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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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8 Chapter 5

Its been a 4 days since that incident And I have been training with Esdeath she was deeply shocked with what I had to go through, but the pain and the struggles just made her love me even more.

she was a bit shocked that I was a Reincarnator and that her world was considered fiction, but she didn't care anyways considering the kiss on the lips was anything to go by

during the week I was trying to teach her how to use her Ki , I also learned some new skills myself

when I told her about raynare she said it was fine she seems pretty strong according to your memories if she turns out bad you can always kick her ass

heh you know what else happened this week I had a run in with the devils


I had just finished class when I heard someone call my name I looked and I realized that this was Sona Sitri

"May I help you?"

"Can you come with me to the student councils office please?"

I was curious so I decided to see what would happen

"Sure I got nothing going on today"

"Its this way then"

we walked through the hallway ignoring the whispering coming across the hall as everyone was staring at us the guys were whispering about how he got all the girls attention the girls were whispering how I was with the president

when we got to the office I saw the rest of the peerage I tried to sense the energy of the peerage I almost snorted

{my god how can Sanji be so weak.. didn't he take like four pawn pieces}

When we sat down I saw a chess board at her side which confirmed that she hadn't changed even with me here

"I'm sorry for taking your time but as a new student I had to see how you were switching schools"

I heard raimei snort

I smirked on the inside and decided to play along

"yes I'm doing well and I appreciate the gesture If theirs anything else you need"

":yes when are you going to join a club?"

"I wasn't going to"

"Its mandatory to join one"

"oh my god she is serious" I thought incredulously

I could here Veronica and Raimei laughing their asses off in my head

{hmm I didnt know veronica could laugh}

Veronica suddenly stopped laughing as Raimei laughed even harder

"Um hello are you there?" I could see sona waving her hand infront of me

"huh oh sorry I was thinking..I uh I guess I could join the kendo team or something similar

I could see a glint forming in her eyes

{good god women if i didn't watch the series I would of been in trouble } I thought

"we have an opening in the council"

{ok thats too hasty}

"um no thanks"

I could feel the disbelieving stares from her peerage shocked that I declined her invitation

Sona her self was staring at me with wide eyes before she calmed down

"May I ask why?"

"I prefer to do other things with my time that are not school related subjects"


{quiet you}

I could see her left eyebrow twitch at my response before she sighed

"I'm sorry to here that I hope you find a club that you are comfortable with"

as i turned around to leave I heard sanji whisper bastard behind my back

I turned around and glared at him

"is there something you want to say little boy?"

he shook his head frankly and I left as I was leaving I heard Sona punishing Sanji for his conduct


As I'm walking back to class I got stopped by rias and akeno

"Naruto~kun would you like to have lunch with us"

I looked at both of them in the eyes while knowing that everyone had their gazes on me

"No thanks i'm good" everyone was surprised at my rejection

'why not Naruto~kun?"

"to be honest I don't like it how you stare at me with this weird look in class.. very similar to a stalker when they find their prey "

That put them on the spotlight getting weird looks from the girls although the boys were still glaring at me though

flashback end

the annoying thing about it is that they keep trying even though they kept getting the same answer

I was very tempted to blow them to bits but then that would mean war with the devils and that is a waste of time and energy

anyway were was I oh yes I was wearing a black tuxedo with tony stark's red sunglasses waiting for my date

5 minutes later Yuma shows up she looked very pretty

"did you wait long Naru~kun"

"Naw Im fine you ready for our date"


time skip brought to you by the supreme kai of time

you know what sucks what sucks is that I actually had a lot of fun with Yuma

Yuma turned to me smiling

"I had a great time today Naru~kun"

I smiled while secretly getting prepared for an assualt

"I had fun as well yuma chan"

"can you do something for me"

/here it comes brat/

{i know i know}

she looked at me for a few seconds




"LOOK OUT " she yelled as she pushed me out of the way I see a blue light fly past where Im standing

I look to see who through it only to see a fallen angel

{crap} I thought looking at dohnassek

/haha talk about plot twist/
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》