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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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10 Chapter 7

well its monday again sadly

i am walking to school when I saw Issei with this cute blond nun I easily recognized as Asia

I shook my head

{what an idiot}

Raimei snorted

/ddraigs host is pathetic I honestly feel bad for that nun/

I sighed

{ considering her past I can understand her want for friends I hope they treat her right despite what happens}

/Me too, brat me too/

timeskip I was sitting on my desk bored out of my mind the girls won't stop talking about me

and that stupid tomato wont stop bothering me about joining her stupid club can i just point out that she reminds me of my bitch of a mother

heh if you think about it the red hotblooded habenaro does suit her well considering all the fits she has thrown against me everytime I- you know what im not even going to go there

"please come with me"

okay this is getting on my last nerve

"fine now can you please leave me alone"

she smiled in victory

{fool not for long}

" I will have someone show you the way

{GUAAAH im already losing respect for her get your lazyass self up and do it yourself }

"Whatever" I shrugged

the rest of the day was boring I was snoring in my desk when a blond female-i'm sorry male walked in

"is Naruto Uzumaki here?"

{oh no} I thought

the guys cursed at him as well as the girls were daydreaming about some boyxboy bullshit

{oh hell no}

I could here snickering in my head

{shut it both of you}

"ladies if that even comes close to happen I will kill him" I said crushing their hopes

I was serious I was 100% straight

Kiba was a little uncomfortable with my comment but still asked if I could come with him

"could you follow me please?" "buchou asked for you earlier."

As I walk inside I almost sigh seeing issei getting slapped and yelled at by Rias

I wanted to see what I was dealing with so I tried sensing them

the result is... exactly the same as before I sighed

{dont they ever train}? I ask myself

once she was finally finished yelling at him about nuns she turned to me and smiled

"I'm glad you came Naruto~kun tell me have you ever heard about the supernatural"

as a response I unfold my tail and decides to tell her half of the truth well I'm Half monkey yokai if that answers your question

I could her veronica snort as Raimei busts out laughing at the looks of shock unfolding on their faces

"look I know your devils so just tell me what you want, no beating around the bush I know that I have caused no trouble in your city"

"how dare you say that to buchou bastard" he got up and charged at me

2 seconds later a perv sized whole was in the wall

"-what are the benefits of becoming a devil"

"well you can gain a longer life span and power,you could rise up in ranks and get your own peerage"

she then whispered seductively tried to at least

"or you could form a harem" she went back to normal and continued

"the only downsides are that you will start at low class and that anything holy related will hurt you"


"why not?"

"first off I hate being a slave and if you bring me into your peerage that means that I become one and I love my freedom way to much"

"you won't be treated like that the gremory house treats their peerages like family"

"you were also waiting for me to die on my date with yuma~ chan weren't you?"

"that shut her up" as she just stared at me with wide eyed

I also wont serve you because of one thing as they leaned in I whispered


they all stayed silent as I left

i sighed as I was walking home I saw a pervert voice calling me I turned and saw the looks of despair on there faces

"naruto you've got to help us they got asia"

who? I asked playing dumb

the falling angels their going to estract their sacred gear

"I'm surprised he knows that word} I thought

"sure" I replied leaving him shocked before he shrugged and headed toward the church with me following him

time skip brought to you by the great saiyaman getting chewed out by videl

once we dealt with freed we headed toward the basement

their was hundreds thousands of priest looking at us with their weapons raised I looked and I saw asia on the alter screaming in pain but thats not what got me

what really got me was the women on the floor in chains in front of asia

{Raynare} I thought

she was covered in bruises her face was a little swollen she gave me a pleading look that I recognized instantly

my blood was boiling as I clenched my fist my ki started to rise

He chuckled "Its too late to save the girl now that I have the twilight healing" he then glanced at me and smirked evilly

"I see you brought the human as well I was just about to release Raynare so my men can have fun with her"

My fist clenched damn you... DAMN YOU" I screamed my eyes flashed teal as my hair turned gold the ground started to shake as a golden light enveloped the area making everyone stop what their doing and stare at me

Esdeath was doing one fingered push ups on the floor in the the bed room when she suddenly smirked as she felt my ki rise

{he has done it} she thought

once the light died down everybody was staring shocked at my change and my power increase I just stood there a golden aura surrounds me as i'm glaring at the fallen in hate

"I will never forgive you" I growled
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》