Road to greatness
1 chapter 1 start to a new beginning
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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1 chapter 1 start to a new beginning

this is how I became the strongest cultivater.

I am from a middle class family because my dad is a general in the army but once he passed away me and my mother and little brother have been struggling with money we can barely live comfortably.

so too help my family and make sure my brother grows up in good conditions I set out to become a cultivater so I signed up for academy but on the first day I realise it's not as simple as I thought it was going to be.

on the first day we had a cultivation checked and I found out that I only had two star cultivator which is pretty bad even for commoners the ranking goes from 1-7 stars .if you are 5 or 6 star cultivator you are a genius but if you're a 7 star cultivator then you could become one of the strongest people in the world with enough training and pills or elixirs but they cost a lot so I can't help myself and get some because otherwise going trough the ranks is going to be tough.

the ranks stand at

1-7 earth

1-7 steel

1-7 master

1-7 Saint

1-4 heavenly

then assending to God hood

I'm only a rank 2 with an affinity for lighting which is good because there are many strong Technics but with my base I don't know if I can learn them ... the only way is for me to go and look for Herb's in the Forrest..
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    《Road to greatness》