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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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5 Chapter 4

Esdeath leaned closer and I stumbled back my face turned beat red

"s-so esdeath~chan what brings you here?"

"what I can't visit my own husband?"

as she leened closer her tits brushed against my chin

{So soft} I thought

she grabbed my face and pulled me into a kiss

her tongue started to enter my mouth as we fought for dominace

the make out session lasted for two minutes before we broke a string of saliva streching from our mouth

My heart skipped a beat as I got a closer look at her she was gorgeous her sky blue hair snow white skin and her her gorgeous blue eyeson her perfect face staring at me full of love lust and compassion

she jumped on me and started to tear of my clothes while ripping off her own

"just relax and leave the rest to me " she said

the rest of the night was filled with screams and moans

-timeskip brought to you by chichi chasing goku around the house with a frying pan -

me an esdeath were laying on the bed panting

"That was.. wow" i huffed

"Esdeath nodded she too was breathing very hard

"when did... you learn... how to... do...that" she asked panting

"I uh looked it up"

she looked confused before her eyes widen in relization

"porn?" a smirk slowly starting to form on her face

I nodded and looked away my face slowly turning red I was kinda ashamed

My watch suddenly glowed purple and two beeps were heard she looked on confused I told her it was nothing probably a new skill

she nodded her head still confused

"listen I know that your going to have a lot of women after you I dont mind that just tell me first ok?" she asked as she poked my chest I nodded before my eyes widen

{oh crap} I thought

I hurriedly pulled out a queens chess piece queens from my stash

The piece glowed golden as it fazed into her skin a brown tail appeared and was wrapped around her waist she then started to see flashes of my memories she screamed in pain as she hunched her back foward

I looked at her worriedly the worriedness then turned to shock as her eyes suddenly flashed teal as her hair turned golden

a flaming aura surrounded her as she stood their with tears coming down her face before she fainted from the stress

I looked at her in awe

{so thats what a super saiyan looks like up close how come I havent acheived it yet}

[ master.. it is probably because you have already read millions of those stories in your old life.. the only reason I could possibly thinkof is because she saw the person she loves go through so much pain]

I sighed before I closed my eyes, I was then enveloped in a golden light

When the light died down I was in a normal caky brown paints white tshirt and a green jacket with blue socks and and black nikey shoes

{cool.. I didnt think It would work} I thought as my watch glowed purple two beeps were heard

I got up and decided to go for a walk

I was walking around when I saw someone walk up to me

"um excuse me are you Naruto Uzumaki?

as I looked my eyes widen

{oh crap its raynare actually she is not quite bad looking- no bad, Naruto Bad I'm not issei}

"yes why?"

"oh i'm so glad my name is yuma amano and I would like to ask you something"

{yeah a random stranger walking up to me to ask me something is not suspisious at all} I thought sarcastically

"ask me what ?"

"Well I have heard many things about you and I was wondering if...well...you could go on a date with me ?"

My eyes widen

{shit thats different}

/hmm maybe your presence here has effected the timeline, what are you going to do now brat reject her/ or go out with her/

{naw im going go out wih her, just to see where this goes and then beat her up if she trys anything}

/this will be interesting/

"sure why not, how about this coming friday, sounds good?"

"YES thank you"

/she seems pretty exicted for this date/

{I wonder...anyway I need to go home and gets some rest I have a long week to prepare for their is no doubt in my mind that the devils will make a move during this time}


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