Road to greatness
2 chapter 2 Forres
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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2 chapter 2 Forres

I decided to enter the Forrest to gather Herb's to exchange for pills so I can grow stronger. but it's hard to get permission took me 2 weeks of begging the elder at the gate to let me in but it finally payed off.

As I enter the Forrest I started to notice small animals around I started to think I might be able to kill them and get there cores but I'm to weak to even kill them .I don't know any skills because the academy only allows rank 4 cultivators to enter the library so I went in with an dager to cut the plants.

as I make my way trough the forest I start to realise that this might not be the best of my ideas monster with red glowing eyes and striped body like a tiger but looking like a wolf appeared right in front of my eyes.

if I don't attack will I get killed as the toughts go trough my head the beast attacks .am I going to die. I think to myself no I can't let it end like this I've family I need to take care off.

I think to myself the only way to win is use the beasts momentum against it at it jumps I impale it with the dager in it's heart and as I look at it up close I noticed it was wounded all over must have fought with a different beast before me as I touch the beasts body the tiger like stripes start to transfer form the beast body to my right hand which apear as tribal tattoos on my arm as it enters my body I get a warm feeling spreading trough my body what is this feeling.

it make me feel invincible overwhelming strength goes trough my body as I get sucked into this black area where a figure appears...
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    《Road to greatness》