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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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8 Chapter 6


"why did you do that we have or orders"

"lord azazels orders was to observe Naru~kun Not kill him"

"hey" I yell they ignored me

"you would disobey the governing general for kokabiel?"

he sneers

"lord kokabiel is right we should take care of him now before he becomes a threat

"a threat to who?" raynare yells

dosaneek becomes silent for a few seconds

"I said to much I have to take you out now so you don't become a problem later" he says as he creates a light spear


they stop what their doing and turn to me

I smirked

"KAIO KEN" I yell as a red aura surrounds me


faster than anyone could blink I dashed toward him and planted my fist in his gut he spat out blood before he passed out from the pain

I just stood their with mild disappointment

{damn it one punch...I now know what being Saitama feels like} i thought sourly as I stared at my fist

I turned toward Raynare who had a ting of pink on her cheeks as she stared at me with wide eyes

"H-How d-did y-" she was interrupted when a magic circle appeared knew who this was and didn't feel like dealing with her so I flew over to Raynare picked her up bridal style bringing blushes to the both of us and flew away toward my house

as we were flying she was asking a ton of questions so I told her everything I figured it was the least I could do for saving My life I even told her about Esdeath

when we got to my house she was very over whelmed with the information that she received when we got inside she met Esdeath I told Esdeath what happened and she was shocked as well

Raynare's reward well lets just say she made out with Esdeath for like 3 minutes which turned me on

Raynare told me she wont mind me having multiple girlfriends which shocked me she also said to give me time to think about joining your peerage to which I agreed whole heartily she smiled as she pecked me on the lips and started to leave

as she was leaving Esdeath decided to slap her ass causing it to jiggle making me stare. she squeaked in surprise

she gave a Playful glare toward Esdeath causing Esdeath to smirk before she left


later that day I decided to do a little jog around the city

as I was jogging I saw a shadow fall from the sky I saw a mature women with long blue hair glaring down at me with hate

I sighed {another fallen trying to kill me this is getting annoying }

"so your the human Raynare was supposed to kill and knocked Dohnaseek out"

I decided to pull a Kakashi

"hmm did you say something?"

that pissed her off even more as she flew towards me with murderous intent a light spear formed in each hand

I smirked as I disappeared, reappearing in front of her giving her a massive uppercut causing her to fly off uncontrollably

"SHORYUKEN" I announced as a maniac grin started forming on my face, My watch glowed purple and two beeps were heard

"I always wanted to do that"

"as I looked in her direction I saw that she was headed toward an abandoned church

"hmm talk about placement" I muttered to myself

/Nice shot/

{thanks} I replied back as I headed towards my house
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》