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Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse
Author :reincarnationking
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14 Chapter 10

as I appeared noticed that I was in a fancy ball room I also noticed that everyone was staring at me I realized that I was in a wedding ceremony as I looked I saw a redhaired man walking toward me I recognized as sizrechs Lucifer

sorry for the sudden summoning young man but we need you to fight Riser

I just stared

you. mean you summoned me all the way over here.. away from my family.. just to fight some arrogant ass who has a metal pole shoved up his ass?"

he nodded and smiled

I glared at him before I smirked

I picked up a sensu bean and I ate it restoring myself to my full health

alright.. but just so you know I'm doing this for me not for you. lets go fry us some chicken I smirked evilly making him sweat


time skip I was doing some stretches while contemplating on a million ways to humiliate riser when he decided to speak

"Hey when I'm done with you I'm going to take your whores and make them my b-" he was interrupted by an explosion of power as a pillar of golden light shot up to the sky with lightning sparkling around it.

once the light died down I was in my ssj2 form glaring at him with electricity sparkling around me

everyone' eyes widen in shock as the pressure was unbearable

Riser's eyes widen in fear as he looked into my eyes which was full of hate

as he blinked he suddenly cried out in pain before he coughed out blood once he looked he saw me in front of him with a fist buried in his stomach

everyone stared at me wide eyed

"so fast" was the thought of everyone

"I told you before" I growled "talk to my girls like that and I will break you didnt I?"

I kicked him up to the sky and appeared behind him

"ohh~ a spine, funny I didn't think you HAD ONE"

I grabbed it and ripped it out making him scream again before I started beating him with it at lightning fast speeds I then threw him to the ground and cupped my hands


I was interrupted by a little blond girl who jumped in front of me tears forming in her eyes I easily recognized her as ravel phoenix

"please stop?" she pleaded "I know what he did was wrong but hes my brother, I still love him"

I stared at her for a moment before my eyes soften I always had a soft spot for ravel I never new why

I smiled at her causing her to blush scarlet before the ki in my hand dissipated I looked toward sizrech and spoke "take this trash out of here I win.. before I took off leaving a sonic boom and a stunned crowd in my wake

I Landed and started walking toward my house which was 10 ft away

/hey brat wait up I would like to give you something/

in an instant I felt a surge of power my body got skinnier and I started glowing a yellow like glow a red flaming aura formed around me and I started to shine like a star my watch glowed white and to beeps where

my eyes widen in shock at the familiar look

"t-this Is "

I couldnt take the shock any more and I fainted

I woke up minutes later

/oh good your up/

"Raimei... what did you do"

see for your self

I tapped my watch and a screen appeared


Titles *new

I clicked on titles

Naruto Uzumaki Raimei Son of Raimei and Victoria adopted Brother of millet Super Saiyan God Prince of lightning

My eyes widen


I heard raimei chuckling before I was pulled into my mindscape

as I looked up I saw a guy with black hair black eyes and tanned skin he was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with black baggy pants with black sandals he had an ethical build that could rival goku he looked at me with a small smirk

I was about to speak when I saw another blue light appear and my eyes widen I saw a gorgeous blue haired women with sky blue hair and blue eyes wearing a bluish silver dress along with red lipstick smiling at me

Me and Raimei's eyes widen Raimei had a small blush on his cheeks

"v-victoria?" I asked hesistantly

"yes sweaty"

"whats going on" I asked deeply confused

"well me and my husband here decided to adopt you and millet "

"ADOPTION/HUSBAND" we both yelled at the same time

we both looked at each other startled

"yes" she giggled as she walked toward Raimei and grabbed his arm making his face crimson

I smirked as he glared at me

"do you have a problem with that?" she asked

"no not at all its just I was planing to do the same thing to someone else"

"we know that" she grinned "now we don't have anytime to waste Right... son"

My eyes widen I looked toward Raimei he smiled and nodded before I noticed I was beginning to fade I smiled tears forming in my eyes as I gave them a quick hug before I dissapeared not before saying to words

"thank you"


Once I woke up I hurriedly inside the house and told them what happened they were shocked but smirked as they both transformed in to their newest forms shocking the hell out of me I had no idea god ki could be transferred to my peerage as well everything does make sense now especially with millet's change

as they returned to their normal state I looked at millet she grinned at me I saw that her hair was also black and that she had blue eyes as well she still had her wings though

I quickly snapped out of my daze

alright I said Lets go to a different world and adopt us a wizard

their eyes widen especially millet

"y-you mean"

I grinned "exactly"


[yes honey]

"It is time"

in an instant a holographic blue screen and a list of worlds appeared

1. high school dxd

2.Marvel *new

3. dc *new

4.Harry Potter *new

5. Percy Jackson*new

6. Bleach*new

7. Dragon Ball z *new


9.High School of the Dead

10. one piece

I tapped on harry potter

[Are you sure you want to go to this world?]


I tapped yes instantly our bodies started glowing white the house was sucked in my watch making all of us wide eyed

millet had an excited look on her face

"this is so-" she was cut off as we disappeared


meanwhile in the harry potter universe

a young boy with brown hair green emerald like eyes wearing glasses on his face was locked in a cupboard crying
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    《Reborn As Naruto with a couple of Gifts in the Anime Multiverse》