Road to greatness
4 chapter 4 chosing a skill
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Road to greatness
Author :blanc2276
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4 chapter 4 chosing a skill

when I got back from the forest the thing on my mind was what skill should I get. first I need to go to the office to get my permit for the library by proving that I'm rank 4 earth warrior and maybe check to find out what's inside me ..15 minutes later as I get my permit something unexpected happens instead of my affinity for lighting which is strong which got even stronger I now have an affinity for beast arts which allows me to posses the powers of animals or allows be to form connections with beast and have them and my partner to help me fight but I'll keep it a secret .

when I entered the library at the entrance there was an old man sitting while drinking some wine from a jug as I walk past him I feel great pressure on my body making me unable to move .then I hear the voice of the old man telling be that I'm not allowed to pass without I permit .I was shocked I thought he was just an old drunk but he was an master and later I found out he's the guardian of the library and one of the 12 elders of the academy and the alchemy teacher .I should apologize later because I plan on taking alchemy classes .

the old man points me in the direction of the lighting based skills he must be overwhelming powerful since he can tell what my affinity was without me telling him anything..I guess it's time to find a skill..
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    《Road to greatness》