easily just take them out]

I sighed "very well... I shall get some sleep then its been a long day"

"Id escape"

I was snoring soundly in my bed when I was pulled into my mindscape

as I looked around in confusion

the environment looks like crumbling planet Namek from db xenoverse but instead of fire It was lightning and the place was brimming with electricity

"what is this place"

?? we are in your mindscape young one

My neck snapped toward the sound of the voice once I looked my eyes widen in both shock and recognition

"T-Toothless?" I asked As I took a step back in surprise

I was both shocked and confused why was he here and how the hell did he get so big he is like 20ft tall Not nearly as tall as the movies howto train your dragon

/I am not toothless young one as you can see he is not as big as I am also I have seen your memories and It was very shocking that all of our worlds and their worlds were posted for entertainment in your past life I am deeply shocked with what you had to go through you have my respect young maelstrom/

My mouth was wide open


[yes master Naruto]

a screen opened up and a list was shown


1. sacred gear * new

/that's a Nice power you got there/

"thanks" I replied with a grin

what should I call you I asked

/you may call me Raimei/


My eyes snapped open and I gasp

[morning Master] I sighed

"morning Veronica was all that a dream?"

/no it wasn't a dream your late for school it starts in 30 minutes/

my eyes widen

I hurriedly took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, put on my uniform, wrapped my tail around like a belt and bolted out the door

asking directions from a nice old lady I managed to get there on time

once I got there I noticed that I was getting a lot of stares

the females were blushing while the males were glaring at me in envy

A ting of pink formed on my cheeks as I was not used to this attention and walked a little faster.

I noticed some were staring at me intently I didn't know who those belonged to and I had to get my schedule so I left without a second thought



Akeno.. who was that?

I don't know Rias maybe its a new student he's quite handsome and those whisker marks make him even cuter why did he catch your eye

I shook my head

"Did you feel his power... I would say he is at least mid class in devil standards"

"I felt it too what would you like to do?" Akeno asked curiously

"Have Koneko tail him and try to put a summoning flier on him" I replied

"Very well bouchu"

I then moved my chess piece a smirk started to form on my face

"Oh and uh.. checkmate"


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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》